Bedroom wall design

 Bedroom wall design

In the bedroom, everything should be perfect, from beautiful furniture to attractive wall decorations. Before modern consumers there is a large assortment of finishing materials of different colors and textures. You can choose a decent option for placing any area and layout. It is worth considering in more detail how to create the design of the walls in the bedroom.

Features of planning

Wall decoration should be selected in accordance with the location and layout of the bedroom. The personal preferences of the owners play an important role.

Recently, a design solution such as an accent wall has become very popular. With its help, you can not only add an interesting zest to the interior and emphasize individuality, but also highlight certain areas of the room.

Most often the accented wall is made out for a sleeping place.So you can select a recreation area. It can be an elegant wall, pasted over with light wallpaper with a contrasting pattern of black color - surrounded by beige monochromatic walls.

Often, natural materials are chosen to finish the accent wall. These can be panels of valuable wood species of different shades. Similar details in the interior of the bedroom look "expensive" and original. However, it should be borne in mind that most wood panels require regular maintenance. They must be treated with special substances and impregnations that protect the natural material from drying out, fading, cracking and reproduction of harmful microorganisms.

Particularly relevant accent walls in a studio apartment, devoid of partitions that divide rooms. In order to isolate the sleeping area in such conditions, various screens, mobile partitions, and bright accent walls are often used. As a rule, such a surface remains empty or is decorated with a pair of paintings over the head of the bed (if it is located behind a bed).

If the accent wall in the bedroom is decorated with bright materials with contrasting prints, it should not be weighed down with a large number of decorative elements. They simply "dissolve" on such a background and lose all meaning.

Walls with windows can be designed in different ways. Today it is very popular and common to decorate such surfaces with dark materials. Against the windows, dark wallpaper or plaster does not look gloomy or boring, as they are surrounded by natural light. Particular attention should be paid to the curtains on the windows in the bedroom. If the window openings are located on the same wall, between them there is a small distance, then you can turn to light and simple curtains, devoid of any decorative elements.

It is recommended to choose not too transparent, but not very dense options.

Often the windows in the bedroom are located on the area of ​​adjacent walls. They should be decorated with air curtains, unobtrusive blinds, as well as fashionable roller or Japanese curtains.

In rooms with two windows on different walls, a dark finish will look especially impressive and stylish. As a rule, such an arrangement of window openings is typical for spacious rooms. Two windows on different walls can be decorated with light translucent curtains that do not weigh down the interior.

In private homes, bedrooms often have a loft or attic. The result is an interesting and cozy bedroom with a sloping wall.Such spaces are not recommended to be made in dark colors, as in this case they look cramped.

Do not be afraid of the visual effect of the "eaten" area of ​​a room with a sloping wall. If you choose a light wall decoration and correctly select and arrange the furniture, the room will not seem too small.

Properly selected finishing materials of suitable colors can transform and decorate the rooms of any shape and layout. It can be a cozy space in a city apartment or in a wooden country house.

Color selection

The interior of the bedroom depends on the color of the walls:

  • Dark walls in bedrooms are very popular today. Many people are afraid of such palettes because of their gloom and depth. However, one should not beware of dark colors, as their depressiveness is easily diluted with bright accents in the interior, contrasting furniture and exquisite glossy surfaces. Do not forget about sufficient lighting in such a bedroom. As a rule, lighting devices of several levels are placed against the dark walls. These can be ceiling, built-in, table and spotlights. Do not choose a dark wall decoration if there is little natural light entering the room.It should be abandoned altogether if the bedroom is deaf and there are no windows in it at all.

It is not recommended to apply to such a finish if the bedroom has small sizes. Dark walls will visually reduce the space. Such a design solution is suitable only for spacious rooms of a large area.

  • Slightly easier, the situation is with the light finish of the walls. This design looks harmonious in both spacious and small rooms. However, the interior can get too boring and unfinished, if it is not decorated with bright accents, decor and accessories.
  • The trend of recent years are the bedrooms in which there are light beige or white walls and contrasting furniture black, dark blue or dark brown tones. Such contrasting interiors look interesting and fashionable.
  • Ideal for decorating the walls in the bedroom natural green, olive or pistachio hues. Such colors have a positive effect on the emotional state of a person and his mood. Walls of such colors will facilitate fast and easy falling asleep, as well as proper rest and healthy sleep.

