Design a small living room-bedroom

Small one-room and two-room apartments do not allow to organize all the necessary rooms with various functions. This is especially true of "odnushek" - they need to equip and a room for sleeping, and a hall for receiving guests. Designers admit that such a task is not an easy one. However, using the zoning rule, choosing the right color scheme and furniture, you can from a room in 12 square meters. m or 13 square meters. m to make a functional room that meets modern standards of interior design. To design a small living room-bedroom turned out perfect, you need to take into account some of the nuances.

Special features

Zoning is a great way to combine living room and bedroom functions in a room.

Zoned space in several ways:

  • Additional walls. For this purpose, construction and finishing materials are used.The most popular is drywall. It is easy to use, with its help, walls, partitions, fences, screens are installed. Applied textiles - in the form of curtains and curtains.
  • Various colors and textures. So the room is divided into zones: methods of painting, applying plaster, use wallpaper.
  • Separation of furniture and architectural elements. Fit sofa, bookshelves, arch.

For the zoning of a small living room-bedroom, the experts came up with a few tricks that allow you to arrange a non-standard room without any problems:

  • The use of light colors in the decoration of the room. This allows you to visually make the room bigger, add light and dynamics to it.
  • The design connected by one element looks practical and impressive.
  • You should not clutter up the room, all things must stand in their places and perform certain functions.
  • On the floor is placed laminate, which will last a long time. Such material differs in a variety of shades.
  • Wall decoration - wallpaper or paint. Stone hides the space, wallpaper can also "break" the overall look.
  • The abundance of lighting devices, the organization of bright lighting.Fitted spotlights fit.
  • The ceiling is better to choose a multi-tiered, connecting the two zones.
  • Curtains should be saturated, "thick" colors. So the room will get a sophisticated look.

Style selection

A small living room-bedroom, where there is no room for unnecessary items, it is better to arrange in the American, Japanese styles or use minimalism techniques. These styles emphasize conciseness, comfort and atmosphere of the room, combining several functions.

Minimalism has a minimal set of furniture. However, all of it has a strict form, is compact and practical. The interior is dominated by white and beige. Individual elements can be contrasting shades, creating accents. The decor should correspond to the general concept: plain curtains, simple lamps, rectangular frames for a photo - no frills.

The interior in Japanese style is distinguished by free space, low furniture with smooth edges and a smooth surface. The materials used are natural wood. The walls and the floor are trimmed with wooden panels, pictures with pictures of hieroglyphs are hung as accessories, dwarf trees are placed on the bedside tables and the table,figurines, fans.

Primary colors - beige, gray, rich chocolate and dark greens.

The American-style room is a mass of light and air (due to the use of a beige-cream palette). Instead of expensive materials choose inexpensive means - artificial stone and wood. Various decorations are used - volumetric beams and strips on the ceiling, platbands, frames of aisles and niches. Mandatory dark furniture, contrasting with the overall finish.

Color spectrum

Designers recommend using the following ideas:

  • The bedroom-living room is decorated in pastel colors. They will create the desired comfort and coziness. These colors are suitable for decoration of the room for rest and the room where you can receive guests.
  • Avoid bright, acidic colors. They will destroy the integrity of the project, introduce dissonance and visually reduce the space.
  • Dotted bright accessories and design elements are welcome. The modular picture fits well into the calm design, a wonderful option - rich color curtains.
  • The game of contrasts in zoning will create the necessary accents and divide the area into two functional parts. At the same time it is necessary to remember about the unity of style and not to mix different directions.
  • The most suitable colors: beige, white, cocoa, ivory, eggshell, lavender, peach, dusty rose.


Accessories and furniture for a small room should be functional and few - only what is really needed for sleeping and the living room. Minimalism will give the room more light and space.

Designers advise to purchase a number of required items:

  • Bed. It needs to be bought thoughtfully, after the development of the design of the room. The size depends on the needs: the couple will need a double bed, in other cases a single bed is enough.
  • Bedside tables - a very important part of the bed. They are lamps and other necessary stuff.
  • Sofa or armchairs - these items will mark the living area. They should be compact, so as not to take up much space.
  • Coffee table. It is better to choose a small round or rectangular.
  • Television. Very well, if it is on the wall - so space is saved on an additional table or stand.
  • Hanging shelves will also clear the space.
  • The mirror is installed in the sleeping area - near the place where the clothes are folded.
  • Accessories - paintings, panels, other decorative items. They should be a bit, just to create emphasis on the design of the room.

As for lighting - the more light, the small room seems to be more spacious and comfortable. Spotlights are suitable for ceilings, a single floor lamp on the floor is enough in the living area, and lamps next to the bed.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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