Design bedroom area of ​​12 square meters. m

 Design bedroom area of ​​12 square meters. m

The bedroom is practically the most important room in any apartment. Still, after all, every person's body needs a dream and good rest. Comfortable bedroom and well-equipped vacation spot can contribute to maximum relaxation.

On the example of a room of 12 square meters. m take a closer look at how to create a stylish design and make the most efficient use of the room without cluttering it. As well as examples of the most successful design projects, options for finishing materials and the most successful shades for bedrooms.

Features of planning

12 square meters is not such a big space, so you need to make the most functional use of absolutely all its corners. After all, it often happens that the bedroom wants to fit not only a sleeping place, but also bedside tables, a dressing table, a couple of chairs, a chest of drawers and a TV.

In the overwhelming majority of houses, the bedrooms have a standard layout, which is a rectangular room measuring 3x4 meters. With this form of room, space demarcation can be quite successful.

It is worth noting that a huge number of people involved in the construction of country houses with their own hands prefer a similar layout to the bedrooms, since it is the most optimal, compact and relatively spacious.

Some houses, especially new buildings, have rather unusual room layouts. Therefore, a bedroom of a long or narrow shape is not so uncommon, but it can easily become a problem when it comes to repairing and delineating the space of the room.

12 square meters - the most common area of ​​a small room in a panel house or Khrushchev. Most often, this room has a slightly elongated shape, but it is not a narrow rhyme and completely leaves room for a flight of creative and designer fantasy.

It is worth noting that with proper choice of the distribution of furniture and decor, you can get a completely functional and uncluttered bedroom.

Variants of design projects

In order to prevent all the problems that may arise in the future, as well as to provide all the necessary details and details that will ensure a more comfortable existence, it is necessary to develop a competent design project that will become the basis for creating a bedroom interior.

Consider the main stages of drawing up a design project for the bedroom:

  1. The first step is to determine the size of the budget. This step is necessary because a proper distribution of finances will save and avoid unforeseen expenses;
  2. At the next stage, it is necessary to decide on the interior, style of the room and the necessary pieces of furniture. If the budget allows, you can ask for help from a competent specialist - an interior designer, but if the furnishings and renovation of the bedroom are made as part of the economy, you will have to do it on your own;
  3. Then it is necessary to make a preliminary assessment of the selected finishing materials and furniture elements.after which you need to compare the amount received with the budget. If funds remain, you can send them to additional decor, and if the amount goes beyond the set limits, you must either push them or reduce costs;
  4. After all these steps, there is a period of finishing the room: redecoration or overhaul, assembly and placement of furniture in accordance with the design idea, as well as minor adjustment of the location of some parts, which can be made if necessary, but is not mandatory.

Let's take a closer look at the examples of design projects of the most successful and stylish bedrooms of the corresponding footage.

For narrow

A bright bedroom with a large double bed located in a narrow twelve meter room looks very stylish. The bed is located in the center of the room, and there is a mounted TV on the opposite wall.

Lack of a curbstone or stand significantly saves space.

In the corner of the room you can place an unusual chair in the form of a rose bud,and the light interior is complemented by dark curtains of thick material.

Narrow bedroom can be more functional. For example, if you choose a not very wide one-and-a-half bed, in the corner near it a small narrow stand will fit quite well. And the hinged shelves located above the sleeping area are equipped with lamps and thus the problem of additional lighting is solved.

Almost all walls and furniture should constitute the basic color palette of the interior, for example, white. Therefore, the wall behind the bed, decorated with bright wall murals will help to slightly dilute the situation.

The interior can also be supplemented with a fluffy carpet, a small pedestal in the form of a wooden chest and decorative trinkets placed in the window sill area.

3x4 meters

Very stylish bedroom design with standard footage in warm brown tones. The large bed is located in the center of the room, and a small wall in white-brown color scheme is built into the opposite wall.

