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The desire to combine a bedroom with a balcony or a loggia can be dictated by various reasons. Most often, the owners of standard apartments in the houses of the Khrushchev series, which are distinguished by their impractical, little-logical layout, tend to transform the available space. The success of the implementation of the plan depends on a well-designed design project and skillfully executed repair.

Rational use of the former balcony space allows organizing a workplace in the additional territory, one more segment for recreation, a mini-library, and storage systems of a closed or open type.

Let us find out which design techniques will help get the most out of the potential of small-sized housing and become the owner of a comfortable and stylish bedroom interior combined with a loggia.

Features, Pros and Cons

To convert housing in two ways.One involves the improvement of the interior due to the thoughtful placement of existing components of the apartment, which will affect the overall functionality of the living space. The other is associated with significant changes in the interior, which will require installation and dismantling. An architect is involved, a project is created, then it is coordinated with the relevant authorities. This is a redevelopment, the need for which just means the union of the bedroom with a balcony.

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Regardless of the option chosen, such transformations provide several practical advantages:

  • The useful space increases, so conditions for a life improve.
  • The room becomes not only more spacious, but also bright. The dismantling of the partition separates access to natural light that will enter the bedroom in full.
  • The additional territory expands the possibilities of using the most original ideas for the interior design of a bedroom with a loggia.

In addition, if the apartment will have to sell, then its value after the authorized redevelopment, as a luxury housing, will be higher.

Not without flaws related to:

  • Paperwork. To obtain permission for redevelopment, you will need to contact the numerous authorities, and sometimes more than once.
  • Costs. The price of the issue includes the cost of building several walls, insulation, glazing, finishing, interior decoration.
  • Time. Collecting a package of documents, obtaining permits and directly redevelopment itself can take an indefinite period.

Layout options

In most cases, when the owners prefer to entrust the repair to professionals, construction organizations settle paper formalities on their own, saving the customers from the tedious running around in the courts. Let us dwell on several interior solutions bedroom, combined with loggia:

  • Creating a single space with two functional areas. Such a redevelopment option implies the need to completely dismantle the separating wall with a window. As a result, the perimeter of the room is thematically divided into two separate segments. Instead of a partition, an arch can be used as a delimiting element.A smooth transition of the bedroom to the balcony will ensure the design of both zones in the same style.
  • Segmenting with the help of a window sill. Here, only the dismantling of the window and door block without demolishing the window sill is already limited. The curbstone can become part of an interior solution, acting as a bar counter, table, stand for flowers. The benchmark serves as a bedroom design project and your preferences. In this case, the re-planning solution also allows you to take advantage of such a relevant design move as the installation of the arch, because such a universal element will not contradict the majority of stylistic directions.
  • Bedroom + balcony = two independent rooms. Design implies the use of different styles. In order to separate the combined space of the bedroom with a balcony, in addition to stationary partitions from plasterboard, wood or gas silicate blocks, transformable partitions are used. If the interior includes a balcony with a berth, then a screen or curtain can act as a sliding partition, at the same time performing a decorative function.
  • An interesting solution - a bedroom with beams. Decorative elements of artificial or natural material contribute to creating the right acoustics in the room, organically fit into almost any design, allowing you to beat the interior in an original way.

Accession loggia. Structures of multi-storey buildings have a certain rigidity and stability. The inevitable phenomenon of prolonged use is the wear of seams, lintels and seams. This is a natural process of "aging" of buildings. When, as a result of interior transformations, the open space of a loggia or balcony becomes a heated room, the listed deformations can behave in unpredictable ways.

It is quite dangerous to dismantle the partition, although in a small area it is integral with the external wall of the building, which is a huge supporting structure.

In such situations, even competent specialists do not undertake to make any predictions in the long term. Therefore, the requirements of the authorities regarding the issuance of permits are fully justified: no one wants pedestrians to suffer because of a collapsed balcony.

What should be done:

  • Seek advice from a civil engineer or architect.
  • Make a project.
  • Get permission to work on redevelopment.
  • Strengthen the balcony stove.
  • Perform all dismantling and assembly work.
  • Get a conclusion in GZHI (State Housing Inspection).
  • To issue a new technical passport.