On the background of green walls, furniture made of different materials looks attractive. It can be expensive natural wood, light plastic or metal. With the help of soothing natural colors, it is possible to create interiors of various styles - from classic to high-tech.

  • Beautifully in the bedroom will look gray walls. However, if you do not beat this neutral color with rich details, then the interior can turn out to be dull and boring.

Gray is in harmony with many shades. They can be neutral, pastel or contrast.

  • Turquoise color is very popular lately. It is rich in shades. Turquoise bedroom will look bright and original. This design is ideal not only for a youth room, but also for a bedroom belonging to people of more mature age.
  • Turquoise looks great in combination with chocolate, dark brown, white and pale blue flowers. In the room, decorated with soft turquoise, you can place an accent wall, decorated with a more saturated wallpaper with a small white geometric print. Against such a background a cozy double bed with a white headboard, chocolate pillows and a brown-turquoise rug will find its place.
  • For the walls in the bedroom will suit blue. It also promotes easy sleep and a beneficial effect on the human psyche. Most often, blue colors are diluted with refreshing whites, which results in a very pleasant and “airy” tandem.

It is not recommended to refer to such wall decoration for a room located on the north side.

  • The bedroom with walls decorated with “sweet” pink color will look beautiful and original. In one room, several shades of pink can be present at once - from saturated to pale. They can be diluted with purple, classic white or beige color so that the interior does not resemble a dollhouse.

It is not recommended to finish the bedroom with bright pink colors. Such a design will annoy and interfere with fast falling asleep - especially if it is located opposite the bed.

  • To decorate the walls in the bedroom is ideal for a warm peach color. On its background will look harmoniously interior objects of both pastel and contrasting dark tones. This design looks particularly impressive in rooms with good naturallighting.

The peach tones are fashionable to turn to for the decoration of the room, located on the north side. So the room will get more "warm".

Finishing options

For the decoration of the walls in the bedroom, you can use a variety of materials. Modern manufacturers offer a large number of different options by which living quarters are literally transformed, becoming harmonious and stylish.

Consider the main ones:

  • A popular finishing material is decorative plaster.. In the building stores you can find similar tools in various colors. Many consumers opt for such a finish, as it is durable, durable and does not require special care.
  • Suitable for wall decoration special tiles. However, this material is most often addressed to design accent walls. The tile can be monophonic or decorated with interesting prints. The bedroom can be finished with such materials as a glossy or with a matte surface.
  • If you want to create in the bedroom an original and trendy interior, then you should take a closer look at the wall decoration with moldings. These parts are primarily decorative additions.With their help, you can create a truly unique and cozy interior. Moldings often cover various defects of the walls. Experts do not recommend the use of these decorative finishing materials in rooms with low ceilings. If you do decide to supplement the decor with such materials, then you should purchase narrow versions, the color of which coincides with the ceiling.

Moldings should be in harmony with the interior of the bedroom. In a setting filled with pretentious furniture and complemented by luxurious stucco, this decoration will look inharmonious and ridiculous.

In the bedroom it will be interesting to look soft wall. For this, special panels with different upholstery are most often used:

  • Leather. Soft wall panels with leather trim look luxurious and attractive, but they are expensive. Such details look especially harmonious on the background of plain wallpaper or decorative plaster.
  • Leatherette Replacement skin panels are cheaper. With their help, you can create a very beautiful interior. This surface is easily cleaned from dust and dirt - with the help of the usual soap solution and a damp cloth.
  • Fabric Universal are wall panels with textile upholstery. With their help, you can hide many of the shortcomings of the walls. Such interior items are cheaper than their leather counterparts, but they look less bright and luxurious.

As a rule, soft elements are used to design the space above the head of the bed or to finish the accent wall.

  • Not so long ago, beautiful stretch walls became popular. Many companies today offer interesting options with photo printing. Plots can be very different, from harmonious natural landscapes to urban panoramas.


