Photo wallpaper in the bedroom

 Photo wallpaper in the bedroom

Photowall-paper from the moment of its appearance greatly simplified the process of decorating a residential interior, making it easy, interesting and very exciting. After all, the choice of subjects for the image is incalculable. It remains only to choose a beautiful picture that will decorate the bedroom. By the way, wallpapers are also a quick way to update your familiar interior, make it play with new colors.

Features and benefits

Photowall-paper differs from other materials used to decorate a room by a huge variety of plots for every taste, style, size, wallet.

The advantages of the material include the following points:

  1. Bright, unusual, memorable appearance.
  2. Resistance to external influences.
  3. A wide selection of textures, patterns and design.
  4. Simple care (most of the photo wallpaper has a washable surface).
  5. Ease of use (wallpaper applied to the wall with glue or self-adhesive base).
  6. Environmental friendliness and safety of material.

Choosing photowall as a way to decorate a room, you should pay attention to the fact that the surface-base for them should have an absolutely flat and smooth surface. Otherwise, cracks or bubbles may form during bonding, which will severely damage the appearance. Special care and caution should be applied when working with large-format photographs. Sometimes it is better to divide them into several fragments.

Wall mural may have a different texture:

  • Smooth surface - the most common option, the wallpaper has a smooth, smooth surface.
  • Decorative plaster - this is the feeling that the wallpaper creates when touched to their surface.
  • Sand - wallpapers have a grainy, rough surface.
  • Canvas - one of the most popular textures, these wallpapers look like paintings of ancient artists.
  • Painting - The texture imitates light strokes by the artist's brush.
  • Frost - drawing as if created by light white particles of frost on the window glass.
  • Bark - imitation of the bark of trees with their veins and rough relief, used to depict nature.
  • Leather - soft, pleasant to the touch texture is used for portraits or images of animals.
  • Silk - the gentle surface is ideally suited for oriental ornaments or plots.
  • Bamboo - rough and convex surface is used to create paintings of Asian themes.
  • Natural stone and brick - used to create images of castles, ancient cities, palaces.

According to the type of drawing the photo wallpaper can be created using latex, printing and polymer inks:

  1. Polymeric inks with subsequent UV radiation allow you to create bright, clear images that do not lose their color intensity even after a long time of use.
  2. Photowall-paper created using typographical ink has a specific smell.They cost less and, as a rule, allow wet care.
  3. Latex inks are the safest, so these wallpapers are often used to decorate children's bedrooms. The material is resistant to mechanical damage, frequent washing.

Photowall-paper carry out several functions in an interior at once:

  • Zoning With the help of a photographic image you can select a separate part of the room (for example, a zone for sleeping, relaxing, reading books, work).
  • Placement of accents. With the help of a bright colorful image you can radically transform a calm and discreet interior.
  • Visual change of room borders. Here we are talking about panoramic photographs, for example, the view from the window, from the terrace, balcony, image of the open sky.
  • Visual resizing of the room. High mountains, skyscrapers, trees help to “pull out” a low room. A picture depicting the road leading into the distance, an open window, the sea or the thicket will visually make the bedroom much wider.
  • Lighting. To make a small or dark room brighter and more air will help the image of an open sky, white clouds, a flying plane or a soaring bird.
  • Style. Many photo pictures are made stylized to further emphasize the direction in which the interior is sustained. For example, for the Japanese style, these are cranes, sakura, samurai fights. For the directions of the Middle Ages it is the image of ancient castles or knightly duels.
  • Aesthetic appeal. The opportunity to decorate your own interior with a magnificent portrait, landscape, still life, so that the rest also provides a purely aesthetic pleasure.

At the heart of the photo wallpaper are two layers, one of which is the base. Depending on the type of base, wallpapers are divided into:

  1. Fabric - environmentally friendly, breathable, practical, wear-resistant. Disadvantages: requires a special moisture-proof treatment, high cost;
  2. Paper - the cheapest, but fragile and permeable option;
  3. Flizelin - natural material with excellent aesthetic and performance characteristics. The disadvantage is the high cost;
  4. Vinyl - good strength characteristics, lack of airtightness.

The top layer of the photo web can also be different:

  1. Textile. The rough surface of the wallpaper is ideal for the image of natural landscapes and landscapes.
  2. Matte coating. Most often it is a paper layer with a smooth surface, devoid of gloss.
  3. Laminated surface. Glossy gloss gives the image a special protective film.

