Turquoise bedroom

 Turquoise bedroom

Turquoise is the trend of recent seasons, and this applies not only to the ladies' wardrobe, but also to interior design. This color is suitable for decoration of various rooms, from the kitchen to the bathroom or living room. Turquoise bedrooms are a very good option.

Special features

Turquoise is one of the most soothing colors. It combines natural colors: blue and green.

This design is ideal for the bedroom, as it is soothing. This environment has to complete rest and healthy sleep.

It is worth noting that turquoise looks great in a complex with many colors, from bright to neutral.

The turquoise color is cool, but this does not mean that it cannot be combined with warm tones. Such tandems look harmonious and peaceful.

Bedrooms in these colors are very colorful and at first evoke ambiguous emotions. The resulting composition may seem a bit daring, but it is quite simple and easy. This results from the fact that turquoise reminds color of a sea wave which can be both quiet, and raging, indomitable.

The main difference of turquoise color is that it is unobtrusive in the interior. It is recommended to combine with other colors. The dominant turquoise in the room may seem too heavy.

The bedroom can be made in a variety of styles. Turquoise looks great in a variety of interiors, from classic to modern. They can arrange a room for both adults and children.

Turquoise color has many attractive and fashionable shades that look spectacular in the interior. You can choose a suitable ensemble in both light and darker colors. It all depends on personal preference.

The color of sea wave is also able to significantly change its shade - depending on the lighting. In addition, he takes on the reflections of the surrounding tones.

If you want to visually expand the space and make it more spacious, it is better to turn to lighter and more refreshing shades of turquoise.Such options are suitable even for small premises.

We must not forget that the turquoise tones in the bedroom must be diluted and softened with neutral and calm shades, as they are active.


The refreshing turquoise color has the following Common shades that are most often found in the interior:

  • blue turquoise;
  • Turquoise Blue Craiola;
  • aquamarine Craiola;
  • cyan or aqua;
  • bright turquoise;
  • light turquoise;
  • temperate turquoise;
  • the color of thrush eggs (and wandering thrush);
  • light green sea;
  • Persian green.

Selecting the appropriate option is necessary in accordance with the interior of the bedroom.

What colors does it match?

Turquoise color looks great with many shades, the compatibility is always wonderful. So, the most successful combinations:

  • The most common and spectacular is a room made in turquoise-white tones. Against the background of white paints, the color of the sea wave shows all its richness and depth. This color scheme looks harmoniously not only in modern, but also in classic interiors.
  • Fresh tones of turquoise look great in combination with beige shades. A stylish and pleasant looking ensemble will turn out if you place pieces of furniture, decorative details and textile elements of turquoise hue against the background of cream or milk walls.
  • Today, interiors decorated with a spectacular combination of turquoise and brown are in fashion. Especially harmoniously, turquoise looks in tandem with such a tinge as “bitter chocolate” or more delicate cocoa. Most often, designers choose this color scheme to create an elegant and luxurious atmosphere in the bedroom.
  • If you like contrasts in interior design, then you will like the tandem of turquoise and black colors. It is recommended to dilute this color scheme with lighter and more neutral details so that the room does not seem cramped and gloomy. Black and turquoise colors will look harmonious in many modern interior styles.
  • No less attractive are the bedrooms, decorated in turquoise-pink tones. Such a palette is able to “soften” a room and make it more gentle, cozy. Most often, these shades are found in the French Provence.


Such a fashionable color is often found in the marine style of the interior. For such design most often choose more saturated shades of turquoise and dilute them with details of blue, white and heavenly colors.

In such settings, you can meet the relevant decorative elements and accessories. On the bed, pillows with covers in a white and blue vest will harmoniously look, and a decorative anchor can be hung on the turquoise wall.

You can turn to turquoise for high-tech interior design. Furniture and décor with metal and glass parts should be present in such environments. A bedroom in this modern style will look very fashionable and fresh, especially if you choose a contrasting white color for the ceiling.

Fabulous turquoise looks in rococo style. In such bedrooms there can be beautiful patterned details, elegant legs of chairs and tables, furniture studs at the head of the bed. The most harmonious and spectacular turquoise will look in tandem with white color in the interior of the rococo.

Sea-green will look attractive in the bedroom, made in a romantic style.. In such situations, more often there is a more gentle and light turquoise, diluted with neutral tones.


For a bedroom of cool tones it is not recommended to buy too large and bulky pieces of furniture, otherwise the elegant ensemble may fail. Large in this room can only be a bed.

Select furniture of a particular color should be in accordance with the shades of a turquoise bedroom. For example, objects of dark tones will look harmoniously against the background of bright, saturated or light walls - and vice versa.

If you want to create a bright interior and place the light furniture on the background of similar walls, then it should be diluted with bright accents: decor and accessories.


Lighting plays a very important role in the navy-colored bedroom. Today in the shops you can meet the lamps, from which the waves of light, differing in color temperature. Such lighting options will look spectacular and harmonious in cool bedrooms.

Choosing light bulbs for chandeliers and lamps, you need to remember that too warm light gives the turquoise a yellow-green tint.

Cool lighting can accentuate the elegance of turquoise tones.

In the daytime, it is recommended to open the curtains so that a large amount of natural light bursts into the room. In such conditions, turquoise looks even more spectacular and more attractive.

Decor and accessories

The following decorative elements and accessories will harmoniously look in a beautiful and calm turquoise bedroom:

  • Turquoise curtains. It is recommended to choose products whose color is different from the tone of the walls, if they are also turquoise.
  • Decorative pillows. These items may have different colors. For example, bright and original in a bright bedroom will look pillows purple or rich pink hue. Today in the fashion options, decorated with geometric and ethnic prints that combine several colors that are present in the room.
  • Linens. The tone of bed linen should be selected in accordance with the color of the walls. If the finish is light, accessories of rich and dark tones will look harmonious. If the bedroom is made in dark turquoise, then the bed should be supplemented with light linen.

Do not forget about decorative details: vases, flower pots, a framework for photos, rugs.

Interesting design solutions

It is worth considering a few harmonious and attractive bedrooms, made in turquoise colors:

  • Against the backdrop of cool walls, a white ceiling and a dark laminated floor, a high gray bed with a white headboard and white linens with turquoise prints will harmoniously look. Opposite it, you can put a light stool on carved legs, and place a wooden cabinet on the side. The ensemble should be completed with a ceiling light chandelier, pictures in gray tones and a fleecy carpet of beige or pale brown shade.
  • The room made in turquoise-green tones will look spectacular.. Put a bed with a light green headboard and similar bedding in a room with navy blue walls, a pale turquoise ceiling and beige carpet. The windows should be complemented with beautiful blue or thick turquoise curtains, dark bedside tables with white lamps and a green-turquoise chair.
  • Turquoise-chocolate room will look beautiful and elegant. Against the background of dark glossy floors, brown wallpapers with white patterned prints and a multi-level stretch ceiling of chocolate color, a beige bed will look harmonious, a good option is dark brown bedside tables. Complete the bedroom with turquoise lamps and a similar hanging chandelier, turquoise curtains and bedding in color. On the bed you can also place decorative white pillows with floral prints.
  • A high white bed with a carved headboard will look spectacular against the background of turquoise walls, white ceiling and beige floor. Finish the ensemble with bright turquoise linens, a pair of pillows and curtains in color.
Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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