Wooden bedroom

Natural materials used in the decoration of residential premises, can transform the interior and give it a special comfort and warmth. A great option would be to decorate a room using wood. Today we look at this design decision on the example of the bedroom.

Interior features with wood elements

Many people believe that wooden elements are only suitable for decoration of country houses, villas, balconies and loggias. In fact, such a design looks spectacular in the living rooms, kitchens, hallways and bedrooms.

The bedroom is not just one of the rooms in the dwelling. This is a real corner where the owners can retire, relax and be alone with their thoughts. It is necessary to approach the design of such spaces very responsibly, so that as a result you will have a cozy and harmonious bedroom, and not a motley space in which it will be difficult to fall asleep and distract from pressing problems.

The room can be decorated with wooden details. As a rule, these elements are used to create an interesting rustic style (aka country) in the interior. The main feature of country style is its environmental friendliness.

It is characterized by the predominance of natural materials that are present not only in the decoration of the walls, floor and ceiling, but also in furniture and decorative items.

It can be not only precious wood, but also luxurious raw stone. In the finished ensemble, these materials look very expensive and attractive.

It is worth noting the fact that the wooden decoration of the bedroom is absolutely safe for human health. Being in such an environment will bring only positive emotions. As a rule, in conditions of high temperatures wood exudes a pleasant characteristic aroma that does not cause any harm to the human body.

Another feature of wood is its ability to absorb moisture. For this reason, the material must necessarily be subjected to treatment with special protective agents, varnish or paint.

If you decide to supplement the bedroom with wooden elements, then you should take into account the fact that this finish will not suit all styles of the interior. For example, in the conditions of popular modern trends, the beauty of a tree cannot fully unfold, and the situation can turn out to be overloaded and inharmonious. For this reason, the selection of the style of the room should be approached very seriously.

Room Finishing Tips

In order for the interior of the bedroom to look harmonious and serve for many years, you should pay attention to the following nuances:

  • If the yard is the cold season, then before mounting the materials should lie down at room temperature for at least one day.
  • Before direct installation, the material should be treated with special antifungal agents from the back and let the wood dry.
  • The stores often offer to buy klyimery. It is better to refuse to use them, as this will increase the installation time and lead to additional expenses.

Remains of panels and bars should not be thrown away. They can be used for various decorative items.In particular, very interesting interior solutions are obtained from wooden cuts, which can be viewed in the next video.

Recommended room styles

Wood trim looks harmonious in the following interior styles.


Chalet style is very cozy and welcoming. This name is a small alpine house with a special architecture. Premises in a similar manner must be finished with natural wood and stone. Today, many designers claim that the "chalet" is not an independent style, but is one of the varieties of "country" style.


“Village” design primarily reflects the culture and traditions of the peoples of a particular country. It is characterized by coarse finishing materials. In such interiors must be present decorative items, made under the old.

The furniture in the “rustic” bedroom should be as simple and uncomplicated as in a real village.


This style largely repeats the "rustic". For the flooring in such a bedroom you can use not only boards or laminate, but also carpet or parquet."Provence" is also characterized by a pastel palette of furniture and decoration and aged light-colored furniture.


The bedroom in the Scandinavian style must be finished with whitewashed wood. It is recommended to select only natural materials: wood, stone, glass, cotton, linen, fur, ceramics, etc. Furniture in such settings should be as simple as possible (from light wood) and functional.

Floor, wall and ceiling materials

Today in the building materials stores you can find a large variety of materials that are suitable for decoration of a beautiful and cozy bedroom in the style of country.



The most economical option is clapboard. It is a decorative cladding board, which is made from materials such as pine, spruce, linden, aspen, etc. Such a finish is durable and not subject to mechanical damage.

Installation of such materials is simple and even a novice in such matters will cope with it. It is worth noting the fact that the walls, lined with clapboard, will allow you to regularly update the situation, as they need to be painted and tinted repeatedly.

According to the European technology is made Euro-lining. According to its characteristics, it largely repeats the usual lining, but is manufactured in accordance with other standards.

Block house

The blockhouse is very popular today. It represents a finishing board with imitation of a bar or a log. With this material, you can create a beautiful imitation of a wooden frame in the bedroom. It is a blockhouse relatively inexpensive. The main advantages of this finishing material are its strength, durability, wear resistance, as well as thermal insulation and sound insulation characteristics.


A little more expensive will cost another beautiful material - gusvarblok. Such panels are represented by a huge variety of different profiles, which allows you to create a beautiful and original atmosphere in the room.

Mounting such a finish is also simple and affordable. Gusvarbloki docked by hidden connection that does not violate the correct pattern. Such a finishing material is durable and impractical in operation.

It does not require special and complex care.

Wooden wallpaper

Modern manufacturers offer a choice of buyers and other interesting finishes - natural wood wallpapers and special thermal wood wallpapers:

  • Wooden wallpaper is represented by a huge variety. They also need to be treated with protective agents and varnish. Similar materials are made from different breeds of a tree and can have the most different invoice.
  • More practical are the wallpaper from thermotree. They are distinguished by wear resistance, fire safety and susceptibility to fungal formations. Such cloths are glued exclusively on flat surfaces.


The most common option for finishing the floor is laminate. Today in stores you can find many options for such flooring. They have different textures and natural patterns.

You can also use other materials:

  • floorboard;
  • cork coatings;
  • vinyl flooring imitating wood;
  • carpet;
  • boards from various breeds of a tree.


For finishing the ceiling are ideal:

  • inexpensive and durable lining;
  • decorative wooden panels of different types of wood;
  • facing ceiling plates from valuable breeds;
  • plywood of several layers of wood;
  • ceiling fillet (a kind of ceiling plinth);
  • decorative false beams.

How to choose furniture?

For a wooden bedroom is ideal wooden furniture. But do not think that it should be rude and massive. Models with elegant and neat lines will also look harmonious. You can refer to the options with carved details.

To create a more romantic and light interior, you should choose a beautiful wicker furniture.which will create a relaxing and cozy atmosphere in the bedroom. Wicker can be not only a bed, but also chairs located near it.

In some interiors a wrought-iron bed will look harmonious. But do not overload the situation with such details, otherwise you risk creating a gloomy and inharmonious ensemble.

Textiles and accessories to create comfort

Decorative items and accessories should be selected according to your taste preferences and stylistic direction, which you have chosen for your bedroom.

In the conditions of a wooden bedroom textile elements ideally look. It is recommended to choose inexpensive and simple fabrics.They may even be slightly rude.

Such materials as flax, cloth or cotton will be the best options.

On the bedding, rug and pillows ethnic patterns or geometric patterns of different colors can be applied. In such an interior, it will be interesting to look at the blanket, imitating a patchwork canvas, consisting of colored squares, casually stitched together. You can decorate the room with crocheted details of calm colors.

For decorative additions fit various photos and paintings. You can complement the bedroom with mirrors, but they should not be too much. Two small or one large mirror will be quite enough.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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