It is in your interest to consult with an employee of an independent expert company in advance on the following issues:

  • What way will the balcony join, considering your type of house? Find out immediately the allowable amount and type of work.
  • What is the condition of the balcony plate and what is the maximum load it can withstand.

In order to avoid overloading the slab, it is advisable to agree on a list of building materials for the construction of partitions and the future interior solution. Licensed organizations are involved in designing. In the project of the bedroom, combined with a loggia or balcony, a list of all the changes made, the specification of building materials, the order and amount of work will be displayed.

Which authorities will need to contact:

  • Bureau of Technical Inventory.
  • Housing inspection.
  • Sanitary control.
  • Territorial bodies of MES.
  • Gas service.
  • Committee for Architecture and Urban Planning.

To upholster the thresholds of offices is already tedious, and given that the utility workers are extremely reluctant to issue permits for redevelopment, then they also have to be pretty nervous.

The required package of documents includes:

  • Registration certificate for housing.
  • Design project redevelopment.
  • Consent in writing from everyone living in the apartment.
  • Certificate of residents registered in the apartment at the moment.
  • Consent in writing from neighbors.
  • Documents of title to the apartment.

The reasons for refusing permission may be the following reasons:

  1. The architectural value of the house as an object of cultural heritage.
  2. The age of the house or structural features of the structure, excluding the possibility of implementing a specific type of redevelopment. In this case, the problem is solved by capital gain loggia.
  3. The limitation on the safety factor of the structure is quite possible if there are several apartments in the building, where the rooms are combined with a balcony.

Using the turnkey redevelopment service,when the project organization assumes responsibility for the collection of documents, develops the project and legitimizes the redevelopment in all state institutions, you can significantly simplify your task.


The method of redevelopment, which implies the complete dismantling of the wall with a window block, allows to increase the area of ​​the room. When in apartments the area of ​​small rooms is up to 13 square meters. m., it is advisable to resort to such a solution. A variant with the removal of a balcony block should be considered if the bedroom is spacious (16 sq. M.) Or has at least medium size (14 sq. M.).

After combining the bedroom and balcony with the help of zoning techniques on additional squares, you can organize another functional area. The most popular options include the arrangement:

  • Mini-cabinet. When the footage of the bedroom is only 9-11 square meters. m., in conditions of limited space it is extremely difficult to allocate a free area for the workplace. On additional squares just fit a small console and an office chair.
  • Gym. This is not about a full-fledged room for sports,After all, for this purpose it would be necessary to use the entire area of ​​the room, but it will definitely work out to place 2-3 simulators and other sports equipment on the former loggia.
  • Libraries. With the development of the Internet, the problem of storing hundreds of books was solved by itself. To place the available copies, a neat shelving design or a few bookshelves will be enough. If there is room for a chair, you’ll get a separate reading corner.
  • Cloakroom. In a small bedroom has to be limited to the minimum set of furniture. Here, an extra wardrobe is an unaffordable luxury. While the additional space of the former balcony or loggia can be used for storage systems in the form of closed cabinets or open shelving.
  • Relaxation room or another bed. Installing a sliding partition will provide protection from extraneous sounds, and the corresponding design in soothing colors will help to maximize relaxation.
  • Conservatories or a small winter garden. Due to the multi-level landscaping of the former balcony, you can transform the interior.And having placed light wicker furniture, get a platform for a cozy evening gatherings.

Keep in mind that design planning needs to be done in advance, before demolition work begins.

Interior decoration

Although the redevelopment and redevelopment of residential premises is regulated by federal law, this issue cannot be resolved without the consent of local governments. In some cities, local authorities prohibit the transfer of radiators of a centralized heating system to balconies, while in others they do not make problems out of it. For such compact premises as loggias and balconies there are certain building codes and regulations.

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  • Connection of heating radiators to the central heating system when placing devices on balconies / loggias.
  • Install warm water floors connected to central water supply / heating.
  • Plumbing, wiring, sewage.
  • Full disassembly of the balcony partition and the threshold, due to which keeps the balcony plate.

When developing a project, where there was an old wall, a sliding partition should be provided,fencing off the room from the balcony. This avoids heat loss and problems with the heat conduction system.

Repair work. Since redevelopment involves the demolition of walls and the erection of new ones, it is better to take care of their weatherization right away during repairs. The best option is the use of SIP-panels, the thermal conductivity of which is equivalent to one meter brickwork. Because of the location at the top and bottom of unheated premises, insulation will be required for the ceiling and the floor, and not just the walls.

