Design bedroom area of ​​15 square meters. m

 Design bedroom area of ​​15 square meters. m

Creating a room design includes the design of the room layout, the choice of the appropriate style, colors, materials for decoration and much more. After reading this article, you will learn how to design a bedroom with an area of ​​15 square meters. m

Disposition of the room: create a design project

The design project of any room depends on which zones need to be equipped and what the room layout provides for this (its geometric shape, the ratio of the lengths of the walls, the location of windows and the door).

We can say that the bedroom area of ​​15 square meters. m is small, but still it can accommodate a double bed, a spacious closet or a small dressing room, as well as a dressing table and work area.

AT square room all functional areas are evenly distributed around its perimeter. A bed will be placed near one wall. Along the second is a wardrobe or closet. And near the third you can put a dressing table and a chest of drawers with a TV.

If there is a need for arrangement working areaIt fits easily between the bed and the window. Bedroom area is 15 square meters. m it allows.

In a square room a dressing room or closet can be made with mirrored doors. They will visually enlarge the space and make the room a little longer.

There are several options for planning. Their difference lies in the location of the cabinet.

The wardrobe can be connected to a bed, a work area or a dressing table.

You can even put several cabinets on different sides of the window. However, this option is suitable either for a corner room with two windows, or for a room on the sunny side with a very large window through which a lot of light passes.

In the bedroom rectangular 3 by 5 meters layout mainly depends on the location of the window. If it is in a short wall, then the bed, as a rule, is placed by the headboard to the long one. In this case, there will be room only for passage. The TV can be hung on the wall, and the dresser or dressing table can be placed closer to the window.If you put a desktop on the wall opposite to it, they will look harmonious and complement each other.

Cloakroom it is better to arrange along the wall (opposite the window). Mirror doors are not recommended. They visually stretch the room, and it will seem narrow.

If the window or windows are located in a long wall, then it is better to place the bed opposite them, and to put a wardrobe or a wardrobe along the short wall. Near the opposite wall can be placed toilet or desktop.

What style will suit?

The principles of modern design allow you to draw almost any room in a variety of styles - from classic to modern. However, in small rooms most often the chosen style is adjusted so that the interior looks harmonious.

Best for a bedroom of 15 square meters. m fit:

  • minimalism;
  • loft;
  • Scandinavian style;
  • Mediterranean style.

Minimalism suggests a minimum of furniture and decor items. Rather, the last in this interior almost none. The decorative role is played mainly by textiles, and also by one or two objects: vases or simple pictures.

Loft also differs in the minimum quantity of decorative objects and only functional furniture. The decorative role in it is carried out by finishing of the room.

The style is characterized by:

  • brickwork on walls, partitions or bar counters;
  • non-masked elements of communications - for example, ventilation pipes;
  • lamps without lamp shades or soffits;
  • lack of curtains on the windows;
  • imitation of non-residential premises adapted for housing.

Interiors in Scandinavian and Mediterranean styles are made out in light monophonic walls, with wooden furniture. They also do not differ in the abundance of different decor. Textiles, pillows, photographs and posters in simple frames, indoor plants play a decorative role.

Such rich and original styles like classical, romantic, oriental, art deco, modern and pop art, can also be used to design a small bedroom. However, it is necessary to correctly select the color scheme, furniture and decor items.

These styles are characterized by an abundance of patterns on the walls and textiles, furniture of original design, voluminous and delicate decor items, complex patterns or bright colors. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully relate how the combination of selected pieces of furniture and decor, for example, with textile or wallpaper patterns, will look like. It is very important that there is no overload and the interior does not look crowded and too colorful.

At registration, you can build on the need to create a center of the composition, which will attract the eye and catch the eye.

Everything else should look like a background, even if it is replete with diversity. In the bedroom, the role of such a center is most often played by a bed.

Here is an example of such an interior. Due to the solid color of the bed itself and textiles, it is not lost on the background of variegated patterns, geometric mirrors and carved lamps. Due to the massive and relief headboard, it attracts the eye and fixes its central place.

Finishing materials

Finishing materials depend on the style chosen:

  • For minimalism characteristic painted walls with a decor of wood or other materials. Ceiling - painted, stretch, with suspended structures. For the floor can be used laminate flooring, as well as floor tiles, carpet. Almost any furniture: wooden, metal, with plastic elements. Here the main thing - simple shapes and colors, as well as straight lines and angles.
  • Style loft differs in use or imitation of construction surfaces and elements: brick or concrete wall, metal structures, wooden beams. The floor is usually wooden or tiled. The walls are mainly combined - paint, wallpaper, wood, brick, etc. can be combined.
  • For Scandinavian and Mediterranean styles mainly used paint for walls and ceilings, as well as wood for floors and furniture.
  • Classic and Romanticism usually decorated with wallpaper, parquet, furniture of precious wood, upholstered in beautiful textiles.
  • AT eastern styles, as in all ethnic, a lot of wood is used - both for furniture and for interior decoration.
  • Design in style Art Deco performed using wallpaper, parquet, leather furniture from valuable wood, as well as expensive materials for decoration: the skins of exotic animals, crystal, bronze, mother of pearl, glass, mirrors, leather.
  • AT modern various materials are used for finishing: paint, plaster, wallpaper, parquet, laminate, tile and so on. Here the main thing is the variety and originality of the form. In one interior there can be a table on wooden legs with an oval glass table top, as well as a bed with a metal headboard,consisting of a fancy pattern of interlaced lines.


