Design bedroom area of ​​9-11 square. m

Design bedroom area of ​​9-11 square. m

Small-sized housing is habitually associated with close one-room flats of the pre-perestroika period. In reality, the meaning of this concept is much broader. A small apartment is characterized by a small kitchen from 3 to 7 square meters. m, combined or separate (but very close) bathroom and a narrow hallway.

Even in a three-room apartment of this type with a total area of ​​55-60 square meters. m size of the bedroom is about 10-11 square meters. m. To plan the interior of such a small room is always difficult. We need a rational approach to the use of precious squares. It is worth considering in more detail how to create a bedroom design with an area of ​​9-11 square meters. m

Features planning a small room

There are two types of small apartments. In the first case, the living rooms are isolated, and in the second - adjacent.

For this reason, the layouts of the sleeping space will vary.

When creating the interior of a small bedroom based on the following factors:

  • Forms of rooms. In the Khrushchev room most often in the form of a strongly elongated rectangle. The approach to the arrangement of rectangular and square rooms will be different.
  • Room configurations - the location of windows, doors, their sizes, quantities and cardinal points. The latter is taken into account when choosing a color temperature.
  • The number of places to sleep. The physical condition and age category of the owners, which is important when choosing a bed model and the option of placing a bed.
  • Aesthetic preferences. Based on this decision is made about the need for redevelopment.

Owners of small apartments should consider the option of combining a bedroom with a balcony. Using such a simple design solution, you get the opportunity to organize a play, work space, a relaxation area or a built-in wardrobe on the “won” squares.

Arguments for combining bedrooms and balconies:

  • Increase the usable area.
  • Get extra natural light sources.
  • The room becomes warmer (if the finishing is done correctly).
  • You can plan an extra small room.

The only drawback is the need to obtain permission to demolish the walls in the relevant instances.

To become the owner of a small bedroom with a workplace, you can resort to a less radical way to transform housing. Suffice it to select a small area under the office, which will be located chair and table-console. For these purposes, suitable sill, which extend and strengthen with a wooden table top. Another option is to mount the console table to the headboard of a berth, when a decorative panel acts as a backrest.

Another way involves the design of the working surface in the form of a suspended structure-rack. In this case, the vertical supports are not used, since the rack is mounted directly to the wall, which ultimately saves the maximum space.

Examples of design projects

When professionals are involved in the formation of a bedroom design project, even specialists have difficulties.We have to look for an alternative design option for living space, reflecting modern trends from the world of interior design and universal ideas that exist outside of time (due to its convenience).

Independent selection of a bedroom design option involves careful filtering of the ideas you like - according to the level of complexity of execution and not only. Many design ideas are quite difficult to implement, some are quite realistic, although not every decision is acceptable in terms of practicality when it comes to everyday life. The design projects of small bedrooms presented in the photo sample clearly demonstrate how to equip a small space of a room for sleeping and relaxing.


The existing variety of styles makes it possible to interestingly beat the interior of a small bedroom. You can take as a basis some style and, when creating an interior, reflect its basic principles in the design:

  • Modern styles - an inexhaustible source of inspiration for creating original images of bedrooms. Trends of "cozy minimalism" - the perfect option for a small space.This direction is characterized by a maximum degree of comfort and minimal use of decorative elements.
  • Vintage style and chebbi chic concept - two more directions that can be realized by making out a compact bedroom. Both styles welcome renovated furniture or its antique imitation, frayed linings combined with modest decor and original textiles. Choosing the right style, you need to comply with the measure in the use of decorative elements.

Otherwise, the abundance of ruches, frills, antiques will make the situation frankly tasteless.

  • Eco style - A great opportunity to create an attractive and modern image of the bedroom. If the room is small, but the ceiling is high enough, then the design of wooden ceiling beams will bring the natural warmth, making the situation extremely cozy. A similar effect can be achieved by facing the accent wall with decorative wood panels or with a texture imitating a beautiful tree pattern.


To change the space of a small bedroom will help correctly chosen coloristic solution.Do not forget that the color gamut affects the emotional background, having the ability to change the perception of the surrounding reality.

