Design living room-bedroom area of ​​20 square meters. m

Owners of small houses and apartments for a more reasonable distribution of the area have to go to certain tricks. One of these tricks is to combine the living room and bedroom. However, this is feasible in a room of at least 20 square meters. meters Only in a room of this size can you optimally combine the living room and bedroom without losing the coziness and not overloading the room with things. Design living room-bedroom area of ​​20 square meters. m should be thoughtful.

Proper organization of space

Experienced designers claim that any room that will perform more than one function should be zoned, dividing a room into two separate zones. However, you can not neglect the style of design. Although parts of the room perform different functions, they must be combined with each other - and with the house itself.

When choosing a zoning method, of which there are a lot, it is necessary to take into account the layout, style and free space.

Conditional zoning

Conditional zoning is a play of light and shades of a room. The sleeping area is better to make out in soothing colors, and the guest - in more sharp. It is very important to combine these colors. You can choose one color, but in different shades - or play on contrasting, but matching colors.

Modern design ideas

The living room combined with the bedroom may be different. Preferring color zoning, it is important to decide which style to prefer. Designers most often resort to minimalism, loft and classic style.


This style implies a minimum of objects and a maximum of space. Minimalism can be considered as a way of life, because not everyone likes it. Most often it is used in office buildings.

Minimalism differs stingy forms. It uses straight lines and geometric proportions. The minimum of items is compensated by the maximum function. Furniture and decor items should not clutter up the room, there should be a lot of free space.Light, too, should not be in excess, but it should not be enough.

It is important to know that in minimalism one color palette is used, diluted with two contrasting colors.


This style is inherent in studios and master rooms, it is an interesting design for a bedroom-living room.

The distribution of the premises into zones is possible with the help of all kinds of partitions (the list of materials for partitions is presented below). It is important to consider that the partition in this style should not be transparent.

It is better to paint the walls in monochromatic colors, one of the walls can be left untreated (concrete or brick). If the height of the room allows, then you can bring the sleeping area to the podium, thereby separating it from the living area.

Classic style

Classic was and remains relevant. It is important to consider that the furniture should not be bulky. The decor elements are always thought out and combined. The color scheme should be calm and restrained.

However, it should be borne in mind that for small rooms have their own rules. We will have to minimize all the elegance and majesty of this style, leaving only rigor and restraint.

Color solutions

The selection of colors is very important when finishing. It is important to consider both the size of the room and the design of the house as a whole. Calm colors will look good with a pair of contrasting things. White color can visually expand the room.

It is important to take into account the style itself, because in each style, preference is given to their colors. Ideal - a combination of white, black and brown. To these should be added a pair of contrasting things that will harmonize with each other.

Conditional zoning methods

So, there are several common ways. It is their consumers who most often choose.


Zoning of the room can be done using partitions. These products are very different - both in form and in material.


The wooden partition looks very cozy and fits both classic style and loft. It can be solid, covering part of the room completely, or made in the form of shelves. This ensures a certain area of ​​visibility. The partition can be both strict in design and carved.

The disadvantages include the cost of natural wood.However, natural wood can be replaced with particleboard and MDF.


Glass partitions can be very different: there are transparent, matte, stained glass, mirror, tinted versions, products with patterns and without. Glass transmits light perfectly, so both areas of the room will seem much lighter and more spacious.

You can build an aquarium into the glass partition, which will give the room a zest.


One of the advantages of this partition - low price. This partition can be easily done by yourself. It is also possible to build in a shelf partition or an electric fireplace.

You can make an arch from drywall, which will also look very original. The square arch is suitable for minimalism, and rounded - for a classic style.


A good way to zoning is to use curtains. They can be light, translucent or heavy. When choosing curtains should take into account the overall style of the room.

The curtains most often separate the bed, as well as a small space in front of it. It is very important that the curtains can be moved apart. They can be decorated with interesting patterns or tassels.


Shelves give a lot of light, and on the shelves you can put a lot of different items, saving space. Shelves can be completely different shapes, vary in height. Options are available both up to the ceiling and in one tier. Most often, the racks are made of wood, but metal products will also look beautiful.


One of the advantages of the screen - mobility. The screen can be easily moved, and it can also serve as an element of decor. On the screen itself you can depict any drawing. Will look beautiful Chinese motifs.

Located behind the screen, the light source will create an amazing game of shadows.

Multi level floor

One of the zones (most often sleeping) can be placed on a level above the main floor. In the podium, you can build boxes, which solves the problem with storage of things. You can combine a podium and a bed that will look unusual and practical.


The furniture in the room should not be bulky, it performs its function. You do not need to install anything extra in the room.


The most important attribute of the bedroom is the bed. By the choice of such furniture should be approached wisely. To save space, you can buy a bed, built-in closet, or embed furniture in the podium.

For storage, you can use the shelves in the partition or bedside tables.It is important to consider the space of the room. In some cases, the bed will occupy the entire space of the sleeping area.

A rational solution would be to put a bed by the window. The sleeping area can be arranged in the back of the room.

Living room

An important part of the living room is a sofa. To increase the free space, it is better to choose an angular model. You can buy a fold-out sofa with a compartment under the linen.

In the living room can be a wardrobe, but its doors should not open to the outside. The ideal solution would be to buy a wardrobe or wall. If the cabinet is a mirror, then this will visually enlarge the room.

TV is best hung on the wall. If you can not, then you can put it on a cabinet or table.

A coffee table is optional, but it can also be purchased. It is best to buy a model on wheels or a transforming table, so that if necessary it can be expanded.

Decor and lighting

Zoning with light is most often used along with some other method. With the help of artificial lighting can achieve a lot, for example - put a certain emphasis.

For the bedroom, it is better to choose a spotlight - in a suspended or false ceiling.In the living room is best to hang a chandelier (in the center). It is recommended to install floor lamps and wall lamps as needed.

The original design moves are photos and paintings, illuminated by LED lamps.

Moderation is very important when creating a design. You can not clutter the room with unnecessary things. They should be the minimum number. It is necessary to seriously address the issue of additional interior items. They should be combined with each other, furniture and the room as a whole.

The ideal option would be to put a few flowers in the living area, the best - on the shelves. You can put pads on the sofa, and the walls will be beautifully decorated with paintings.

Even the smallest room can be made cozy and beautiful. The main thing is to approach this matter wisely.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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