Design bedroom area of ​​8 square meters. m

 Design bedroom area of ​​8 square meters. m

Narrow rooms require a special approach to the choice of planning. It will allow visually expanding the space, with the use of every free ten centimeters. Bedroom 8 sq. M. m, you can choose yourself, making a stylish room for a comfortable life.

What style will suit?

The design of a small bedroom is selected depending on the preferences of the owner, the overall design of the apartment and the functional features of the room. Minimalistic style will allow you to free up space, using only the necessary items and things.Zoning is used when it is necessary to delimit the parts of the room used for sleeping and working. And fans of intricate interiors can pay attention to detail, decorating the room with many small decorative elements.

Styles suitable for decorating a bedroom:

  • Scandinavian. Its distinctive features are conciseness and simplicity. The design is widely used white color and wooden furniture. In the room they place a minimum of objects, freeing space as much as possible for the sake of minimalism. The bedroom in the Scandinavian style is easy to clean, if you want to just make a permutation in it.
  • Fundamental classic. Adherence to tradition and to the luxury, wealth - this is how you can describe the style. It is intertwined with the features of classicism and modern trends, because it can not be called old-fashioned. The furniture is decorated with figured backs, carved elements, supplemented with upholstery made of expensive materials.
  • Modern. Characteristic features are adherence to curved, smooth lines and the mixing of different elements of styles. The design is dominated by furniture and decorative elements made of natural wood,widely used and interpreted themes of flora and fauna. For example, floral designs may be present on textiles.
  • Loft. Modern style in which the raw surfaces, furniture with metal details, glass materials are widely used. The windows do not close the curtains and blinds, leave them open. Lighting devices are usually suspended in groups, the color range is distinguished by severity: calm tones, a combination of 2-3 tones.
  • French Provence. The distinctive features of the style include the use of wooden furniture, carpets, objects with floral motifs. Pillows, bedspreads and paintings with carved frames are used as decor. The colors are dominated by pastel shades, soothing and contributing to the visual increase in space.
  • Country and ethno-styles. The bedroom, first of all, is intended for rest, therefore experts recommend to take as a basis quiet tones and to refuse all fanciful, motley elements. When arranging the room, the dominant motive is chosen: the trim for the furniture, bedspreads, and finishing materials serve as the base.

Variants of room planning 4x2 meters

For an elongated bedroom in the "Khrushchev" suitable option located near the wall bed. It is better to place the cabinet closer to the door. To release the passage, it is recommended to put the furniture on one side. For a narrow room pick up compact furniture, devoid of protruding and bulky parts. If it is planned to divide the room into two parts, the head of the bed is placed near the window, right next to it put the rack.

The bedside table is placed close to the sleeping place, there should also not be a lot of free space between other objects. A room with a window is notable for its coziness, since in the daytime natural light penetrates it. A less advantageous option is the premises without it. In this case, the furniture can be located at any of the walls, and the lack of light is compensated by an additional lamp or wall lamp.

Finishing features

Arrangement of the room involves working with three types of surfaces: floor, walls and ceiling. They should be in harmony with each other in tone, texture and decorative elements, as well as relate to pieces of furniture, carpet, curtains.As a rule, the bed is chosen according to the color of the finish, but the opposite situation also happens. In this case, the coating is correlated with a specific coating.

Wall decoration options:

  • Paint - the most budget option. It is cheap, presented in rich colors. You can choose both matte and glossy shades, make the walls monophonic or combine several shades.
  • Decorative plaster. Another inexpensive option, characterized by ease of finishing work. Its disadvantages include the fact that the plaster can get dirty when touched.
  • Sheeting wooden or plastic panels. This durable material has good external characteristics. It is easy to install, it is easy to maintain, resistant to high humidity and temperature extremes.
  • Wallpaper. The traditional way of finishing the walls. There are two types of wallpaper - paper and vinyl. The first are cheap, available in narrow rolls. They are easily torn, they need more glue. The greatest practicality are vinyl wallpaper having a greater width and thickness.
  • Masonry. Suitable for a bedroom in a loft style.Untreated surface looks stylish and conceptual, it is well combined with natural materials, for example, with wooden furniture.

Wallpaper and plaster can also be used to finish the ceiling. In addition, tiles are used, monochromatic or with patterns. It is correlated with the color of the walls; the material of white color will become universal. The installation of stretch ceilings is a more expensive method: they have a long service life and allow you to create a perfectly smooth coating. You can choose ceilings with a glossy or satin surface, made in any shades.

How to sheathe the floor?

  • floorboard;
  • laminate.;
  • linoleum;
  • tile.

Laying materials produced directly or diagonally. The latter option visually increases the area of ​​the room, makes the design of the room more dynamic.

Wood coatings require additional processing. They are painted, varnished, if necessary, applied to them protective impregnation. Through the use of solutions increases the resistance of materials to high humidity, in addition, means prevent the appearance of insects, harmful microorganisms and mold.