The color scheme also determines the chosen style. However for the bedroom calm shades are traditionally used. Diversity is made by bright accents:

  • AT calm colors most often minimalism or Scandinavian style is made. The color itself is not of fundamental importance. It can be beige, and gray, and red gamma. Most often it is monochrome. Mostly one shade, and the rest go as additional accents.
  • Characteristic of a loft gray-brown gamma with white, black or other bright accents.
  • Modern is made in brown-green tones with original accents (for example, gold).
  • Oriental styles to red-brown tones. It is quite suitable for the bedroom.
  • Art Deco and Classic are decorated in a noble range using beige, brown and burgundy. However, for Art Deco, various retreats are possible.
  • Very often you can meet the bedroom, decorated in coffee or beige color. In a sense, these are the most appropriate shades for the room in which to rest.In combination with green or blue, they give the interior a natural spirit. This color also has a beneficial effect on the emotional state.

All shades of brown are soothing and reassuring.

How to equip?

The arrangement of the room furniture depends on the needs of the residents:

  • If you need to do bedroom study with a full desk, shelves or shelving for documents, you may have to donate a dressing table or dressing room size. The latter can be combined.

Compact dressing table can be combined with a wardrobe or dressing room.

  • A room with a balcony You can equip an additional area for reading or relaxing. Balcony can be connected to the room, and you can leave separate. For visual connection with the bedroom, you can put a panoramic door and arrange according to the basic design. This technique will help to increase the space visually.

Furnish the bedroom should be in accordance with the chosen style.

  • Characteristic for minimalism plain colored furniture.
  • For a loft, you can pick up pieces of furniture with textile or leather trim. She can be like wooden and metal. The same applies to modernity.
  • Characteristic for art deco, classic and romantic carved wooden furniture with leather or beautiful textile trim.
  • For the decor of ethnic styles used wooden furniture: for Scandinavian and Mediterranean - light, for the east - dark.

Window decoration

When making windows it is necessary to take into account not only taste preferences, but also the location of the house relative to the cardinal points.

It is not recommended to make a window that faces the north side with thick or dark curtains. Better to pick only tulle.

For some styles (for example, a loft or Scandinavian) is generally characteristic do not use curtains on the windows. You can attach roller blinds.

Windows in a classic interior or art deco is supposed make out beautiful black curtains from noble materials with a patterned finish. In addition, draperies and garters are often used. However, for a room of 15 square meters. It can create a feeling of congestion. It is necessary to bet on either the pattern or on the bulk design.

Lighting and decor

Lighting in the bedroom is quite important.

There are several zones in this room that require local lighting:

  • bedside area;
  • toilet or desktop;
  • closet or dressing room.

Due to the possibility to change the bright overhead lighting to a muffled one can create a cozy, soothing atmospherewhich will help to relax. In addition, the light can play and decorative role. Due to it, you can create a beautiful composition or highlight some design elements - for example, the decor of the bed zone.

Due to the additional lighting can also balance the dark elements of the design.

Decor decoration depends on the color scheme and the chosen style:

  • For Scandinavian characteristic are photographs or posters of northern nature and animals, indoor plants, textiles with national ornaments.
  • For eastern - national decorative plates, chests, pillows, chiffon canopies over the bed or stylized lamps. For Japanese - national graphics and bonsai trees.
  • Loft characterized by the use of different urban motifs - for example, posters with images of the city, people, elements of architecture or transport.Often used metal objects or transport parts.
  • Textile decor elements can often be found in classic and romantic interiors. These are pillows, bedspreads, curtains. The latter are decorated not only with windows, but also with the headboard, walls or niches.

The calmer the interior, the brighter the decor can be.

  • If the design is based on two colors, then due to the decor it is necessary to add one more or several colors or shades. This is necessary for a harmonious appearance: two colors or shades will look simple and unnatural.

Ideas in the interior

Very nice interior in a gentle menthol white. White furniture and textiles create a pleasant combination with walls in muted menthol colors. Smooth and straight lines of furniture and table lamps, as well as an abundance of textiles in combination with light colors create a feeling of lightness and airiness. Brown picture frames and blue edging on the curtains are bright accents that complement the design.

The next design draws attention to its refinement and originality. From every detail of this interior can not take your eyes off.Plastered beige walls with stains, an interesting pattern over the head of the bed, a velvet bed of deep gray, printed curtains, mirrored bedside drawers, metal floor lamps and a vintage wardrobe - everything attracts attention and creates a unique memorable impression.

Now - more rich interiors. The following design has a neutral white and beige base. Bright accents are placed at the expense of black and white paintings and posters, as well as green veil and letters, which are successfully complemented by the green of the plant.

Very good reception - wallpaper with patterns pasted on one wall. Ornament on the wallpaper, matched to the color of furniture and textiles, harmoniously complements the overall design. You can not make out the wall with additional objects of decor, it gives the interior originality. It is worth noting color solution, embodied in a stylish combination of chocolate shades with blue.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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