On both sides of the bed are small bedside tables, in color gamity echoing the wall. And on the curbstones stylish lamps with elegant lampshades flaunt.In the area near the window there is a small, cozy armchair, and on the wall above the bed, two paintings depicting landscapes of Japanese cities are fitted to the interior.

The predominance of dark edemas in the interior is more than offset by the presence of a large number of light details.

Very stylish modern design of a 12 meter bedroom will please even the most capricious inhabitants of the apartment. The interior is decorated as in the previous example in brown colors. Different shades are chosen very well, so that the bedroom looks very harmonious.

In this planning there are several interesting points:

  1. The window and the door are located opposite each other in the area of ​​the walls with a smaller square footage. Therefore, the bed is located in the central part of the perpendicular wall. This layout allows you to complement the sleeping element with two tall cabinets on the sides and a hanging shelf between them, in the lower part of which small lighting elements are embedded.
  2. In the left part near the door is a high dresser., which will become a functional part of the interior and is perfect for storing underwear and bed linen.On the dresser is a small lamp, which is one of the elements of additional lighting.
  3. In addition, the interior is complemented by a fashionable unusual chandelier., dark brown roman blinds and a stylish picture located in the area between the shelf and the headboard.

And as an additional decor bed complements the golden-brown fleece blanket.

How to make the walls, floor and ceiling?

Not only the choice of furniture is an important part of bedroom furnishing, but also the design of the interior itself. In some cases, incorrectly and thoughtlessly selected finishing materials can ruin and visually reduce even the largest space.

But certain color schemes and some life hacking will help not only to decorate the interior stylishly, but also to visually increase the small space of the 12-meter room.


Stretch ceiling

Of course, glossy stretch ceilings can play a significant role in increasing the space, but not everyone likes the way they look. It is much more pleasant to look at the matte ceiling covering, so in order to avoid space being eaten by the construction of the structure, it is better not to resort tosimilar to the design of the ceiling, and stop at painting, whitewashing or labeling special panels.

Painted ceiling

For whitewashing and painting it is worth choosing the highest quality materials to avoid cracking and sprinkling materials in the near future. In addition, you can resort to the design of the ceiling with special finishing plaster, creating a textured surface.

Multi-level ceiling

One of lifehacks, which will help to visually increase the height of the room: around the perimeter of the room, you can create a small niche with built-in lights, thanks to which the central part will appear slightly higher.

It should be noted that the niche may differ from the main part of the ceiling. But it is better to stick to the light color palette and opt for white or pearl shades.


Visually increase the area of ​​the room will help light walls, but this does not mean that the interior should be of the same type and boring. You can choose color combinations in such a way that the room will sparkle with new colors, and with the addition of various decorative elements and prints the bedroom will be not just spacious, but also very comfortable.


For example, a light vertical strip is the best helper in increasing the space, but you shouldn’t decorate absolutely all the walls of a room in this way, because it will look too colorful and quickly get bored.

It is enough to paste over two opposite walls with striped wallpaper or one that will be the central part of the interior.

Flower prints

Various floral prints, oriental patterns and simply openwork ornaments are welcome, which should be placed on the same principle, since the abuse of decorative trim can negatively affect not only the visual perception of the space, but also the stylistic picture of the bedroom as a whole.


High-quality non-woven, vinyl or fabric wallpapers are perfect for wall decoration. It is better to choose a meter canvas - so the walls will look more holistic, and their pasting will take much less time.


For the decor of the floor is better to choose neutral shades., but not too dark, because of which the space will seem smaller, but also not light, because because of them the floor will unduly stand out from the rest of the interior.

It is best to choose a monochrome finishing materialsSince prints and drawings will not only be inappropriate, but also visually “eat up” some of the space. A monochromatic color scheme makes the floor neutral and does not focus on it.

As for the flooring itself, its choice should be made on the basis of personal preferences:

  • Parquet able to serve for many years. Parquet is considered quite durable and wear-resistant, but requires special handling,
  • Laminate - the most economical option, although unpretentious in the care, still quite quickly loses its original appearance.