Contrasting design

The most successful option. Bright finish is opposed to the neutral palette of the furniture ensemble - or vice versa. A couple of shades are used as auxiliary ones, due to which the image of the room is more spectacular. Additional options include spectral colors that make up the absolute contrasting combination: red and green, orange and blue, yellow and purple.

You can use the achromatic range of white and all shades of gray palette. At the same time, some element is made contrasting, emphasizing its importance. It looks like this: striped pattern on the wallpaper or bright upholstery of furniture. To accent individual zones, they are beaten with small objects and active decor.

Pastel decoration

The possibilities of light shades are truly endless. They contribute to the visual expansion of space and remove any restrictions in the preparation of combinations with other colors.Unlike saturated green, orange and red colors that require careful use, it is a pleasure to work with light green, pale pink or peach shades.

Soft light palette soothes, relaxes and adjusts in a positive way. Pastel range can be part of almost any stylistic direction, be it a classic design, modern minimalism. bang popor the popular loft design, which often uses soft natural shades.

Monochrome design

There is no need to choose one color or try to beat the space with the help of the classic black and white combination. This interior allows for the presence of any shades, and the monochrome scale allows you to create interesting color effects.

With the help of minor gradations of the light palette, you can visually push the boundaries in a very small bedroom.

In a trendy white interior, the use of different materials is perceived differently. The leading role in this case is given to the game of textures. The combination of satin and velor textiles, polished and artificially aged surfaces,frosted glass and fluffy carpet will make the monochrome interior more expressive.


Whatever your personal preferences regarding the color palette, but if you design a small space that needs so much visual appeal, it would be strange to ignore the light (or even snow-white) finish.

When choosing wallpaper in a small bedroom, it is preferable to give preference to a moderate pattern. Wallpapers with a frequent, fine print in a limited area have a depressing effect.

A few general recommendations:

  • In a narrow room with high ceilings, wallpaper with a horizontal ornament will help to visually correct the flaws.
  • If the priority is a visual increase in height, then the print should be vertical.
  • In a small bedroom with an area of ​​up to 11 squares, monochromatic light wallpaper in any of the pastel shades is ideal.
  • You can increase the space by alternating wide strips of wallpaper in dark and light designs.
  • When decorating a room with a volume print wallpaper, adjacent walls play with uniform wallpaper of a similar shade (without patterns).

When choosing a color solution for the floor, the general color scheme of the interior serves as a guide. A dark furniture ensemble fits the light floor covering and vice versa. The color performance of objects should be consonant with the shade of the floor (ideally it is monochromatic, but having a single intensity).

A diagonal pattern on the floorboard or laminate visually expands the boundaries of a small room.

Choosing furniture

When arranging small rooms, one of the key points in creating a functional and comfortable interior is the competent layout of furniture.

Ways of placing a bed:

  • The back with a headboard to the wall and with the traditional arrangement of a pair of bedside tables on the sides of the bed.
  • In one of the corners. The advantage of this option is an additional free area where you can put a chair or a small locker.
  • In the form of an island - suitable for those who do not plan to place other furniture in the bedroom.
  • Along the wall, in a row with a piece of furniture. In this case, the bed is put long side to the wall. This method of layout leaves the central part of the room free.
  • In the bedroom with a workplace is best to put the bed to a long wall, placing it along. You can put in the corner.

The problem of an acute shortage of squares in a small bedroom is partially solved by the installation of a wardrobe, made to order (taking into account the features of the layout). The main advantage of such structures is increased capacity (due to the height up to the ceiling itself, which allows maximum use of the internal space, having placed all the necessary). Mirrors on sliding doors provide an amazing optical illusion of a large and bright space.

It is worth considering with examples how to equip bedrooms of different shapes and sizes.

9 square meters. m

With extremely small room size it is quite possible to do the very minimum - a bed and a wardrobe. And even better - use an alternative cabinet in the form of a small design with hangers for clothes.

TV can be placed on the wall, thereby saving usable space.

10 square meters m

A bed with a sliding storage system is an excellent solution for a small bedroom. In this case, there is no need to use a separate cabinet, which occupies a significant place in a small room. Couples usually want to have a full double bed.However, it is advisable to limit to 10 squares by placing a single bed, a double berth measuring 140 × 160 cm, or purchase an angular transformer sofa.

