Black bedroom design

The bedrooms in black look very original and stylish. However, not every person dares to make such a room. If you correctly select the black finish and suitable furniture, the room can be transformed. Let us consider in more detail all the nuances related to the black bedroom.

Style selection

Black color can be found in the newfangled neo-baroque style. In it, the dark colors are faced with shades of precious metals. Interiors in a similar style include the presence of glass parts, smooth shapes, glossy and leather surfaces, as well as beautiful artificial stones in the interior. Such ensembles look very elegant and original.

Often people prefer the non-trivial Gothic style. In such settings, bedrooms may contain various elements of the Middle Ages. It can be appropriate carved details of the bed and decor.

Recently, such a style as modern minimalism has become very popular. There are no unnecessary components. This applies not only to interior decoration and furniture, but also colors. The characteristic colors of modern minimalism are classic colors: black and white. In tandem, they look harmonious and elegant.

Very nice look black rooms, made in vintage style. Against the background of dark walls, you can arrange a white bed, a tall wardrobe and a dressing table with carved details and patterned lines characteristic of vintage style. Such kits have an unusual and mysterious appearance.

A more modern interior is characterized by a black loft-style bedroom. Rooms made in a similar vein are often diluted with contrasting gray, white and brown tones. In such conditions the furniture made of wood of different colors and metal looks harmonious.

Today, many people are turning to cutting-edge high-tech bedrooms. The color palette in such rooms is in many ways similar to the loft style. High-tech is characterized by clear and smooth lines, as well as simple forms.There are regular beds with rectangular headboards, square bedside tables and metal lamps. In such a fashionable environment do not appear carved and patterned elements.

Oddly enough, the black bedroom can be decorated in a classic style. Just imagine this beauty: a luxurious double bed with gold trim of an elegant carved headboard, bedside tables made of light wood with golden patterns, as well as chairs with wave-shaped legs and armrests, and all this against the background of black wallpaper with even darker prints and a dark floor. Such interiors, although they belong to the classics, but look very original and luxurious!


For the decoration of dark bedrooms suitable wallpaper. But consider the fact that these elements visually make the rooms smaller, so you should be careful with them if you are designing a small room.

When choosing a wallpaper, you must take into account not only the area of ​​the room, but also the level of natural lighting in it. This nuance is very important, because in poorly lit rooms, black trim can give the interior a too gloomy look.

Very popular today wallpaper, decorated with a variety of prints, printed on a dark background. For example, luxurious black sheets, complemented by gold or silver patterns of small sizes, will allow you to create a fashionable glamorous interior in the bedroom.

On the floor and ceiling should not focus. They must be lighter than the walls, otherwise you risk turning the bedroom into a big black “box”.

Most often, the ceiling is trimmed with a white or cream shade. You can decorate this part with decorative plaster or a beautiful stretch ceiling. It all depends on the personal preferences of the owners.

The floor can be decorated in soothing neutral shades. Most often, consumers choose high-quality wood flooring or laminate. These parts can be painted in light beige or gray.

Choice of furniture

For the bedroom you need to buy the most comfortable furniture.

  • The main part of such premises, of course, is the bed. It is recommended to give preference to models made from natural and environmentally friendly materials.They are expensive, but they look beautiful and serve for a very long time.
  • The choice of colors of furniture for the black bedroom is not so great. They must be contrasted with the walls or different from the black finish tone (a few tones lighter).
  • If you decide to turn to a bold tandem of black wallpaper and black furniture, it is recommended to choose items with glossy surfaces.. They look much more interesting and attractive when compared with matte furniture of dark colors.
  • Be careful with furniture made from dark natural wood.. As a rule, such details look harmoniously against the background of walls made in brown tones.
  • The most common and stylish are black and white bedrooms, in which there are a variety of bright accents.
  • Not bad in these situations will look things the color of which repeats gold, silver or copper. For more modern styles, furniture with glass and mirror inserts is perfect.
  • It is not recommended to clutter up the black bedroom with lots of furniture and decor. It should seem more spacious.

Popular color combinations

Black color is a classic, therefore it is combined with many colors. If we are talking about the design of the bedroom, then here it is worth being more careful not to form a too catchy or uncomfortable interior.

  • Elegant black is most often combined with white.. The result is a strict and stylish image. In such interiors, bright details look good, they can give a room a more positive look.
  • The bedrooms are decorated in black and turquoise in an interesting and rich way.. Such design solutions are bold and are great for a room in a modern style.
  • Black color looks very beautiful in an ensemble with colors repeating different metals. Particularly worth highlighting the dark interiors with gold. Such ensembles look very expensive. It is worth noting that the combination of black with metallic tones is suitable not only for modern styles, but also for permanent classics.
  • In the black bedroom will look harmoniously brown elements.. But you should be careful with pieces of furniture made of dark wood with a reddish tinge.
  • A truly royal look will take on a black room, complemented by blueberry details.. Such a tandem is often diluted with white colors and looks incredibly stylish and fresh.
  • Black looks great in an ensemble with a neutral beige color.. This neutral color is often resorted to in the design of the ceiling or floor.
  • In the dark interior will look harmoniously pieces of furniture, made in gray tones. However, an ensemble can turn out to be dull and dull if it is not diluted with contrasting colors of light tones.


Lighting plays an important role in the interior of the bedroom. In the conditions of black furnish the light sources placed around the perimeter of the room will look harmonious.

An excellent solution would be a multi-level ceiling, complete with built-in lights.

Lamps must be located in the central part of the bedroom and near the bed. If desired, you can add lighting furniture.

The light design of the black bedroom should be treated with full responsibility, since in such a room the light should be of high quality and sufficient.


The black color is universal and can be supplemented with the decor of almost any color.

  • You can transform a room with bright details that emphasize attention.. The most harmonious and stylish things will look red, orange, light turquoise or blue. But be careful: there should not be too many accessories in the room, otherwise the interior will be uncomfortable and colorful.
  • Lovers of the classics will love the accessories made in gold, silver and bronze color. Such details can radically change the appearance of the bedroom, and give it a truly royal look.
  • You can create a more peaceful and calm ensemble by adding elements of blue, brown and green to the interior.
  • The interior of a black bedroom can be considered complete only if you have selected suitable curtains for it, tulle, bed linen, frames of photos and paintings, lamps and so on.
Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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