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Even if you have a very small apartment in Khrushchev, you can make it as convenient and comfortable as possible for living, if you plan the functionality of the living space correctly. One of the most acceptable options for solving the difficult task of creating comfort in limited square meters is to create a bedroom-living room.

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Ways to zoning a small room

If you are the owner of only one room in 16 square meters. m. and you need to organize a bedroom-living room in this confined space, the best solution to the problem will be to use zoning - dividing the space into two separate zones. And initially it should be chosen exactly a place to sleep, it should be located away from the entrance door and it is desirable that there is a window in the bedroom area.If it is the only one in your room, then the living room area will have to be equipped with a large number of spotlights. There are several ways to organize living rooms combined with a bedroom, but the most popular ones among them are:

  • the construction of partitions;
  • installation of a screen;
  • zoning with furniture;
  • zoning with special lighting;
  • the use of different colors.

Among these methods most often use full or partial partitions. If you decide to build a solid partition, then drywall or high-quality chipboard is best for this purpose. In this case, a room in 16 squares is better divided into two equal parts of the area. If you are completely satisfied with a partial partition, then for this purpose you can successfully use all sorts of metal or plastic arched structures, screens and grids.

The next popular way to create a small bedroom-living room design is a special way of arranging furniture to create two visually separate zones. As a rule, on the border of spaces divided into two parts, a large piece of furniture is installed.It can be a wardrobe, a shelf, as well as an ottoman or sofa - anything that can serve as an improvised partition.

A more modern variant of zoning the interior space is a special way of lighting, and, more precisely, the organization of two separate types of lighting for each zone.

Brighter lighting is installed in the living room area, and in part of the room reserved for the bedroom, a source of muffled and soft light is selected. In this case, purely visually, your bedroom will remain in the shadows, and the entire emphasis will fall on the living room area. Another popular option is the division using different color solutions; for this, two primary colors are selected for each individual zone. For the design of the living room it is better to choose brighter and more saturated colors, and for the bedroom, on the contrary, soft and muted shades.

One of the original options for dividing a small room can be a partition of tall household plants, you can also arrange a hedge by setting a grid, along which to let one of the climbing plants. But the most fashionable trend in dividing a small room into two residential areas is a partition,consisting entirely of shelves that fit a lot of necessary things, such as books, dishes, household items and many other necessary household accessories.


Before embarking on the arrangement of the bedroom-living room, it is advisable to consider a detailed layout of the general interior of the room. The choice of furniture in such a room must be approached especially carefully. Since you have to make the most of your room’s space, it’s better to stick to minimalism. No matter how you like a wide and comfortable bed, it is better to refuse it, because in the bedroom, combined with the living room, it will not be too appropriate. The best option for a bed for such a room is an ottoman or folding sofa. The exceptions are rooms, divided into zones with a solid partition, then the bed can be draped with a curtain and it will not attract attention as long as your room serves you as a living room. But in any case, for a small room it is advisable to choose a compact and most functional furniture.

A good option for a 16-meter room is the installation of a large closet for clothes along one of the walls.

This will solve the problem of placing the necessary things and bedding in everyday life, in addition, a spacious wardrobe will take on the function of extra bedside tables and chest of drawers in a small room. This will allow you to leave some space in your small room free. If you do not have prejudices to large mirrors in the bedroom space, feel free to purchase a wardrobe with mirrored doors, which additionally create the illusion of space and visually make the room a little more spacious.

Design Tricks

After you have solved the problem with zoning your small room and decided on the amount of furniture you need, you should start planning the design of the future interior. When choosing an interior style that suits you, do not forget to take into account the characteristics of the room, the size and number of windows and which side of the world they are going out.

For wall design, it is better to choose warm pastel and preferably monochromatic shades that can visually expand the space of a small room.

In this case, the ideal solution for wall decor will be the choice of matte wallpaper or decorative plaster.It is also better to completely abandon unnecessary and fairly large items of decor. When choosing curtains on the windows, you should pay attention to the pattern and texture of the fabric from which they will be sewn. Do not decorate the room with textiles with a large pattern and a heavy heavy texture. The best option would be the choice of light and light fabrics, monophonic or with a barely noticeable pattern. Remember and the main rule - the choice of textiles should be consonant with the overall design and blend harmoniously with the color of the walls and furniture.

You can achieve a visual increase in space by building multi-level ceilings in your room. Equipping them with spotlights, you can strengthen the border that separates the living area from the rest area. But for a visual increase in the area allotted for the living room, you can lay a floor covering in it diagonally, it will also strengthen the boundary between the bedroom and the living room.

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Learn more about how to create an interesting design, you will learn from the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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