Design living room-bedroom 17 sq. M. m

 Design living room-bedroom 17 sq. M. m

Combine in one room 17 square meters. Several functional areas have become a common task for designers and familiar to many owners of small apartments. Completely spacious room should be cozy for receiving guests, have a seating area and act as a bedroom. Often the repair of the combined room seems an impossible task and can drive the apartment owner into a stupor. It is worth considering the main nuances of the layout, colors and work out the design of the living room-bedroom 17 square meters. m


The style of the room will make new changes in the usual course of life.

Creating a project of a combined room, preference follows minimalism. Contrasting interior, simple straight lines, a small amount of furniture, unobtrusive and non-boring decor. If possible - a lot of free space.

The elegant decor, beautiful compositions and symmetry of the classical style will also perfectly fit into the modern design of the living room-bedroom. A barely noticeable pattern on the walls will look great with a delicate decoration of the room.

The interiors made in eco style look spectacular. The use of natural materials (wood, stone, glass, metal) will create a very interesting design that will undoubtedly surprise the guests.

The use of vertical elements of the decor will help to visually lift the ceilings and increase the space of the room. You can use vertical mirrors or curtains for this.

Refuse small details of the decor - for example, from the photo frames in favor of the photo on the wallpaper. Prefer attractive drawing: landscape, coast, night city. This design of the walls will push the space of the room and fill it with mood.

Proper organization of space

Proper zoning will advantageously combine the two interiors in the same room. The room can be divided into a bedroom and a living room by color, using finishing materials, creating a multi-level ceiling or floor. The easiest way is a partition.

Zoning options:

  • construction of drywall or wood;
  • screen;
  • rack;
  • beautiful curtains;
  • sliding doors;
  • sofa.

When zoning a bedroom, it is better to place it in the back of the room and closer to the window in order to save intimate space and provide natural light.

The partition can be any, the main thing - it should not be bright and bulky. Different materials for wall and floor finishes will allow to divide the room into two rooms. Using wallpaper only on selected sections of the walls will visually expand the space and enrich the design. The project of the interior of the combined room must withstand unity in color.

Color design

Color solutions for large rooms will fail for a room of 17 squares. Designers recommend taking neutral light shades as a basis and supplementing the interior with pretty details and a non-boring bright decor. Calm shades are known to visually enlarge the space. Permissible non-dull wall colors: beige, white, light gray, blue, yellow, light purple, pink, light green. The design of the bedroom-living room should be created in the same color scheme, so that the living room and the bedroom complement each other advantageously.

Features permissible colors:

  • shades of gray will visually relieve the room from sharp corners;
  • white color adds air to the space;
  • light yellow shades have a positive effect on the emotional sphere and positive mood;
  • green shades soothe and relieve stress;
  • Gold color looks organically in a classic style.

If the design of the room is depressing and drowsy, you should add a few bright, bold accents. Perfect paintings, decor from textiles, a vase with flowers or books with bright covers.

It is recommended to use at a minimum the following colors:

  • shades of red;
  • brown shades;
  • black color.


The main rule when choosing furniture is a sense of proportion and nothing extra. You should not overload the room with bulky and massive furniture. A small sofa, an armchair or a small pouf of unusual shape will allow you to unload space and create a cozy atmosphere. At the same time, a large corner sofa of light color with colored pillows will not look cumbersome.

An excellent solution for a small living room will be a folding coffee table-transformer, which can be turned into a dining room in one motion. Perfectly fit into the design of the glass table.

Storage system

Spacious wardrobes with mirrored walls will help to organize a convenient storage system. In addition, drawers beside the bed and sofa will allow you to store non-seasonal clothing and home textiles.

Add to the interior of the living room-bedroom elegance with a touch of chic will allow non-standard choice of storage system. Two tall white cabinets, which stand apart from each other at opposite walls, will complement the classic interior and bring in a bit of aristocracy.

Lighting scheme

In drawing up the plan of the room should pay special attention to artificial lighting. Large lights are only allowed in large rooms with high ceilings. Discard the large ceiling chandelier in favor of small spotlights for each zone. For individual lighting, you can use a floor lamp, sconce or lamp.

Do not clutter up the windows with draped curtains of heavy dense material. Natural light should freely enter the room, so choose light, light curtains. They will create a security effect.

Combining the bedroom and living room is not very difficult. The basic rules are to use functional furniture, light textiles and soothing shades. So that the design does not get bored after a couple of years, you should think about the functionality of the style before the repair. Do not forget that new cushions, curtains and decorative elements of a new color will sometimes help to add interior and paint to life. When creating a project, pay attention to what shades you can use for this room.

The winning style solution for the room of 17 squares is minimalism. A little courage, imagination, creativity, skills and strength - and every beginning home artist will be able to create a unique interior.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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