Purple bedroom

 Purple bedroom

The modern interior of the bedroom is different from that which was a few years ago. Today, the center of attention is the bright and saturated colors of the color palette, uplifting the mood and giving the atmosphere home comfort. One of the unusual and controversial design decisions is the purple bedroom. This color scheme is unique and has its own characteristics.

Features and color value

Violet color in the interior is a complex phenomenon, but very beautiful. The shade is unique in itself, because it consists of two strong colors: blue and red. He has a unique energy and is full of harmony of contradictions.This is a discreet force, hidden fire, royal color, which at one time was popular among the royal nobility and clergy.

Violet is considered magical, it is given special importance, believing that it is able to influence people. No wonder he is loved by the people of different countries, is found even in fairy tales and fantasy. The hue speaks of the secrecy of the feelings of nature, in whose soul emotions are raging. The purple color of the bedroom is filled with passion, power and testifies to the creative nature of the person. At the same time, it is considered the color of relaxation, it has a calming and relaxing effect.

Purple color is unique in that it fits perfectly into the style of women's, children's and even men's bedrooms. In fact, his palette is much wider: due to its duality, it can be different, which is created by the concentration of red or blue tones. For example, the predominance of blue speaks of the male beginning and adds to the style a feeling of coolness. Gentle diluted shade with pink full of romance and sensuality. Bright lilac color fills the interior with spring freshness and gives joyful emotions.

Since the shade is rather contradictory, it has several features:

  • Purple color is ideal for bedrooms for children and adults.however, it does not suit older people at all (in this case, instead of being in a good mood, it brings sadness and depression).
  • The mood of the design changes depending on the color saturation.: the space expands or shrinks, the room illumination changes.
  • Purple stimulates the development of creative potential, helps to tune in the desired mode (the effect depends on the selected tone).
  • Accuracy of the chosen shade is required, otherwise the atmosphere may become depressing.. For a good mood you need light shades. If there is a lot of blue in the tone, the room risks becoming unloved in the house.
  • This bedroom color is selected for a specific person. (you can not copy the design you like without adaptation, because the temperament is different for everyone).

Styles and shades

Purple color is multifaceted. Its types include the following shades:

  • lavender;
  • purple
  • lilac (from dark to light);
  • fuchsia color;
  • plum;
  • violet;
  • eggplant tint;
  • with pronounced red;
  • cold violet blue;
  • diluted with white.

Each tone can vary in different degrees of intensity. All shades of violet combines the following: whatever they are in degree of intensity, there is no aggression in them, since the main color does not contain a sharp subtone. Any shade is aristocratic and noble.

Violet color is so unique that it fits literally into any style of interior - from minimalism and modern to luxury and glamor. Whatever the room, spacious or small, knowing the tricks of creative designers, you can make it bright and light, make a positive attitude and create an atmosphere of comfort.

The style of the violet bedroom is diverse (depending on the chosen interior and idea): it can be classic, high-tech, art deco, neo-baroque, Arabic motif. It is important not only to show the uniqueness and unusual color, but also to convey the idea of ​​design through it.

One of the advantages (and at the same time, features) of purple color is the possibility of combining different shades.

So that the interior does not merge into a single spot, it is necessary to add a soft contrast to the main purple one. This will revive the color and emphasize its sophistication.

Wall, floor and ceiling decoration

Violet can be applied in two ways:

  • make them walls (paint or glue wallpaper);
  • choose accents (furniture and interior items).

Design techniques depend on the ideas of the designer. In the first case, you can beat a smooth transition of contrast with a pattern or wallpaper of different colors (so as not to make the style and boredom). A great design solution is a bright accent that defines the bed area.

This part of the wall can be made special. You can make it brighter, pick up wallpaper purple. To make the composition softer, bright wallpapers can be supplemented with monochromatic and light. Even more interesting is the contrast of white or cream color between bright contrast.

The stretch canvas of purple color is an unusual, but beautiful technique (especially if a gentle tone is chosen). If he has a small figure, this design will be more than original, but not in need of emphasis. In this case, enough furniture or decorative pillows.

