Design a beautiful bedroom in a private house

 Design a beautiful bedroom in a private house

The bedroom is not just one of the rooms of the dwelling. It should be not only beautiful, but also as comfortable as possible. An interesting and attractive interior can be made up in any conditions, be it a large luxury apartment or a summer house of a modest area. Today we will talk about how to create a harmonious bedroom in a private house.

Bedroom location

In a private house you can create an incredibly comfortable and attractive bedroom interior. However, before proceeding to the selection of suitable finishes and furniture, it is necessary to determine the location of the room. There are several options for the location of the sleeping area in a private house.

Let's take a closer look at all possible variations:

  • If the house is a two-story, then the bedroom can be equipped on the second floor. Such an arrangement is the best option, since the second floor is always warmer. A room in such a territory will be located away from extraneous sounds and noise, which will ensure complete and healthy rest and sleep.
  • Another good place for a bedroom can be an attic. Today, this layout is very popular. But it should be borne in mind that a cozy and comfortable room will turn out to be located exclusively in the conditions of a quality insulated room. Many owners of country houses and summer houses are faced with the problem of a pitched roof in the attic. Visually, it will “eat up” some of the available space, making it more compact. You can solve this problem by referring to the appropriate decoration and decor of the bedroom. If you correctly approach the arrangement of interior items, then the sloping roof will go to the background and will not create problems.
  • If the building has only one floor, then it is recommended to equip the bedroom in a separate area in the southwestern part of the house. Such an arrangement is good because it will be warmer in this part of the building and more natural light will penetrate into it.


The interior of the bedroom will be complete and harmonious, if you decide in advance how you want to use the finished space.

If you correctly approach the arrangement of zones in the bedroom, as a result, you can get a multifunctional and comfortable environment.

If you need a room solely for sleeping, then the question of room zoning can not be addressed. It is enough to find the optimal place for a bed and bedside tables. Not every person can afford such a simple design solution. Often, a bedroom is used not only for sleeping, but also for storing various things, placing a dressing area and a dressing table. In the bedroom you can not only relax, but also work and even receive guests. You should not think that all the zones listed will closely contact each other, making the room uncomfortable and congested.

Let us consider in detail each of the zones, which can be placed in the bedroom of a private house:

  • The easiest is to sleep and rest. As a rule, it is indicated by a cozy bed and bedside tables.
  • In the bedroom you can equip the storage area of ​​various items and things. To do this, you can choose a suitable dressing room or a spacious wardrobe with a rich inner filling. However, it will be possible to equip such a functional area only if square meters of the room allow it.
  • If you work at home or just take home work often, you should equip a small work area in the bedroom (in other words, a study).

Zones can be zoned in several ways:

  • For this fit the appropriate finishing materials. So, combining with each other different coatings and textures, you can identify individual areas in the room. For example, to highlight a sleeping area, you should turn to wallpaper, and a dressing room with wardrobes and a dressing table to separate the decorative plaster. Of course, this concerns not only wall coverings. Zoning can also be done by picking up different floor materials or turning to a beautiful multi-level ceiling.
  • It is possible to divide functional zones with the help of different colors. Most often, the bed is made in calm and neutral tones that do not interfere with fast falling asleep.Separate the study can be using more saturated colors that stimulate brain activity and increase efficiency. Natural or deep colors are ideal for a recreation area, with which you can create an intimate and relaxing atmosphere.
  • In the bedroom will look harmoniously partitions of a suitable style. Today, in furniture stores you can find a huge variety of such details of zoning, therefore, it is possible to find a decent option for the interior in any way, from classic to rustic country. It can be mobile installations on wheels, beautiful screens, light curtains or portable glass floors. Experts recommend turning to lighter and airy structures, since they will not “break” the space, fully performing their main function. The most successful are portable versions of low weight. They can be moved to another place at any time, if required.
  • Zoning can be done using furniture. For example, you can separate a plot for rest and relaxation with the help of a beautiful corner sofa, turned back to the neighboring area.If we are talking about a dressing room, then it should be separated with a high wardrobe.

Separating the functional areas in the bedroom, do not forget that each of them should have an optimal size. Too small areas may not fit all the necessary details, and the zone will be incomplete.

The choice of colors

The design of a harmonious bedroom depends on the color design of the room. Modern consumers face a huge choice of finishing materials of different shades: from neutral to variegated. Stopping the choice on one or another color, it is necessary, first of all, to rely on personal preferences. The color should not only look beautiful in the interior, but also like the owners of the house.

Should take into account the style of the interior and the location of the bedroom. For dimly lit spaces it is better to choose softer and warmer tones. These include the classic beige, “sweet” pink and delicate peach color. In no case do not make out a dark room with dark colors, as this can create a depressive atmosphere in the bedroom.

For the primary colors of the bedroom is not recommended to choose too bright and catchy colors, as they will interfere with the rapid sleep.

