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Creating a beautiful bedroom design is not so difficult. But everything is much more complicated if there is no window opening in the room. However, even in a bedroom without a window, you can create a pleasant and bright atmosphere.

Features, Pros and Cons

In a dark room without windows, there is no natural daylight. In such a room there will always be little light - regardless of the time of day, which creates some difficulties in the design of the space.

Such a room must be equipped with a sufficient number of additional lighting devices: chandeliers, lamps (wall, ceiling and table), as well as point-embedded light bulbs. Of course, the presence of a large number of such elements will lead to tangible energy consumption.

As a rule, windows are missing in small rooms.Often the size of such rooms are too modest, which makes them darker and cramped. Small, windowless rooms are distinguished by the lack of sufficient fresh air.

Another feature of these bedrooms is that they will not be able to arrange living indoor plants. For their growth necessarily need sunlight, as well as a large amount of oxygen.

The design of such areas must be approached with all the responsibility, otherwise the bedroom will turn gloomy and uncomfortable. Often, rooms without windows are reminiscent of deaf storage rooms, the presence in which only depresses.

However, do not be afraid of such premises. They can be equipped with beautiful and comfortable sleeping areas. In a deaf room, you can create an interior of any style - from classic to minimalism. The main thing is to choose the right lighting fixtures, a suitable finish and to solve the problem of the penetration of a sufficient amount of oxygen into the room.

Small bedrooms are considered one of the coziest, therefore small-sized rooms without natural lighting are quite suitable for accommodating a comfortable bed and some necessary interior items.

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Important nuances in the design project development

Creating a harmonious interior in a deaf room, it is necessary to pay special attention to its color scheme, high-quality lighting and furnishings.

Choosing the color scheme of such a room, you should remember that it should be filled with artificial light, as there is no natural light in it. It is recommended to adhere to light and calm shades. Most often, for soothing small bedrooms choose soothing green or delicate beige tones. These paints help you relax and sleep more quickly.

The most successful design will be white. However, for such a bright palette will have to carefully select the contrasting furniture and bright decor. Without such a game of colors, the situation will be boring and monotonous.

Particular attention should be paid to the lighting of a small bedroom without a window. It must contain lighting devices of different levels. Do not do when making such a room without the main as well as spot lighting.

For the main light it is not at all necessary to buy a regular ceiling chandelier. Currently there are many alternatives. These can be small recessed lights.If they are properly located in the room, then it will be filled with high-quality daylight. Experts recommend contacting warm light bulbs. Cold lighting in such conditions will look too uncomfortable, creating an atmosphere of a cellar or a cool garage.

Do not hang in a small bedroom too large ceiling chandelier. Such detail will look inharmoniously in such conditions, visually making the ceiling lower.

For a room without a window is perfect spot lighting. Today in the shops you can meet a huge variety of options with which you can select one or another bedroom area.

The most common are lamps, built-in mirrors and dressing tables. They will not only provide additional lighting in a deaf room, but also come in handy for the convenience of using functional areas. Some owners are turning to beautiful LED strips. They can be placed in various parts of the room. Most often, the head of the bed or the space around the bedroom perimeter is selected for this.

The comfort of a bedroom without a window depends largely on the correct furniture.In such conditions, additional shadows should be avoided, as they often cause irritation and distract attention. For this reason, experts recommend to arrange such spaces in a minimalist manner.

In the mini-size bedroom you should not place a large amount of various furniture. A bed and a couple of places for storage will be quite enough. Not bad in this space will look small shelves or large elements of decor.

It is not recommended to refer to large interior items. A bulky wardrobe in the absence of natural light will only be annoying and not pleasing to the eye. Such furniture can be replaced with a neat chest of drawers or a built-in wardrobe locker. Excess will be pieces of furniture of dark tones. A black wardrobe or a large black bed will visually reduce the already small space, making it not very comfortable.

In a deaf bedroom, made in bright or pastel colors, it is recommended to use various bright accents and accessories. With the help of such details you can “revive” the interior and make it complete.

You should select the appropriate bedding, blankets and pillows. In a small room with white walls a blanket will look harmoniously, as well as coffee-colored pillows, complemented by white patterned prints. The room with warm caramel walls can be decorated with white linens with red-brown contrasting edging and monochrome pillows.

Do not forget about the accent walls. Such design techniques can be used in small spaces. Most often on the background of these walls place the bed. The role of bright accents can play a variety of decorative elements: vases, wall paintings, unusual multi-colored photo frames, flower pots, figurines and much more. However, in a small bedroom you should not have a large amount of decor so that the interior does not turn out to be overloaded and “cluttered up”.

We make an opening in the interior wall

A sleeping room without windows can be made lighter by equipping an additional opening in the interior wall. Of course, such an improvised window will not go outside, but it will allow natural daylight from the next room to penetrate the deaf bedroom.

Interior doorway looks impressive, not only in residential areas, deprived of sufficient light. This layout can be addressed in the design of other zones. This may be a small dressing room, hallway or hall.

The opening in the wall is not always small. Not bad in a compact bedroom will look a large glass partition between the rooms. It will not only provide additional lighting for the space without a window, but also refresh the interior.


It's no secret that a window in a residential area is necessary not only to provide natural lighting, but also for high-quality ventilation. A sufficient amount of oxygen in the bedroom will promote healthy sleep and easy waking up in the morning.

Let the fresh air into the space with your own hands. To do this, in the bottom of the wall you need to make a hole and close it with a decorative grille.

There is another way to ventilate the space. It is necessary to build partitions with a gap of no more than 10 cm. They should not reach the ceiling. From the side, the distance between the partitions and the ceiling cannot be seen.

Ventilation can be done on the wall facing the street.To do this, install a small window.

How to provide good ventilation in a bedroom without windows, see the following video.


In a room without a window, you can equip a beautiful false-window. On one of the walls should install a beautiful photo of a large size. Instead of a large photo, you can use the appropriate wallpaper. Today in the building materials stores there are many different paintings.

Perfectly replaces the window opening spectacular picture. It can be supplemented with lighting. If you want to create an attractive and natural visual effect, then the picture should be installed in a niche. It will be necessary to supplement this construction with real frames and sashes. Externally, such compositions are difficult at first sight to distinguish from a real window.

Do not forget about ventilation. If you do not want to install additional through partitions or to make large holes in the walls, you can turn to installing a conventional air conditioner.

Experts recommend supplementing such spaces with automatic air fresheners or special ionizers. They can make the air fresher.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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