Design bedroom area of ​​14 square meters. m

The design of a small room is not easy. Bedroom area of ​​14 square meters. m is also no exception. The article will discuss how to equip it, in what style and color scheme.

Special features

An area of ​​14 square meters is enough to accommodate everything you need: a double bed, a wardrobe, bedside tables, a dressing table or a workplace. In order to place all this rationally and with taste, it is necessary to think over the interior well.

For competent arrangement of such a small area, it is required to carefully compare the proportions of the room with the furniture that must be supplied. It is also necessary to think over where to place this or that piece of furniture in order to preserve the free space and design aesthetics.

If you are going to start repairing the bedroom, you should consider a design project - up to the decor and lighting.


The interior design of the room is carried out, focusing on the following:

  • the needs and desires of the tenants;
  • the shape of the room is square or rectangular;
  • location and size of windows and doors.

It is necessary to find out the width and height of all the walls, and then choose or make furniture to order. For small rooms, it is better to choose the furniture that will take up the free space of the wall as much as possible - and due to this it will be less bulging forward.

In this case, there will be more free space to move.

Focusing on this, you should choose a closet to the ceiling and a narrow, long dressing table. Books or other personal items can be placed on the shelves above the bed or table.

An uneasy, but solvable task is the planning of a bedroom-hall. In this case, there is hardly a place for bedside tables and a dressing table. In such small rooms, emphasis is placed on the competent organization of storage areas and the arrangement of sleeping and guest spaces.

The solution to the first question is the most efficient use of free space on the walls. To store items that are rarely used, you can hang shelves or mezzanines under the ceiling.

When arranging a place to sleep or receive guests, transforming furniture comes to the rescue. It:

  • beds, reclining from the wall;
  • traditional folding sofas;
  • coffee tables, turning into a full-fledged dining tables and much more.

Style decisions

For the design of small rooms, the best design, suggesting a minimum of three-dimensional, numerous or too motley decor. Therefore, such modern styles as minimalism, hi-tech, constructivism or loft will do.

There are also quite restrained styles: Scandinavian, Mediterranean. They suggest the predominant use of white-colored walls and minimal decor, which is just suitable for a small room.

Sometimes eclecticism becomes an excellent solution - it presupposes a harmonious combination of classical elements with modern ones. Carved Venetian chandelier can perfectly fit into the loft or minimalism.

It is worth noting that the classic design with patterned wallpaper or ornate furniture visually "steals" the space and creates a feeling of tightness. Excessive decor gives the same effect.

Pictures on the walls in conjunction with the figurines on the shelves and the carpet on the floor will be brute force.

However, with a skillful approach, you can get a good bedroom in almost any style, even in a classic or, for example, eastern. The latter is characterized by a riot of colors and forms of decor. In this case, as a rule, it is necessary to sacrifice functionality - furniture. In such a room you can leave only the most necessary items: a bed, bedside tables, a dressing table and a wardrobe.

Perhaps not even all of the products listed will be able to stay indoors.

How to make the walls, floor and ceiling?

So, the walls are better decorated in bright colors. The same applies to the ceiling. Gender can be almost anything. However, to make it as light as everything else, do not stand, because it will create a feeling of closed space.

If you still want to walk on the light floor, you can make colored baseboards to match the decor and decoration of the room. This will reduce the negative effect.

In a small room looks good light wood flooring, as well as plain or discreet floor tiles. Patterned cover would be appropriate in combination with the modest design of the rest.

If white walls are bored and bored, they can be decorated in pastel shades of pink, blue, beige and other colors. With a great desire, they can be quite dark. However, it is worth remembering that the colored walls visually reduce the room, and the ceiling drops.

Alternating saturated color with neutral: white or beige will help to neutralize this effect. Such a light stripe can be a high closet to the ceiling or a decorative wall finish above the headboard.

The decor in this case should be in harmony with the color of the walls and create a single composition.

As for the materials for the walls, it is best to paint or plaster them. Another option is to very carefully select the wallpaper. A striking pattern in a small room can create a feeling of clutter. However, this concerns the finishing of the entire room. Making an interesting pattern or pattern of one of the walls is quite acceptable.

In addition, it is worth noting that it is possible to construct gypsum or tension structures on the ceiling with sufficient height.

How to furnish a small room?

