Bedroom in black and white

 Bedroom in black and white

Black and white bedroom is a creative solution in a classic design. It's no secret that these two contrasting colors belong to the classics and fit perfectly in many combinations. If you correctly approach the selection of finishes and furniture in this range, then you get a very fashionable and harmonious bedroom room.

Features and advantages of the room

Black and white are dense and aggressive, so the finishing of the room in these paints must be approached with great responsibility. The ratio of these colors should be optimal, since the predominance of black can make the room too dark and dark, and a large amount of white will create a feeling of a well-lit hospital room.

It should be noted the effect of such paints on a person. For example, deep black adjusts to efficient work and helps to focus, while air white creates a feeling of lightness and freedom.

The interior in a similar color scheme can be attributed to surrealism, since it encounters two contrasting tones, and no detail goes by the wayside.

Black and white bedroom can be made in various styles, from simple minimalism to a daring safari. In such rooms, decor and accessories play an important role. It can be bright and juicy accents or neutral things, diluting the contrast of two colors.

It is not necessary to choose a finish or decor, in which there is a large number of different patterns. It is possible to do with one image or print. Designers recommend stopping your choice on a combination of geometric shapes, gradient spots, or small patterns.

As a rule, in the rooms of this color clear lines prevail that make the interior more strict and contrast. The result should be a pleasant and refreshing atmosphere in the bedroom.It should be noted that for such a room you can easily choose finishing materials and furniture, as all manufacturers produce high-quality products in black and white.

In such rooms translucent or openwork curtains harmoniously look. They soften the contrast and make the color combination harmonious. Blackout curtains for black and white bedrooms will not work.

Composing a trendy and stylish interior, it is worth paying attention to the lighting of the room. There should be several light sources and they should be located both on the ceiling and on the walls.


Fashionable black and white room can be made in different styles:

  • The room can be issued in a popular classical key. For such interiors, it is worth picking up decorative elements of a gold or bronze shade, as well as items with ornaments and pieces of furniture in which there are carved details.
  • Today such style in an interior, as minimalism is popular. In a similar vein, you can arrange a room for people of different age categories. For example, in a fashionable style it is possible to decorate a room for a teenager where a bed, a chest of drawers and a computer desk will be present. Such furnishings are characterized by a minimum number of accessories and furniture of simple forms.

As a rule, white colors prevail in the minimalist bedroom.

  • Another popular direction is high-tech. A two-color bedroom in this design should be decorated with decorative metal objects. Such environments are distinguished by their brevity and functionality.
  • If you like original interiors, then you will have a mysterious vintage style to your liking. In such bedrooms there can be an exquisite bed with a wrought-iron back, and ordinary wardrobes can be replaced with stylish chests. As a rule, in these interiors there is a large number of beautiful candlesticks, jewelry boxes and other similar accessories.

Vintage style is characterized by the predominance of dark shades.

  • Elegant and attractive is such a style as art deco. In such a black and white bedroom should be large decor items and accessories. It is necessary to select finishing materials, the surface of which is glossy and shiny. As a result, you can get an interesting and glamorous ensemble, which should be diluted with vintage accessories.
  • If you want to create a luxurious and aristocratic interior of the room, then you should refer to the Baroque style. In such settings there are a large number of different parts, wall paintings, exquisite accessories and high-quality textiles.
  • The original room in the safari style will appeal to creative and creative people, who love a non-standard and bright solution in the interior. Accessories and decor items with bold animalistic prints will find their place in such settings. For example, on a spacious white bed will look harmoniously bedding with a zebra pattern, as well as similar pillows and wall paintings.



For a stylish and contrasting bedroom, the following flooring suits:

  • Ceramic tile. Its surface can be both matte and glossy (depending on the interior style). Today, in the shops of finishing materials you can meet a large number of various options for tiles with different ornaments or monochrome surfaces.
  • Marble. This material is expensive, but it looks truly luxurious.
  • Carpet. This outdoor material can significantly smooth out the roughness of black and white contrast, thanks to the soft texture.
  • Carpet with high pile. It will harmoniously look in a contrast room.
  • Parquet. White or darker (wenge) materials are ideal for a two-color bedroom.


