Bedroom decor

 Bedroom decor

Properly chosen decor is able to transform the interior. The range of beautiful and original parts today is greater than ever. You can choose suitable decorative accessories for any room, be it a living room, a nursery, a kitchen or a bedroom. The design of the latter is to make out in more detail.

Special features

With the help of well-chosen decor, you can liven up even the most boring room, made in gloomy colors. The options for decorating the living room are incredibly many. It can be beautiful wall paintings of different sizes and plots, decorative vases or plates, original photo frames of irregular shapes, colorful panels and other attractive objects.

It is possible to decorate a bedroom not only with such original elements, but also with high-quality textiles. For example, if you pick up spectacular and luxurious curtains, aristocratic bedding and an elegant canopy, you will get a chic and rich interior in a typical average apartment. So, with the help of seemingly simple components that are present in each bedroom, you can add special chic and sparkle to the atmosphere.

It should be noted that interior decoration is provided in all stylistic directions, from classic to high-tech. Without the right decorations, the room may seem unfinished and even dull.

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Wall decor

There are many ways to decorate the walls in the bedroom. Consider the most interesting and attractive options.

  • Many owners turn to the original decoration of empty walls with frescoes. For a beautiful and harmonious ensemble, it is necessary to choose a picture that would fit the basic style of the bedroom interior. This method will require additional preparatory work. Before applying the murals, the wall should be puttied and coated with a primer.It will take a lot of time, cost and effort, but the end result is worth it! With the help of a beautiful mural, you can give the room a touch of elegance and originality.
  • Can be applied to one of the walls in the bedroom stencil pattern. But it is necessary to apply such images only on a previously prepared and well-dried surface. Such decor should have a contrasting color that will stand out from the crowd. Stencil drawing, the shade of which resembles a wall finish, will dissolve against the general background and there will be no meaning in it.
  • You can add an accent wall to the interior. As a rule, these elements of the room are painted in contrasting colors. For example, one of the walls in the white bedroom can be decorated with pale purple paint and a double bed can be placed near the wall. Often with the help of such a simple technique zoning of the space is carried out. So, using a contrast wall, you can select a recreation area or a working space in the bedroom. Accent wall can be decorated with beautiful wallpaper with patterned prints. This design solution looks very stylish and fresh.
  • Renovate the interior of the bedroom with decorative plaster. Using such a finishing material, you can finish a niche above the bed. Work with decorative plaster should be entrusted to an experienced master. The services of specialists are not cheap, but the end result will surely please you and will not make you regret the extra expenses.
  • To decorate the walls you can refer to the relief panels. Such things are made of different materials, but the most common are panels of reinforced plaster and plastic. Slightly less environmentally friendly plant-based options. Such materials are installed with glue. Their surface can be painted in any color.
  • The interiors in modern style look spectacular decorative brickwork. Most often, owners of bedrooms in a loft style refer to such decoration options. Experts recommend to issue in this way only one of the walls.
  • One of the walls can be decorated not only with brickwork, but also with decorative stone or panels of various types of wood. Such design techniques look very attractive and modern.Often the installation of such materials can be done by hand, without any special effort.


Curtains not only protect the space from noise, dust and aggressive sunlight and provide comfort, but also perform a decorative function. These details can be matched to the color of the wall or furniture. Often, the curtains play the role of bright accents in the interior of the bedroom and have a rich contrasting color. Attractive in the bedroom look such details as pelmets, heavy tassels, elegant hooks and laces. With the help of such details you can create an aristocratic and good image of the room.

To draw attention to the large and high windows can be using luxurious curtains in the floor. Such decorative elements are able to visually extend the room and make it more spacious. Long curtains can be decorated with flirty curly assembly or playful braid. Dark curtains against light walls and vice versa will look most attractive and bright. Choose the appropriate products is based on their own taste preferences, as well as the style and color design of the interior.

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Other design elements

There are many more ways to decorate a bedroom.

The most popular decorative elements are wall paintings. Images on them can be made in neutral or catchy colors. Today in the shops you can find a huge variety of paintings with a variety of subjects.

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Harmoniously and attractively in the bedroom will look the image of flowers. You should be careful with the pictures, which are present predators. If you still decide to decorate the room with such details, then it is recommended to choose options with quieter scenes. For example, it can be wolves against the backdrop of a winter landscape or dormant lions.

