Design bedroom area of ​​13 square meters. m

Design of small rooms is always a challenge. As a rule, it is necessary to place several functional zones, while maintaining aesthetics and free space. Bedroom area of ​​13 square meters. m. in this regard is no exception. On how to plan the situation, which style to choose, colors and other design details, you will learn from this article.

Features of planning

The design of any room primarily depends on its layout.

Under the plan, as a rule, imply:

  • the geometric shape of the room;
  • wall length ratio;
  • the presence of niches and protrusions;
  • arrangement of windows and doors.

If the room is angular and has two windows, it also has a strong influence on its design and arrangement. In a room of 13 square meters you can easily place a double bed, a large wardrobe and bedside tables.To fit the dressing table, most likely, you will have to sacrifice one of the bedside tables or the size of the cabinet. The same applies to the desktop. In a square bedroom furniture is evenly spaced around its perimeter. And in a rectangular room, as a rule, it is shifted to one of the walls and the window.


A small room is recommended to issue in the style of assuming:

  • calm colors without contrasting patterns and ornaments;
  • functional furniture of simple form without intricate carved elements;
  • minimum volumetric decor.

Thus, for interior decoration are suitable:

  • high tech;
  • minimalism;
  • constructivism;
  • loft;
  • Scandinavian style.

However, if you wish, you can take other styles (art deco, classic, eclectic, neo-classicism or modern). In this case, it is necessary to use not all, but only some of the characteristic features of stylistics. As a rule - this is a decor. For example, to create a design in the art deco style, you can design a beautiful screen with patterns and mirrors over the head of the bed, leaving the rest of the walls plain.

To design a bedroom in a classic style, you can focus on the characteristic textiles: pillows, curtains and bedspread. And do not use carved furniture and numerous floor lamps and sconces.To create an interior in modern style will help the bed with a memorable headboard of the original form, as well as the characteristic brown-green color scheme.

Eclecticism initially involves a combination of several styles in one. However, they can be very different. So, on the black glossy high-tech style nightstands can stand classic bronze floor lamps.

Choose a color scheme

For the bedroom it is recommended to use soothing colors and pastel shades.

These include:

  • all brown range - from beige to coffee;
  • different shades of blue and green;
  • pale pink, peach and light lilac;
  • purple, lilac, pink, yellow and other pastels.

Bright and rich colors (yellow, orange, red, blue, purple and burgundy) can be used to decorate and create color accents. It is worth noting that the recommendations on the design of the color of the bedroom are based on the fact that brown, blue and green are soothing. Yellow, orange and red are energizing and uplifting, but in large quantities can be annoying. And dark blue and purple are depressing.

Finishing options

The choice of materials and methods of finishing affects the chosen style of interior design. For example, painted walls with original wood, tile or decorative plaster are typical for minimalism. The floor can be covered with almost any coating: laminate, carpet, floor tile and other materials.

A distinctive feature of the loft is wood trim, brickwork, decorative plaster and other materials that mimic the construction. The same applies to the floor. It can be both wooden and tiled.

The walls of the interior in the Scandinavian style, as a rule, painted in light colors. And it is possible to decorate and diversify the monotony by combining with interesting wallpaper with a geometric pattern or natural themes. In most cases, the floor is lined with light wood.

For art deco and classics, patterned wallpaper and parquet are commonly used. And for Art Nouveau - paint, wallpaper and wood.


In such a small room for the separation of the sleeping area suitable for the construction of a bed-podium or design curtains. This is especially true for rectangular, elongated rooms.The bed can be placed across the room near the window or on the opposite wall. And the described techniques will help to arrange a sleeper stylishly and aesthetically.

Suitable and zoning color or finishing materials. Thus, the wall near the bed can be pasted over with original and eye-catching wallpaper, echoing the color of the bed and bedside tables. And if there is a desk at the opposite wall, then it can be painted in the color suitable for the furniture of the working area. Also will help a variety of themed stickers. They do not occupy space, but help create the necessary atmosphere.


In order for the furniture to fit harmoniously into the interior of the bedroom, you must carefully consider its size, shape and location. Also affected by the natural light of the room. If the windows overlook the north side, it is better to choose light-colored furniture. Modern design and design solutions help to choose the furniture so that it retains all its functional properties and at the same time saves space.

For example, if you need to carve out a place under the desk or a full-fledged dressing table, you can buy a bed with shelves behind the headboard.You can also build a shelf between the headboard and the wall. If the bed is at the window, the role of the bedside table can be performed by the window sill. Especially if the interior is decorated in the style of a loft or Scandinavian. For these styles it is typical not to hang curtains on the windows, instead of them you can use roller blinds.

A good solution, in terms of space, is to use the wall space above the bed and bedside tables. You can hang lockers and shelves. And you can put a few narrow cabinets instead of bedside tables. With a closet, you can connect and toilet or desktop.


In the bedroom, the light performs several functions:

  • illuminates the necessary functional areas - bedside, dressing table, wardrobe;
  • creates a cozy, relaxing atmosphere;
  • decorates the interior.

Thus, the issue of placement of lighting fixtures must be considered in advance. For example, if for some reason the use of bedside tables is not planned, it would be rational to hang the sconce over the bed. If there is not enough space on the dressing table or desktop, this problem can also be solved with the help of a lamp on the wall.

Highlighting the cabinet both inside and above the mirror is a very convenient thing. Especially if the cabinet is located opposite the window and the daylight does not allow one to see oneself normally in the mirror. When the local light is on, creating dim, dimmed lighting, the resulting atmosphere helps you relax and tune in to sleep.

Note the decorative role of lighting. You can decorate the interior not only due to interesting fixtures of the original form, suspended from the ceiling or wall. Extra light can compensate for darker décor elements and create a memorable design.

Beautiful ideas in the interior

This is what designers offer:

  • Let's start with the interior, which is a vivid example of eclectic style. An aristocratic bed with a soft leather headboard, noble velor textiles and elegant floor lamps stand out for their sophistication on the ascetic background of a stone wall, wooden floor and frayed carpet. Thus, an original and memorable design was created. It is worth noting the combination of brown and blue. Such a range always looks interesting and beautiful.
  • The following interior highlights the beautiful combination of a muted gray-brown background with lilac pastel pillows andblankets. Decorative lighting, original plafonds and a black and white poster give a variety to the interior. However, the center of attention is still the color stain of textiles on the bed.
  • The next bedroom in the Scandinavian style shows how easily an attractive design is created with bright accents.. Emerald textiles effectively stand out against the background of beige furniture, wooden floor and white walls.
  • Art Deco allows you to create chic and elegant interiors. The combination of white, beige and black always looks very stylish. And upholstered furniture, smooth forms and glossy panels give the interior that chic, to which style aspires.
  • In conclusion, consider the design in the style of neo-classicism. The style is characterized by a combination of the characteristic features of classicism with modern elements, objects, fabrics and forms. Thus, the history of us includes a crystal chandelier, light molding, carved furniture and draperies on the curtains. However, the curtains are made of light monophonic fabric, the textiles on the bed have a geometric pattern, and the floor lamps are made of glass.
Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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