For a bedroom in black and white, the following options are perfect:

  • Gloss or matte film stretch ceilings are ideal for ceiling decoration. Recently, original fabric options are in fashion, but they are not suitable for all styles. They harmoniously look in the bedroom in the style of safari, art deco or minimalism.
  • Mirror ceiling. The option with the effect of the starry sky looks great in any bedroom
  • Another popular option is a plastered ceiling. It can be plasterboard, multi-layered and back-lit.
  • Fretwork. For luxurious and aristocratic ensembles, you can choose the ceiling with stucco elements.


For the decoration of the walls in a black and white room, high-quality decorative plaster, decorative stone or wallpaper with a relief texture will be suitable.

The past few years are popular wallpaper, on which there are contrasting patterned images or prints. But with such options it is worth being careful. As a rule, only one wall is pasted over with such cloths so that the room does not seem too colorful.

Which furniture to choose?

Black furniture looks attractive against the light walls. Thus, it is possible to emphasize the beautiful curves of expensive chairs and a sofa, the openwork carving of the bed, or the perfectly smooth lines of minimalist furniture.

White furniture on the background of dark walls looks no less attractive. It will be a bright accent of the room. This contrast of furniture and decoration will look especially attractive in the dark if you choose the right lighting.

For a black and white bedroom, not only single-color pieces of furniture are suitable, but also instances that combine two or more colors. Such options look harmoniously only against the background of plain walls that do not have prints and patterns.

But do not think that single-colored bed and wardrobes will look boring in such a bedroom. This furniture can be effectively beaten with bright accents.

Add bright accents

In the black and white bedroom should be bright and rich accents. To do this, you can choose decorative elements of different colors. It can be:

  • decorative vases;
  • lamps and chandeliers;
  • figurines;
  • shelves on the walls;
  • decorative wall plates;
  • photos and pictures in bright frames;
  • Textiles: pillows, curtains, blankets, rugs, etc.

All add-ons and accessories should be designed in one palette and should not be too many in the bedroom. For a contrast room 2-3 succulent accents will be enough. The most optimal elements will be white, red, beige, turquoise, blue, blue, violet, silver, gold and green.

In such rooms, furniture looks attractive, complemented by interesting details. For example, it can be a high headboard with black rhinestones or furniture studs, cabinets and bedside tables with contrasting golden handles, etc.

Ornaments and drawings

In a contrasting bedroom will look different images and prints on finishing materials and bright accents. For example, it can be a suspended ceiling with inconspicuous patterns or photo printing.

For furnishings in modern style, you can pick up accessories and decor with geometric motifs, stripes of different colors, bars, or a cell. In the classic interior of such parts should not be too much.

Floral prints look harmoniously in a contrasting ensemble. Such details are often present on the wallpaper. With the help of them you can dilute the severity and conciseness of a contrasting bedroom.

You should be very careful with psychedelic patterns. They look stylish and interesting, but the room must be strictly metered. If we are talking about wallpaper with such motifs, then they should be glued only on one wall or half of it.


If the room is dominated by black color, then there should be enough lamps and floor lamps in it, otherwise the room will be too gloomy and gloomy.

The appearance of lighting devices should be suited to the style of the interior. For example, for the trendy high-tech or discreet minimalism, you should choose metal options, and for classic, modern and baroque - refined ceiling chandeliers, luxury floor lamps and wall lamps.

For an attractive vintage setting, lamps of unusual shapes are ideal. This may be the original lighting in the form of wall slats or a large metal lampshade.

For rooms with low ceilings, you should not choose large hanging chandeliers, otherwise the room will seem even smaller.

Do not forget about natural light. For example, in a room with a predominance of black large windows should be present. If there are small windows in the room, it is better to arrange it in such a way that there will be more white color.

Curtains, decor and textile elements

Contrast curtains should not be selected for a black and white room. It is best to choose light translucent curtains and complement them with heavy dark curtains.

Textiles must match the style of the room. For example, materials with patterns and prints will harmoniously look in a minimalist interior, and for the classics monochrome fabrics will be a good option.

You should not overload the interior with a large number of two-color textiles, as this can make the ensemble tasteless.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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