It is necessary to refuse pictures with images of unpleasant insects, since such interior can cause negative emotions. Refuse pictures with sad and gloomy images. This also applies to paintings depicting natural disasters and catastrophes. Such decoration options will have a negative impact on the emotional state of the owners of the home.

In the bedroom will look harmoniously wall and desktop photos.It is recommended to insert such things into frames, the color of which would fit the furniture in the room. So, the decor and interior elements will overlap with each other, creating an organic ensemble.

You can decorate the bedroom with vases. Today such items are made from different materials. The most inexpensive and lightweight are plastic vases. However, these things look too simple and cheap. If you want to complement the interior with more attractive and sophisticated options, then you should turn to vases made of ceramics, painted glass, clay or porcelain. In the vase, you can place live or artificial flowers, branches of unusual shapes and other similar items.

The main decorative elements of the bedroom are pillows and linens. With these parts you can dilute any interior.

For example, against the background of a peach accent wall in a pale pink bedroom, you can place a bright double bed with a bright purple blanket. Such saturated detail will dilute with itself calm tones and will become a bright accent of a gentle interior.

And you can dilute the peach walls, the white floor and the white bed with dark chocolate bedding and pillows, complemented by contrasting patterns.

The bedroom should contain details that soften the interior.For example, it may be a cozy high pile mat. The color of these things should also be calm and gentle.

Interior Design Tips

  • DIY bedroom decor should be aimed at the formation of a friendly and cozy atmosphere. It is not necessary to decorate such a room with aggressive and sharp details.
  • Do not overload space plenty of decor.
  • If you decide to decorate a room with wall paintingsit is recommended to take one of the walls under them. It is best to choose paintings, the plot of which is in harmony with each other.
  • Most of the pictures hang over the headboard. It is desirable to have one big picture on such sites than a few small ones. A large number of paintings above the bed will look weird and ridiculous.
  • A good way to decorate are mobile partitions.. With the help of these items you can not only decorate the interior, but also implement zoning in the bedroom. However, it is not recommended to resort to partitions and screens, if the room is characterized by small dimensions.
  • Try to stick to soft textures.. They should be traced not only in the furniture, but also in the scenery. So, in the bedroom it will look harmoniously fluffy floor carpet and accessories such as puffy soft pillows.
  • Decorative items can be made from scrap materials.. Creating interesting and attractive things, you must consider the basic style of the bedroom interior and not go beyond it.

Beautiful examples of bedroom decoration

If you like bright colors, then you will like the following design bedroom decoration:

  • Decorate one of the walls in the white room with an accent red color and decorate it with a white stencilled image of a cherry tree branch. Opposite the red wall, you can place a red bed with a high beige headboard and bed linen made in scarlet and white. Complete the bed with cream bedside tables with yellow lamps. If there are windows in the room, they can be decorated with simple straight white curtains with contrasting burgundy colors.
  • In the white bedroom opposite the soft blue accent wall, a dark red Japanese-style wooden bed with white linens will find its place. Near it should be placed bedside tables made of dark mahogany. Above the headboard, you should equip small niches and place white vases or large figurines in them.
  • In the room, made in the spring / autumn key, a bed with pale yellow pillows and blue bedding will find its place, decorated with natural prints. Behind the upholstered furniture will look harmoniously a large mural depicting tree branches with foliage. You can complete the interior with black and white paintings on the left and right side of the bed, soft-caramel bedside tables and vases with small lively colors of bright shades.
  • You can dilute the bedroom with white walls and soft brown floor using a bed with a dark blue velvet headboard and bedding in gray-blue tones. For such an interior fit pillows with geometric patterns of gray, black and yellow. Complete the interior with a large custom-made mirror above the bed and caramel curtains on the windows.
  • You can add a zest to such a situation by installing long yellow ceiling lamps with simple round lamps of large size. An interesting and original interior will turn out in a small gray-beige bedroom with a bed having a high wooden headboard. One of the side walls and the space behind the bed should be decorated with decorative brick or stone. The windows in this room can be decorated with small forged parapets. Complete the non-trivial interior with wicker bedside tables, a dark round ceiling lamp and live plants in white pots on the windows.
  • In the black bedroom you can put a black glossy bed with white linens and a gray blanket. The bed should be supplemented with white pillows with black stripes, as well as black bedside tables with large white lamps. Over the headboard will find their place a few monochrome paintings with golden or silver thin frames.
  • It is also possible to dilute thick dark paints with the help of fresh flowers in small vases on bedside tables.
Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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