Color solutions

Competent selection of colors - the way to create a comfortable bedroom, in which you want not only to sleep, but also to relax during the day, read books and go about your business. Light cold tones are known to visually expand the space. The classic solution for a narrow room is white. It can be made only individual elements, and the whole interior. In the latter case, it is important to choose objects that differ in shades - otherwise things will merge with each other.

A practical option would be a gray bedroom. Due to the use of neutral tones it is possible to make a pleasant-looking room in which there is a peaceful atmosphere. This universal color is easy to combine with light shades, it is also diluted with variegated patches. For example, red or scarlet pillows can be placed on a bed covered with a gray veil.

Use in the interior of green, blue, purple flowers is possible in the case if light colors are taken. Furniture made in pastel shades harmonizes well with white walls and vice versa. In the design of the bedroom, it is permissible to combine 2-3 colors maximum, otherwise the space will be oversaturated with different elements.

An exception will be a bedroom in an informal style: it is acceptable to include aggressive (or even acidic) shades, if they complement each other. In this case, it is better to turn to the help of professionals or additionally read about the rules of color compatibility.

When making a bedroom in 8 square meters. m recommended to avoid large patterns on the walls and furniture, especially if they are made in too dark colors. On the wallpaper or upholstery can be placed thin black patterns, they can be supplemented with a chandelier, a lamp of the same tone. If the interior of the bedroom is thought out independently, it is recommended to give preference to neutral tones, since they are easier to combine with each other, in other cases at least a minimum of specialized knowledge is required.

Choosing and placing furniture

From the choice of furniture depends on the efficiency of the use of space. The central element of the bedroom is the bed, which is placed near the wall or window. For couples fit double model or folding couch. The corner sofa will help to save the place, it does not demand purchase of a mattress, allows to clean bed linen in the built-in box.The transforming chair is a solution for those who live alone: ​​in order to sleep comfortably on it, a spring block should be chosen as a filler.

In addition to a place to sleep, the room has a bedside table, closet or shelving unit. If the bedroom has a niche, the furniture is placed there. A hinged nightstand is suitable for storing clothes, seasonal items, equipment. For those who do not want to individually select furniture, there are ready-made headsets. They are cheaper, and all items are made in the same style and colors.

Beds and cabinets with rounded corners will give the interior a smooth and soft look. And the models on the legs will have to be abandoned, because they will look too pretentious, in addition, dirt and dust accumulate under them, because the cleaning will take more time.


Large chandeliers and massive lights are a taboo for small rooms, as they take space. For the bedroom are suitable miniature night lamps, floor lamps, sconces. The winning solution will be a cabinet with lights or lamps built into the ceiling. As a rule, one source is located at the top, the other is installed by the bed: this is especially suitable for those who like to read before going to bed.

The installation of lighting is done after the decoration of the room, but the place to place the lamps and chandeliers is marked at the stage of puttying, painting or covering the walls and ceiling. Preference should be given to weak lamps that have a soft light and do not irritate the eyes. A night lamp and floor lamps match the color of the interior, monophonic devices look best.


Bedspreads and pillows are an important part of the interior. They are selected to match the tone of the walls and furniture. Textiles can be decorated with small patterns that relate to other elements of the decor. It is better to choose soft fabrics, pleasant to the touch, characterized by hygroscopicity, durability and resistance to wear. You can pick up pillows of a different color to single-colored bedspreads, as well as things with ottomans and sofas.

As decorations use figurines, photographs, paintings. The bedroom can have small shelves for books, decor, pots of flowers. You can not overdo it with the details: they should be in moderation, and it is better that they were in the same style. In particular, if the bedroom is decorated in an Asian style, choose Oriental motifs: panels, figures.If the room allows, you can put in the bedroom aquarium with fish.

When making windows choose curtains or blinds. It is necessary to choose light-colored fabrics, dense enough so that the light from the street from the lamps does not interfere with sleep. The cornice is made of wood, plastic or metal. Wood looks noble, suitable for classic style, Provence, but such models are massive and bulky. The most practical are plastic curtain rods.

Mirrors are used to increase the space. The situation is the same with glass parts: transparent shelves, tables, lamps and doors will be appropriate in the bedroom. They are combined with vases, which have dried or live flowers, books.

Ideas in the interior of a small bedroom

In apartments with high ceilings, you can make a bed on the entresol. The second option is to remove the bottom of the bunk bed and place a table there. The final building will have two “floors”: the first is meant for work, the second is for rest. In this case, you have to independently construct unusual furniture, stairs and the upper tier.The final touch will be brickwork on the walls, a combination of white and dark shades.

Elegant curtains, a retro table, mirrors in wooden frames and light-green walls are a bold decision for a bedroom, the design of which intertwines the features of classical and modern styles. As a base color can be any pastel shade, which is easy to combine with light colors. In such an interior is dominated by smooth lines, smooth corners, restrained patterns.

The bedroom executed in sand shades will be associated with a cosiness and comfort. Under the color of the walls and floor covering furniture made of natural wood. The arrangement of parts with ornaments is permissible if monochromatic objects will prevail in the design of the room.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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