In addition, to ensure greater comfort, you can equip the floor not only with a warming pad, but also with special electric mats.heating the flooring, which will serve to maintain a more comfortable atmosphere in the bedroom and make it warmer.

How to equip?

There will be no problems with arranging a bed in a 12-meter room, but this can be done if it is necessary to equip a room not only with a bed, but also with a working space.

Let us consider in more detail some examples and life hacking of compact placement of furniture and the most functional use of space:

For example, to equip a bedroom-office, it is not necessary to have a room with a large area. You can use the folding bed option - a small sofa, as well as a smaller bed.

In this case, the room will remain additional space, which is quite suitable for the desktop.

In addition, a sill can also be used as a desktop, the surface of which can be slightly lengthened if necessary. With this use of the window of the room most of the space remains free.

To create more space for work, you can use such furniture attribute as a loft bed. The model is a berth located almost under the ceiling and fixed on special strong columns and racks.

In the area under such a bed can be equipped with a very spacious workplace, equipping it with a large corner table.

​​A room with a loggia and a balcony provides much more opportunities for maximum useIn addition, there is the possibility of increasing the space by several square meters.

For example, the insulation of balcony glazing and the destruction of the partition between the space of a loggia or a balcony and a room will make the room longer, thereby creating additional space for working space.

In addition, it is not necessary to completely demolish the entire partition, it is enough to remove the window and the balcony door. The rest of the wall can be decorated with a wide tabletop, having built a quite comfortable workplace there.

And the rest of the balcony space can be used to store various personal items.

It should be noted that the decor of the bedroom should have to relax and not only physical rest, but also emotional relaxation. To do this, the room should not be cluttered with a huge amount of massive furniture - you should use compact models of everything you need.

Color solutions

The color scheme of the bedroom is perhaps one of the most important aspects of the visual perception of the room as a whole. As already said the design of the room should have a comfortable resttherefore, the use of overly bright shades and vulgar color combinations is not welcome.

But the room also should not be too pale and faded.Since a large amount of light cold shades deprives him of coziness and a sense of comfort - the bedroom will look, though spacious, but still very cold.

Red color

Red color when used excessively, it is completely unsuitable for a sleeping room, so avoid using a large amount of this shade. But in small doses, it is quite appropriate. For example, as a decor of one of the walls (but no more), and also as an addition to the interior with various decorative objects - blankets, pillows, decorative figurines and vases.

It is worth noting that for the bedroom the most successful color combination with a red tint can be white.

Green bedroom When choosing a classic bright shade, this may seem like wildness, and it is not surprising - hardly bright herbal tones can inspire a feeling of peace and create a comfortable atmosphere for relaxation and rest.

But the interiors in light mint colors look quite beautiful and well as bedrooms with a predominance of soft olive hue. Calm soft colors will create a feeling of comfort and will not affect the visual perception of the area of ​​space.

But as with the red color, it is worth avoiding the excessive use of the elements of these tones and limit only to the decoration of certain parts of the interior.

In addition, for the decoration of the bedroom are perfect shades of yellow, pink and blue colors. A combination of beige and brown is almost a classic for the decor of this room.


It is noteworthy that the color design of the room can be part of one of the various stylistic decisions. Let us consider in more detail which styles are most popular for decorating bedrooms, what each of them is typical for and due to what some have special popularity:

  • Country For a bedroom in this style is characterized by the predominance of light green shades, thanks to which the room looks very fresh and spacious. This style is also characterized by all sorts of floral prints, paintings with natural landscapes and bright embroidery.
  • Provence. This style is a kind of French Country, because its origins come from distant villages located in the south of France. The style is characterized by soft lilac and lavender shades, the predominance of light colors and light floral patterns.
  • Rustic. Something in common with the two styles described above has a rustic style, the main characteristic of which is the prevailing presence of wood elements - basically, it is the decor of the walls. The style is characterized by light shades, floral prints and the use of dried flowers as a decor.
  • Vintage. For the bedrooms in the vintage style are characterized by such features as lightness and elegance. Beds with an openwork metal frame, furniture with traces of scuffs and aged effect, as well as a large predominance of light shades: ashen, pearl, ivory, pale pink and a touch of champagne.
  • Romantic. Making a bedroom in this style may require a wider flight of fantasy, since both the light version and the dark room with gray walls can look beautiful. This style is characterized by unobtrusive floral prints,feminine elements, leather headboards.
  • Classical. For this style, the characteristic features are luxury and wealth. Soft velvet fabrics, silk bedding and velor upholstery of pillows are used mainly. And the interior is dominated by golden decorative elements, complemented by crystal figurines.
  • Pop Art. This style is more fashionable and modern of all, since its main features were inspired by various newfangled trends. Large posters with a large image of women's faces, drawings in the form of enlarged berries and fruits, neutral furniture and accessories of bright colors are the main components of this style.


Lighting in the bedroom is an important part, because it is not only a sleep area, but also a rest in a horizontal position. A classic ceiling light may simply not be enough, and small lamps do not have such a power that would allow them to light up the entire room on their own.

Let us consider in more detail all the existing options for lighting bedrooms, what good are the most successful of them and how to make the lighting yourself.

Central lighting

Of course, central ceiling lighting is necessary, since it cannot be replaced with other lighting fixtures. It is carried out from the center of the room and spreads throughout its area.

As a rule, when building a house, this type of lighting is held in each room, so you don’t have to do it yourself. It is enough to choose a beautiful chandelier, suitable for the interior and securely fix it to the ceiling.

If you want to equip the bedroom wall sconces, not connected to electrical outlets, and working from the switch, you will have to draw additional lines with your own hands.

Additional lighting

It is better to do additional wiring before repair, as undecorated walls are quite suitable for hiding wires in specially cracked channels. Otherwise, you will have to buy a special box for the wires or hide them in the holes in the baseboard.

Additional lighting in the form of small sconces can be placed on the sides of the bed, for convenience, equipping them with a switch-chain. Small floor lamps and lamps standing on bedside tables are also placed in this way.All these elements of lighting will be indispensable for those who like to read before bedtime.

Decor, textiles and accessories

In addition to finishing work and the choice of furniture, the bedroom must be supplemented with all sorts of accessories and decorative elements. After all, the interior of a single room can not do without stylish trifles, giving it more comfort.

Various statuettes and vases of different sizes serve as decor. It is not necessary to keep fresh flowers in a vase, you can decorate the object with a beautiful artificial bouquet.

Excellent interior decor are paintings., the images on which are able to create indoors as a more sunny and lighter atmosphere, as well as heavy and negative, leading to the waste of its own energy.

It should be careful to choose a picture and be afraid of such gifts.

Of course, no bedroom can do without textile accompaniment - these are curtains, a bedspread and bed linen. Bedspread and curtains should match the interior, but bed linen should be selected on the basis of personal preference.

Special attention should be paid to curtains: they must be dense, made of heavy fabric that does not let in light,since the body needs rest and it needs full recovery, and the light of the lanterns can negatively affect the sleep process.

As accessories for curtains, you can pick up special ties from materials or on a magnetic basis.

Real stylish ideas in the interior

  • Simple but very stylish design of the bedroom in the style of Provence. The wall behind the bed is decorated with photowall-paper with a bright print, and the elegant furniture together with the decorative elements are matched in white, which makes the room more spacious and bright.
  • Very beautiful bedroom looks in blue tones. White furniture, wallpaper with an unobtrusive print in a classic style, elegant curtains and a beautiful blue cover give the room a truly luxurious look.
  • Bright bedroom, the predominant shade of the interior of which is a beige-pinkish tint, will appeal to both men and women.
  • A practical bedroom in an elongated 12-meter room is characterized by the presence of vertical suspended shelves. Above the door there is a small niche that solves the issue of additional storage space.
Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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