If accepting accents is chosen, then pick up furniture and additional furnishings in purple. Moreover, the choice of details is not limited: the color of the bedroom can be created using shades of bed linen, fur poufs, throw pillows, rugs, capes, paintings, vases, table lamps and even fresh flowers.In addition, the desired shade can be found in the pattern of interior objects, whether it be finishing lace wallpaper or pattern on the curtains.

In some cases, the design may be a lot of purple. This, for example, Arabian style, reminiscent of a tent, in which the walls are purple, not only, but also the ceilings. In order for the general background not to be overloaded, you need to carefully choose the color of the furniture and additional interior items.


Purple color is special, but it harmoniously combines with different shades of the color palette. One of the most successful and light colors is white: the white-purple bedroom is filled with air and light, even if the basic tone is dark. The ideal components of violet are gray, beige and black.

The black-and-purple design of the room is unique in that it looks bright, the yellow-purple bedroom “breathes” with the sun's rays and warmth. The option with the addition of green and brown tones fills the room with freshness and nobility. With a violet-blue contrast, be careful: it can fill the room with cold and despondency. It would be better if the design is not only blue, but also a gentle tone.

We arrange the furniture

The location of the furniture depends on the general idea. Some people like the standard version, when the bed is against the wall, has bedside tables, a lamp and small puffs on the sides. Others prefer to add a chair to this design, instead of a lamp, wall sconces, and above the headboard a picture or an accent zone with photo wallpapers.

Whatever the option of furniture arrangement, it should not deprive the room of comfort. Even if you want to use every centimeter of usable space, you should not do this - instead of feeling the space, you will get a complete clutter of the bedroom.

To save space, the bed is better to put a headboard against the wall. On one side you can add a large mirror, on the other - a functional cupboard with glass shelves. You can put a carpet on the floor, put an original round table, a chest for things and complete the interior with a soft low pouf.

We make windows and select accessories

To "revive" the interior, there is not enough of one furniture, a picture or a carpet. Windows are also very important. You can hang curtains that will be combined in tone with pastel textiles, or decorate windowsills.On a white background not only lilac flowers, but also decorative vases and sofa cushions will look great.

The best choice for textiles is a sparkling satin: these pillows become bright accents in the room, especially if their shades are different in degree of intensity. The metal reflection of the floor lamp also looks beautiful.

However, you should not overload the room with an abundance of brilliance. Soft matte paints are needed, and sparkling brilliance is needed in order to demonstrate not only the diversity of the violet palette, but also its versatility. In addition, an unusual addition can be candles of different purple shades.

Interior Design Ideas

The design of the bedroom in purple shades obeys the rule: the larger the room, the brighter the main shade. In addition, you can use no more than four different colors (purple should be the main tone).

If you want more light, it is better to leave the walls and ceiling white, to pick up white or light furniture. As a purple accents, you can choose bed linen and pattern on the curtains. Even a small accent is enough if it is saturated.To soften the contrast, beige should be added to the duet of tones: this is how harmony will appear, a bright tone will be balanced.

The variant with flowers is the favorite reception of designers. You can decorate the wall with a pattern with roses, made in a light gray tone. To make the interior more delicate, the walls are better decorated in a light purple color. You can repeat it in curtain textiles, shades of bed linen, decorative pillows and pouf.

To make the interior more light, the ceiling, wall, door, curtains and part of the furniture must be made in white. If you want to show the status, you should add a little gold (for example, in the decoration of a chandelier, a door and a desk lamp).

The design in violet tones makes it possible to translate the idea of ​​a night city into reality. To add a highlight, for the ceiling it is better to pick up a picture of the night sky or a star nebula. For the harmony of the composition on one of the walls you can make a bright accent with the motif of the night city.

To complete the idea will remain to fill the room with interior items. You can put in the room a purple modular system of blocks or make the bed of the original form for half a room, decorating it with multi-colored pillows.To support the idea of ​​design, instead of lamps, you can light up a sconce room and lamps, resembling distant stars.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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