11 square meters m

An alternative to a regular bed can be the installation of a podium for a bed. This solution provides several practical advantages:

  • It allows you to save on the purchase of a bed, since you only need a mattress.
  • Equipping the internal functional space with a laundry box as an additional storage system, which is always convenient.
  • When a retractable bed is built into the interior of the podium, a working area can be arranged on its surface. The ergonomics of this interior can not be overestimated.
  • A podium with a sleeping place with an original canopy not only looks very impressive, but also helps to create full-fledged conditions for rest.

Narrow room expansion techniques

If you are planning to renovate in a narrow bedroom and have the opportunity to expand the window openings - do not neglect the chance to increase natural lighting. The room will look more spacious.

Installation of flooring is desirable to perform diagonally.

Do not neglect the popular methods of increasing the visual space, with which you can easily correct many of the shortcomings of compact rooms of highly elongated shape:

  • Finishing surfaces in bright colors and flooring in a dark version - a win-win combination. Do not forget about the vertical print on the wallpaper, if the style decision provides for the possibility of using drawings.
  • The use of glossy, glass surfaces, large mirror planes. Mirror walls not only create optical illusions, but also enhance the effects of lighting systems.

Glossy stretch ceilings - an example of a visual change in the proportions of a room.

  • Proper formation of the furniture ensemble: overall bed (the only large piece of furniture) and light, mobile design - as additional elements. If you can not do without a cabinet, then let it be not ordinary, but built-in, with mirrored doors.
  • Local light sources and built-in lighting “blur” the boundaries of a small room, creating a cozy, inviting atmosphere.. If you direct the light flux to the longitudinal wall, you can visually expand the narrow space.
  • Using color accents - bright textile and decorative elements, contrasting lighting devices or pieces of furniture.


Lighting is an essential element of design. Sources of artificial light allow you to adjust the proportions of the room and emphasize its size. Using the backlight, you can create a depth effect, and spotlights - local spots of light in the right places.

The location distinguishes the lighting of the lower, middle, upper levels.

Lower level - floor lighting. In compact bedrooms, floor-type lighting is rarely used, usually to create interesting effects. Bed with bright lights allows you to do without bedside lamps.

The average level is represented by:

  • Floor lamps. The most popular type of floor lamp is a Japanese-style lamp with a wooden or wire frame decorated with rice paper. You can make it yourself.
  • Wall-mounted luminaires. Instead of bedside lamps, you can use sconces of various shapes and sizes.
  • Illuminated furniture. To highlight the headboard of a bed, use neon or color halogen lighting or LED strip. With the help of a decorative panel, which provides linear lighting, you can visually increase the depth of the room.
  • Table lamps, night lamps, which may differ in the brightness of the light. It is soft, slightly distinguishable, moderate or bright, allowing you to read or write.

The upper level - ceiling lights, spotlights and chandeliers. When there is a task to effectively beat a separate element, bright built-in floor or ceiling lights are usually used. Multi-level ceiling design, where the illumination of each level is provided, as well as a large mirror plane, can give a small space to the bedroom depth.

If the design involves a classic chandelier, then the other lighting fixtures are chosen strictly in the same style.

Textiles and accessories

Textile plays one of the leading roles in creating a cozy and warm atmosphere. In the presence of a wide window opening it is best to use wide free drapery from wall to wall.

Avoid bulky, massive eaves. Choose one thing - or curtains with a dense pattern, or wallpaper. Otherwise, you can achieve the effect of a solid color spot. The advantages of natural textiles - environmental friendliness, excellent "breathing" properties and translucency.

Large fluffy carpets, shiny fabrics, flashy colors overload the setting. Frames for paintings and photographs are better to choose thin and elegant, so as not to weigh down the interior. The number of accessories should be moderate. Flower arrangements bring notes of freshness.

Beautiful ideas in the interior

The following selection of inspiring examples of small bedroom design projects in different styles, color palettes and with different functional content will help you in shaping the interior of your own bedroom. Choosing the most suitable option, you need to take into account a variety of nuances - then the result will not disappoint you. If necessary, you can contact the experts.

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Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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