For the arrangement of a small bedroom is best to use furniture with straight clearlines and low-key color. However, original design solutions are possible - the sofa can be in the center of attention. In this case, as a rule, the remaining pieces of furniture and decor have a neutral color and a modest appearance.

It turns out that the decor of the bedroom depends on the overall design concept.

If the room is rectangular, then the bed can be placed in the middle, near the window - to place the dressing table and workplace. At the wall opposite to the window there will fit a cupboard, and between it and the bed - a bedside table.

In a square room, cabinets can be placed on both sides of the bed. They can also be built and bedside.

You can place a single design of the closet with a dressing table along the free wall.

As for the living room bedroom, wardrobes can also frame a sofa or a bedside table with a TV.

In rooms in the Scandinavian style or in the loft version, as a rule, there are no curtains on the windows. Due to this, you can make a wide window sill and use it as a desktop. It must be set so that the light illuminates the left hand well.

For those who want to sleep on a double bed, and not on a folding sofa, special complexes have been created. In them the bed is hidden in a rack behind a sofa. If necessary, it simply reclines.

The dressing table or workplace can also be built into a closet or shelving unit.


Mirrors will help to add natural light to a dark bedroom. You can put a wardrobe with mirrored doors in front of the window, or simply arrange the wall with them.

It should also be noted that due to proper lighting, you can compensate for the dark colors used in the design. In the daytime, mirrors can also do this, and at night a ceiling or line of a dark wall lit around the perimeter.

In addition, the bedroom has several zones requiring additional lighting:

  • bedside tables at the head of the bed;
  • dressing table;
  • Desktop;
  • mirror cabinet.

As additional lighting devices, you can use both table lamps and built-in light bulbs. The latter are a bright and memorable element of the decor. In a small room, you can use decorative lighting.

As in the case of any other decor - should be respected.

With the help of local lighting, you can create a cozy atmosphere that will help you relax and tune in to sleep. These are table lamps, floor lamps and lamps above the bed.

Decorative items

Making a small room is a very painstaking process. It is necessary to find a middle ground between clutter and excessive minimalism, which borders on emptiness.

When choosing a decor you can proceed from the following: if the items are small, they can be very bright and noticeable. This can be a large panel on the wall. Good options - bright pillows on the bed or a composition of the figurines on the dressing table.

If there are many items, they must harmonize and complement each other.. For example, books on the shelves can be wrapped in a decorative cover suitable for pillows on the bed and frames of paintings on the wall.

There is another option - when there are many small items, they are all bright. In this case, a neutral or solid background of furniture and walls should be created for them.

Ideas in the interior

Using rich colors is not easy, but the result is worth it:

  • Proper combination of natural shades of brown and green allowed to complement the room with an original pattern and a red lamp. The dark wall is a background for white accents in the form of furniture and textiles.
  • The decor in soothing pastel colors will appeal to those who love traditional interiors. Distinguished headboard, original floor lamps, mirrored bedside tables and gold brocade cushions add to this calm interior a zest.
  • Monochrome white interior can be decorated with a game of shapes and lines, as in the following example.. The arch above the bed, the rectangles of the cabinets and the lines of the boards on the ceiling are complemented by an ornament of the bedspread, carpet, and also bouquets of flowers.
  • You can add variety to the design due to original designs and lighting. The panel with flowers, decorated with lighting, attracts all attention and uplifting.
  • Original furniture to the ceiling creates not only an excellent storage area, but also a unique atmosphere of comfort. A white in combination with different shades of champagne gives a feeling of lightness.

Design project

Now it is worth considering a few real design projects:

  • Let's start with the brutal interior in the male gray-brown tones. Gray walls are a good neutral background for wooden dark brown furniture, black bedside tables and wardrobe. The rich color of the furniture is balanced by the light floor and bedspread, combined curtains and black and white paintings with light.

The following design is made in oriental style and is also a vivid example of a competent combination of colors and placement of accents. Colorful wallpaper, bedspread and decor are made in muted colors that do not enter into contrasts. All colors have a warm shade, so complement each other. Large white stains of cabinets, headboards and a white background of patterns neutralize the diversity.

  • Finally, consider the bedroom in a classic version.. Volumetric decor, patterned furniture and an abundance of textiles does not look cumbersome - due to a single beige-gold gamut. Symmetrical blue accents on the walls and a pink armchair bring variety and attention.

Interesting compositions can be created absolutely in any style and color. For example, the blue color gamut will look very fresh and relevant, which can be viewed in detail in the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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