However, if you nevertheless decided on such a design, then it should be diluted with more neutral and quiet details (decor, bedding, curtains and accessories).

Finishing and repair

For decoration of a cozy bedroom in a private house, you can use a variety of finishing materials. Installation of many of them is quite simple and you can do it yourself. Let us consider in more detail the most common and attractive finishing options.


Most often, wallpaper, decorative plaster and various wood panels (wall paneling, blockhouse, etc.) are used to decorate the walls in a private house. For finishing rooms in a private house, it is recommended to choose only high-quality, expensive wallpapers that will last a long time and will not move away from the walls. Today in the shops you can meet not only monochromatic, but also bright canvas with contrasting prints. The choice of the ideal option depends on the style of the interior and your taste preferences.

Such durable and beautiful are such wood panels as wall paneling, eurolining or blockhouse. Such materials are durable, but they should be treated with special protective impregnations from time to time.If this is not done, the decoration may lose its visual appeal and acquire woody parasites.

Slightly easier, the situation is in homes of rounded timber. For such bedrooms, you can not buy more wall decoration materials, as the bar itself looks very impressive and cozy.

But, like any wood raw material, rounded logs must be lubricated with special compounds that protect them from drying out and parasites.


On the floor in the bedroom you can lay:

  • laminate imitating natural wood;
  • beautiful floorboard;
  • interesting cork coating;
  • soft carpet;
  • natural boards from various breeds of a tree.


In the bedroom will look spectacular ceiling, decorated with clapboard. However, we must not forget that such material will require regular maintenance. Beautiful facing tiles for the ceiling are very popular. They can be made of artificial materials or precious woods. The second option, of course, will cost much more, but it will last longer and will look richer. Suitable for ceiling and multilayer plywood.

Many designers advise to add a ceiling in the private house. This material is a kind of ceiling plinth. It is recommended to choose contrasting options that attract attention. In the conditions of a spacious bedroom you can use luxurious false beams. A small room such details will be heavy and close.

Interior decoration

A beautiful and harmonious interior can be composed in a room of any size. If your bedroom is small, then do not be upset. Such rooms are considered the most cozy and comfortable, as they have no place for excessive noise, loud sounds and bustle.

The problem of small areas is the impossibility of placing several functional zones in them at once. As a rule, in such territories only the most necessary things find space: a bed, bedside tables and a wardrobe. The work area and dressing room in them will hardly fit. For such rooms it is recommended to choose light and non-massive furniture. Things of dark tones should also be avoided, as they can visually reduce space and make it uncomfortable.

In a large bedroom you can place not only a bed and bedside tables, but also a dressing room, a dressing table with a high mirror, armchairs, banquettes and a desk.


Here are some nuances when planning a design:

  • The most important thing in the bedroom is, of course, the bed. Choosing this detail, you must take into account the fact that you will select all other interior items on the basis of its design.
  • Do not forget about the bedside tables. Without these elements, upholstered furniture will look dull and monotonous.
  • A very useful item in the bedroom will be a dressing table. This item is especially necessary for the fair sex.
  • If there is a working area in the room, then it should be filled with a neat table and a couple of chairs. To store folders, magazines and papers, you need to choose a suitable rack or bookcase.
  • It is recommended to choose built-in furniture for clothes storage. Such designs do not take up much space.
  • Today, many owners of spacious private houses have a small guest corner in the bedrooms: put in a sofa and a coffee table. Such interiors look attractive only in large rooms.

Lighting and textiles

The choice of lighting depends largely on the style of the interior. For example, in a classic setting, built-in lights will not look very organic. Instead, you can buy elegant floor lamps or elegant sconces. Do not forget about natural light. If the room is made in dark colors, then you should not close the windows with heavy and thick curtains, otherwise the atmosphere in the bedroom will be too gloomy.

In the bedroom there are several areas that need to be equipped with local lighting: bedside tables, dressing table, gardeobnaya or closet.

Textile elements should be chosen in accordance with the style and color of the bedroom. Curtains and bedding can be either plain or supplemented with interesting prints. The second option should be addressed if the room is made in calm and neutral colors. Colorful drawings on the background of bright finishes will look flashy and colorful that for the bedroom would be superfluous.

We place accents

The role of bright accents in the interior of the bedroom can perform curtains, bedding, pillows and decorative elements.So, you can decorate a bright bedroom with a white bed with bright purple pillows, a rug and curtains.

If we are talking about a bedroom in a spacious attic with dark walls, then it can be diluted with bright red bedding on a white bed, a red seat on a chair or chair, and scarlet decorative vases on bedside tables.

And you can complete the interior of a bright bedroom with dark furniture with bright textiles of different colors, original mirrors and vases, as well as interesting floor lamps on metal stands.

Such elements will not be evident, but they can effectively dilute the interior and give it a complete look.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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