Choosing the color of the walls for the bedroom

 Choosing the color of the walls for the bedroom

The bedroom can be decorated in any color. It can be refreshing light, neutral pastel or deep dark colors. Any color scheme can be effectively beat, forming a harmonious and complete interior.

We select colors

The choice of colors for the design of a bedroom in the first place must match the taste preferences of the owners of the home. Next, you should rely on some characteristics of the room. For example, for a small room is not recommended to choose dark colors. With a similar finish, the bedroom will seem very small and gloomy, even if it is decorated with light colored furniture.In such conditions more gentle and light shades will harmoniously look. With their help, you can visually expand the space and make it more comfortable. And this concerns not only classical, but also pastel colors.

If the bedroom is spacious enough, then the visual expansion of the space can not be addressed. So, in the room it will be fashionable and attractive to look dark accent wall, surrounded by walls, painted in the same color, but a couple of shades lighter. You can make the room more original by turning to the wall decoration of different shades and textures. For this ideal special wallpaper for painting or beautiful decorative plaster. With the help of such materials, you can give the bedroom color an attractive depth, and the overall ensemble - a unique gloss.

The choice of colors depends on the location of the bedroom. To do this, take into account the direction of the windows in the room and how much natural light penetrates it. If the bedroom windows look to the west, then, as a rule, in the morning light in it is not enough.For decoration of such rooms it is best to choose lighter colors. The most successful option will be the classic white color.

However, one should not forget that such conditions must be diluted with bright accents and accessories, otherwise the interior will turn out to be dull and monotonous.

If the bedroom windows are facing east, then it is acceptable to design the room in dark colors. Interiors in such conditions can be decorated with thick curtains of deep shades that will not let the bright sun rays pass in the morning. But here, too, dark paints should be diluted with light and colorful details so that the bedroom does not turn out too gloomy. Rooms with a northern orientation are recommended to draw a gentle and warm colors, and for the southern bedrooms the best choice would be cool colors.

Experts do not recommend choosing flashy paints for the bedroom. They will interfere with fast falling asleep and complete relaxation. It is necessary to take into account the fact that over time, these palettes in the bedroom will cause irritation and will prevent healthy sleep. Suitable for finishing the bedroom not only classic and pastel, but also natural colors.Especially often people choose a soothing green color, which has a beneficial effect on the emotional state of a person.

Popular colors and shades

Many colors are suitable for decoration of a beautiful and harmonious bedroom. Let's take a closer look at the most popular and attractive ones:

  • Recently, neutral gray has become very fashionable. It fits perfectly into the interiors of different styles - from the permanent classics to the ultra-modern high-tech style or loft. However, with this coloring it is worth being careful that the situation did not turn out to be too boring and bland. To make the interior of the bedroom attractive and complete, it should be complemented with contrasting and rich accessories or decor items.
  • Another universal color is lilac. Its shades can be used in interiors of different styles. Against the background of beautiful lilac walls, furniture made of dark wood and light plastic decor look especially harmonious. Such situations are often supplemented with glass elements. This may be a neat coffee table, a large mirror or glass door cabinets.

If the bedroom is decorated in deeper lilac tones, then it will find its place objects decorated with gold leaf and artificial aging. Often in such interiors combine several shades of lilac. For example, it can be a “tasty” combination of a dark lilac and more delicate pink tone.

  • If you want to form a calm and peaceful interior, then you should turn to the air blue color. There are a large number of beautiful blue tones. Neutral gray-blue, gentle heavenly, spectacular azure or cornflower shades will be suitable for decoration of the walls in the bedroom.

It is recommended to apply to such a palette if the bedroom is located on the sunny side and a sufficient amount of natural light penetrates into it. It is worth noting the ability of blue to visually expand the space, especially when it comes to its lighter shades.

  • With the help of such a palette, you can visually make the ceiling higher. Against the background of blue walls will look harmoniously furniture from different materials. Particularly impressive in such environments look beds, bedside tables and wardrobes made of wood of light and dark colors.The ceiling in the blue bedroom is recommended to trim with lighter materials, so that the result is a truly airy and light interior.
  • Deeper and denser is the blue color. Bedroom in these colors is suitable for both young people and for older people. Blue is rich in shades. To decorate the walls in the room will fit a variety of colors - from the mysterious indigo to the sea blue-green.

Despite its bright personality, blue color is ideal for lovers of classic style. In the bedroom, the walls of which are decorated in this way, accessories from velor and velvet will look spectacular. On the background of blue wall decoration will look attractive furnishings, made in contrast and dark colors. It is recommended to choose models made of fine wood. Such things are expensive, but their appearance and performance characteristics more than justify the high price.