A lightweight expanded clay screed is made on the floor, and the walls and the ceiling are insulated with foam, polystyrene foam, mineral wool. The latter material requires laying of vapor barrier and waterproofing. If this is not done, then under the influence of moisture it will not be possible to avoid the loss of mineral wool properties.

Glazing the balcony is desirable to perform energy-saving double-glazed windows. Savings in this case is inappropriate: because of the cold windows will increase heating costs. Frameless glazing provides additional natural light and makes the design more sophisticated.

The popularity of panoramic glazing due to the ability to visually expand the boundariesrooms, the ability to save electricity, wind insulation, ease of use and care.

Heated floors in the bedroom, combined with a balcony - a prerequisite for a comfortable life. The ideal solution is to install an infrared floor, which is characterized by complete fire safety. It costs more than water, which is compensated by trouble-free operation. With a water floor there is always a risk of occupants from the bottom of the bay, besides it can not be connected to the central water supply and heating.

Finishing work. When choosing finishing materials for a combined bedroom, try to give preference to cotton coverings and velor wallpapers with noise absorbing properties. The floor is finished with laminate, floorboard or cork. Multi-level stretch ceilings with built-in spot lighting - always a winning solution. In each segment, you can use a ceiling of different levels.

For small bedrooms with low ceilings, a bright finish and contrasting decorative beams made of dark wood or a material that effectively imitates it would be an excellent solution. The hue of the beams can be repeated by making out the doors / windows, choosing the floor covering and partially the furniture in the same color version. The image of the room will be more harmonious and complete.

The palette of light pink, pale green, pearl-gray, and blue shades serves as an ideal background for a natural wooden furniture ensemble. The main advantage of pastel colors is the visual expansion of the borders of the room.

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When making a small room, it is important to use only three basic colors, not more. Large print, bright ornament, bright colors in the interior should be present solely as accents.

Accent wall can be beaten with beautiful 3D wallpaper. Do not forget about mirrors - these are the best helpers for creating optical illusions.

Style directions. Bedroom, combined with a balcony can be arranged in different ways:

  • Modern classic. Modern style, which is characterized by practical minimalism in everything, but allowing the use of bright furnishings, functional decor and original textiles, allows you to create not only harmonious, but also rational interior.Contrasting combinations in the design of furniture and in the design of surfaces make the setting more expressive and the atmosphere more inviting. This does not affect the level of functional fullness of the room in which the owners feel most comfortable.
  • Art Deco. Art Deco style implies a completely different interior solutions: from reminiscent of the classic atmosphere to the creation of stylish modern images. Attention is focused on the color palette and lighting, the use of decorative elements is strictly dosed. A special role is given to textile elements - bedspreads, bed linen and curtains, without which it is impossible to achieve the integrity of the design. Textile in soft colors with calm floral or geometric ornament is appropriate. The use of covers from textured fabrics with a pattern of geometric shapes is welcomed. Symmetrical compositions allow achieving stylistic perfection. But the furniture ensemble always remains in the center of attention, so the colors of the finish should be consonant with the shades of the furniture and advantageously emphasize all the details of the furnishings.

The best lighting option would be a chandelier, where the ceiling lamps have the simplest form, while the form of bedside lamps and table lamps already provides for the possibility of an original performance.

  • High tech. A functional high-tech with a lot of similar features with a minimalist style is also suitable for a bedroom. But if the latter denies everything superfluous, then the nano-style tends to reasonable moderation, seasoned with the latest advances in high technology. Rich design involves several levels of lighting and types of illumination. Contrast lighting is concise and playable textures through the use of matte, glossy and mirror surfaces.
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When choosing a monochrome interior, extremely simple furnishings are combined with rational level lighting. The futuristic design of furniture and lighting fixtures gives a special attraction to the quiet monochromatic design.

The existing range of styles allows you to create the most vivid, unusual and original images.

The bedroom is first of all a room of emotional unloading, a place to sleep and rest. Therefore, the interior should provide an appropriate positive attitude, calm and relax. Looking through the ideas of possible design, often listen to yourself, because your own feelings here will serve as a much better clue than the most advanced fashion trends.

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Information provided for reference purposes.For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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