Bedroom design with panoramic, two or three windows

If there are several windows in the bedroom or a panoramic window, this is both a great advantage and a serious design challenge. On the one hand, the bedroom should remain a private sitting area, on the other hand, it should acquire new functions. The key to success - in the proper management of the light.

Bedroom layout taking into account the types of windows

Types of windows significantly affect the distribution of light in the interior. In the long bedroom of a rectangular shape, it is easier and more convenient to divide the space into zones depending on the lighting conditions. In rooms with a side window, it is more convenient to arrange space for rest and sleep. If the window is located opposite the door, this gives additional possibilities for forming a sense of perspective, including outside the room (with the door open).And, in particular, in bedrooms with a semicircular window, you can enhance the features and effects of classical styles, such as baroque, with the help of a proper design.


Bedrooms with panoramic windows provide an opportunity to play out designer fantasy. Appropriate design options with both light tones and natural, for example, brown shades. In this case, much depends on the view from the window, since the bedroom with a panoramic window largely continues and complements the landscape composition.

For a country house is well suited design in the Scandinavian, Mediterranean style or Provence style. In the urban environment will be relevant avant-garde, hi-tech, loft. This is all the more relevant since panoramic glazing is often found in new buildings.

In old houses, the use of modern classical styles is not excluded.

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With two windows

With such a relatively rare layout, a number of important features should be considered. So, with the right approach, it is windows that can become key design touches and create the right mood for a room interior.As a rule, in rooms with two windows there is a lot of light, and they can be learned to control. In well-lit areas it is advisable to arrange, for example, a chair, coffee table, sofa. This part of the room, in particular, in the rectangular bedroom, can become a guest. Or, if you like to read, the library. Successfully fit here, especially in a long bedroom with a rough window, a rack with books. Thus, the windows would divide the room into parts. Taking into account the types of windows, a mini-living room will appear near the first, and a cabinet will appear near the second.

On the contrary, in a well-lit part of the room it is not recommended to put a bed on the right - the light will prevent good sleep. It is better to organize space for rest in the darkened part of the room. This will allow competently, effectively and with taste to use almost the entire footage. And one more thing - do not use when planning the partition, as they will prevent the spread of light. Install screens if necessary.

With three windows

In such bedrooms, you can create for yourself a real "realm of sleep", open a beautiful panoramic view. However, it is necessary to retouch and disadvantages, for example, the possible presence of drafts. In addition, windows can “absorb” a significant part of the living space.

A room with such a plan is better divided into several main zones. In the corner of the well-lit parts of the room you can organize a living room or library, put a chair or sofa, chairs, coffee table. It will be possible to read there without using artificial lighting until late evening. Near one of the windows (it is better to cover it with thick curtains) will fit into the interior of the bed.

In addition, the window sills themselves, if they are warmed and covered with appropriate material, can be turned into an additional place to rest. This mini-sofa is ideal for daytime sleep or meditation. In this case, a stylish solution would be to paint the frame in an unusual color and hang bright curtains. However, for example, in the Scandinavian interiors, frames are installed without any windowsills, which looks quite impressive, although it is not always a practical solution.


It is important not only to effectively but effectively use the space. The solution of this issue will help the stylish design of windows, the selection of a suitable color scheme. So, if the windows are small and are close to each other, it is reasonable to use curtains.When arranging windows on adjacent walls, blinds are ideal. If the windows "look" at each other, you can use drapery.

When finishing such a bedroom is better to use simple materials. Ordinary wallpaper paint. The main thing - no complicated patterns - they can disrupt the light balance. The floor and ceiling should also not be weighed down by an intricate ornament.

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As for the color range, it is, in many ways, a matter of taste, however, we should not forget that too bright colors due to an excess of light in the room can cause discomfort. It will look good pastel colors, soft colors. Cool shades or natural colors are not excluded. Some of them may even be bright, but slightly shaded.

The overall style of the room may include creative elements in the avant-garde spirit with its inherent contrast. Furniture of constructivist forms will be able to emphasize the unusual taste. Another option is a more natural and natural Mediterranean style with coarse fabric coverings. The Provence style weighted with antiques is also relevant here. You can try to use the classics: return, in particular,to baroque or rococo styles with massive partitions between windows. The Scandinavian style with its practical naturalness is not excluded.


It is best to arrange all windows in the same style. Eclecticism in such a room is the “enemy” number one. Should be similar and wallpaper, and cornices. Depending on the level of illumination (as they decrease), you should use blinds, European (French or Roman) curtains, light textiles. If the ceilings in the room are high, it is reasonable to curtain the windows with a large pattern.

The color scheme can be very diverse. The bedrooms with three windows look good in a pink and white design. If the room is located on a high floor, high-tech style with its gray-white, muted, tortoise-like shades will do. The loft style will also look beautiful. In general, minimalism is very useful here.

It will look good in the design and natural materials. The sleeping area, thus, will turn into a small cozy "cave", and the rest of the space, on the contrary, will be as saturated as possible with light.

Space Organization Tips

The main feature of a room with several windows and especially with a panoramic window is that it is almost completely visible from the outside.Consequently, one of the main objectives of the design - the preservation of comfort and privacy. Of course, you can always hide from the world with the help of curtains or blinds, but this does not negate the fundamental question of how best to orient the bed in the room.

In this regard, it should be based solely on their preferences. It is important to decide for yourself that it is more pleasant to see in the morning - landscape or interior decoration. In the first case, beds with a high headboard will do - it will be pleasant to rest on them in the afternoons.

However, if the windows are tape-shaped and located under the ceiling, the bed will be more convenient to be oriented with a headboard to them - this will protect from prying eyes and give the necessary level of daylight illumination.

We add that in case the bed and windows are separated by a sufficiently large distance, between them a chest of drawers or a fireplace will fit into the interior successfully. This not only makes the room more comfortable, but also solves the problem of privacy. In small rooms, however, thick curtains and blinds are indispensable. However, it is in the cramped bedroom that it is important that the windows let in a maximum of light. Therefore, such a room should not be “overloaded” with furniture and decor. It will look good workplace at the window.It is reasonable to install a computer desk. In this interior will fit and tabletop. The sill-table format is also suitable.

However, bedrooms with several windows or a panoramic window are an excellent field for design experiments. Even the most, at first glance, non-obvious solution here, thanks to the creative use of the possibilities of light, can be very successful.

For more bedroom design options with multiple windows, see below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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