As for textiles, both dark and light fabrics will look in the blue room. For curtains, you can choose a luxurious velvet, for covers of spoilage, and for a canopy - airy transparent organza.

  • Turquoise bedrooms look very attractive and bright. This color is ideal for the interior in the style of French Provence or elegant classics. Often, similar design of the walls is also used to create beautiful furnishings in a rustic or Scandinavian style.

With the help of turquoise it is possible to create a cheerful atmosphere in the room.

Turquoise color is ideal for decorating a cozy nest of the newlyweds or a children's bedroom. It is recommended to apply this finish if the bedroom is located on the south side. Turquoise blends beautifully with classic white. In such bedrooms white furniture and contrasting elements of decor will harmoniously look.

  • A soothing effect has a natural green color. It can be beaten with refreshing and warm tones. For example, it may be sunny yellow, fresh white, beige or cream shades. Experts say that green has an extremely positive effect on the psyche and emotional state of a person. In such conditions, you can relax and unwind.
  • Bright and attractive will look room, made in purple tones. In such conditions, you can put the furniture in both white and dark tones. Against the background of purple walls, various contrasts look especially attractive. For example, it may be a dark brown or black double bed with white linens.

For a bedroom of such a "sweet" color, you must purchase a sufficient number of lamps. It can be built-in light bulbs, ceiling chandeliers and fashionable spot lighting in the dressing table, mirrors and niches. Purple looks spectacular in tandem with white and pink. If you correctly mix these colors in the same room, the interior will be very delicate and attractive.

  • An interesting and calm interior can be made up in an olive or pistachio bedroom. These colors are revealed in conditions of sufficient natural light. A bedroom in a similar design can be beaten with more dense tones of green, brown, beige or cream. In such a bedroom there can be furniture of both neutral and contrasting colors.
  • The bedroom with walls of white and beige color will look beautiful and fresh. Particularly relevant is the similar finish for small premises. With the help of white palettes you can visually make the room more spacious and bright. White color should be diluted with bright accents and contrasting interior items. Fortunately, this classic color is combined with many colors, so make a beautiful and organic ensemble is not difficult.
  • If you like bright and rich colors, then you should refer to the design of the bedroom in orange, red and yellow colors. These colors are particularly relevant for rooms that do not differ sufficient natural light. With the help of these rich colors you can create a positive and attractive interior. In a room with such a wall decoration is not recommended to have too bright furniture, otherwise the interior will turn out too flashy and annoying.
  • Many people are afraid of black décor. But in fact, if you correctly dispose of this color, the interior will be very fashionable and attractive. The main thing is to follow a few simple rules.For example, for such premises it is not recommended to buy dark furniture, as it simply dissolves against the general background. In the black room will look spectacular interior with glossy surfaces.
  • Beautiful and stylish interior can be made in the bedroom brown and chocolate hue. It is worth noting that these colors belong to the classics and are perfectly combined with many palettes. It is not recommended to place dark pieces of furniture in dark brown rooms, because such a situation will look too gloomy. Against the background of brown walls, things of cream, pale peach, beige and creme brulee will look especially harmonious.

Common combinations in the interior

Most often in the interior of the bedroom the following color combinations are used:

  • the ensemble is white, purple and pale pink;
  • yellow and green;
  • white with lilac;
  • blue / cyan / turquoise with white;
  • black with white;
  • brown with beige and cream;
  • gray with purple and pink, as well as black, brown and white;
  • pistachio with a rich and dark shade of green;
  • orange with white;
  • red with black and white;
  • yellow with beige and white.
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Tips designer and psychologist

Designers and psychologists agree that the bedroom should be decorated in soothing, non-cryptic colors.

The best colors for such a room are: beige, green, peach and white, as well as their shades. Of course, they can be diluted with other colors so that the interior does not seem boring.

Psychologists do not recommend to finish the walls in the bedroom with bright and energetic paints. If you like these palettes, then they should be used for surfaces that are beyond the bed, otherwise they will prevent rapid sleep. However, such colors should be placed in front of the bed for people who want to wake up easily and energetically.

Calm is gray and black, but experts say that these scales can depress and cause depressive moods. They must be diluted with saturated and bright accents of positive shades. Do not supplement the dark finish with the same dark curtains. For example, in a dark brown bedroom will look depressive gray or black blackout curtains. It is better to turn to lighter, lighter and translucent curtains.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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