The following materials are perfect for finishing the walls in the bedroom:

  • Tree. This design of the walls in the bedroom will create an incredibly comfortable and attractive interior, the presence in which will bring only positive emotions. With the help of wood, you can trim one of the walls (accent) or arrange in this way all the available space. To do this, you can use a popular and inexpensive lining or uncut board. These materials look beautiful in residential premises, but they should be regularly treated with special impregnations - however, like any other panels with a wooden base.
  • Drywall This material is very popular because of its low cost and ease of use. Drywall without any effort to any treatments. It can be painted, finished with wood panels, installed on its sheets built-in lighting.
  • Another popular and attractive material is decorative stone. It is fireproof and has excellent performance characteristics. The stone on the walls will not require special care from the owners. Dust and dirt from its surface is erased with a normal damp cloth. Installation of a decorative stone can be carried out independently.
  • Bamboo. This material is often used in the decoration of residential premises. Interesting bamboo wallpapers with a unique texture are especially popular lately. Similar webs are made from the outer or inner part of the bamboo trunk.

Do not think that this finish is presented exclusively in natural brown and cream tones. Modern manufacturers offer luxurious bamboo wallpapers of various shades - from classic to bright and rich.


Today, the walls in the bedrooms are decorated in various ways:

  • One of the most popular decorative elements are paintings.. Designers and psychologists recommend decorating cozy rooms with images of flowers, natural landscapes, urban panoramas or good love scenes.

Do not hang pictures on the walls of the bedroom, the plot of which is sad, dull and depressive. Such elements will have a negative impact on the mood of the owners.

  • Decorative stencil patterns are very popular. The most popular images are sakura, roses and butterflies. As a rule, these compositions are distinguished by contrasting colors that stand out against the main background.
  • An attractive fresco will look attractive in the bedroom. Similar decorative elements can have different sizes. Some murals are small and occupy a small section of the wall, while others are located on the entire surface of one of the walls.
  • In youth interiors, various murals and inscriptions on the walls look harmonious. These additions may differ in bright and flashy colors. With the help of such elements you can refresh the interior and emphasize its individuality.
  • You can make a truly luxurious room with elegant stucco on the walls. This decor looks especially harmonious in the rococo, baroque or classic style. However, you should not overload the walls in the bedroom with a large number of stucco compositions, so that as a result the interior does not turn out to be too elaborate.
  • Complement the interior of the bedroom photos with different frames. They can be not only wall, but also desktop. Depending on the color scheme of the interior, you should choose color or black and white photos.

Interesting design ideas

So, here is a beautiful design decoration of several bedrooms:

  • A white bed with a carved high headboard can be placed in the purple bedroom against the background of an accent brown-white wall. The floor in such a room should be finished with light laminate, and the multi-level ceiling - with white plaster. Complete the interior with a white fitted wardrobe, an elegant dressing table, purple linens, floor carpet with patterned lines and white bedside tables.
  • Against the background of a window with translucent white curtains, you can put a white bed with bed linen, decorated with contrasting patterns. Decorate the floor with a pale brown or gray laminate, and glue the walls with geometric wallpaper prints. On the floor you can lay a fleecy carpet, and a white chest of drawers with black lamps, a black and white elegant chair and two low bedside tables next to the bed.
  • A dark brown bed with red pillows should be placed in a white bedroom against a red accent wall with a black and white picture. Complement the interior with a high dark wardrobe with mirrored doors, a dark brown chest of drawers with red vases and a fluffy cream carpet on a dairy floor tile.


Modern buyers are pleased with the range of finishing materials for the walls. The most popular are wallpaper, wood panels and decorative plaster. People note the simplicity of working with these materials and their attractive appearance.

Many apartment and house owners decorate the walls in the bedrooms with paintings and photographs. Not everyone likes frescoes and stencil drawings, as they require sufficient free time to be applied to walls.

Disappointed consumers high cost of decoration from natural materials.However, those who decided to turn to such materials never regretted the money spent on them. Natural finish looks luxurious and serves a very long time.

To learn how to decorate the walls with decorative plaster, see the video below.

Information provided for reference purposes.For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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