3D wallpaper - one of the most beautiful and spectacular varieties of such paintings. They can be performed in several versions:

  • panoramic wallpaper (have a rather large size, often occupy several walls at once);
  • fragmented (they are small in size, resemble a picture or panel externally);
  • rolled (they replace ordinary wallpapers, they can be used to accent a certain wall or create an interior background);
  • fluorescent (glow in the dark);
  • LED light (the electronic system controlled by the console can change the tone and intensity of colors if desired).

Room decoration

The choice of the place where the photo wallpapers will be located depends on many reasons: their size, the task they are assigned to, the configuration and size of the room, the image on the wallpaper, the intensity of its color and many other parameters.

You can stick the wallpaper above the bed. Then the shelves for books or trinkets, TV and other mounted structures will be placed on other walls.

General tips for choosing the location of photo wallpapers:

  1. Under the wallpaper should be selected wall, which is clearly visible and not obstructed by furniture, shelves and other objects. In some cases, the surface under them can be the entrance door to the bedroom.
  2. In a small room it is best to use pictures of cold tones (blue, green, violet). They help to visually expand the room. To make the bedroom more comfortable and warm will help the wallpaper of yellow, red, orange tones.
  3. 3D wallpapers, as well as photo pictures with large images, are not recommended for small rooms. They will look even smaller.
  4. Wallpapers in rich colors and also containing pictures of panoramic views require additional lighting to enhance the effect.

Popular options

A modern range of photo wallpapers allows you to easily find and select almost any image. Moreover, an exclusive version can always be made to order: in any quantity, color, size and texture.

Among the most popular and frequently encountered options in the interior of a modern bedroom are several groups of images: nature, animal and plant life, flowers, architecture, inscriptions, portraits, ornaments, abstraction, and many others.


One of the most beloved, romantic and beautiful design options for a bedroom. Flowers harmoniously look in an interior sustained classical and in modern style. It can be luxurious roses, royal lilies, modest daisies, exotic orchids and gorgeous peonies. Flower macro is especially popular, but this option is only suitable for spacious rooms.


Another favorite subject when it comes to choosing an image for photo wallpaper. Lions, jaguars, cats, dogs, horses - most often wild animals are represented in their natural habitat, and pets - in funny poses somewhere in a basket or a cozy corner of the house. To the same category can be attributed, and birds. Here are majestic swans, and proud peacocks, and birds of paradise, and tiny titmouses or sparrows.


How nice it is, relaxing in your own bedroom to enjoy the picturesque view of the surrounding nature. It causes pleasant memories or dreams, promotes relaxation and comfortable rest. Deep lakes, majestic waterfalls, raging mountain rivers, magnificent landscapes with the sea or ocean seem to fill the room with fresh, clean air. It can also include cityscapes, and images of ancient palaces, churches, paintings with castles against the backdrop of lush gardens or green forests.

Modern theme

Young people or people who prefer traditional images with more dynamic and original pictures will, of course, choose something more non-standard and unusual for their own bedroom.

Photowall-paper depicting romantic, beautiful pictures (lips, a couple in love, a playful inscription) are perfect for a young girl.

Modern young people will certainly prefer the images of expensive cars, beautiful panoramic views of night cities, abstract images.


The choice of colors in which the wallpaper is designed depends on the size of the bedroom, its configuration, interior design, color solutions for furniture and decoration, the presence of windows and many other points.Wall murals should not only decorate the room, but also harmoniously complement the interior.

White, dairy, cream wallpapers are most often a bright accent in a small room or room, sustained in dark colors. Usually such wallpapers are used in combined interiors, for example, black and white.

Classic interiors are most often decorated with photo wallpapers of beautiful delicate colors. This may be a photo image in lilac, green, blue, beige, pink, yellow and other colors.

Violet, red, blue, black bedroom in modern expressive stylistic directions are decorated with photo wallpapers of the same rich and deep tones. However, the main thing is not to overdo it so that the interior does not turn out to be too heavy and gloomy.

Combination Methods

Choosing photowall-paper, you must not forget that they must harmoniously complement the main type of finish. As a rule, it is paper, non-woven or vinyl wallpaper.

For example, for the decoration of light, dim interiors, photo wallpapers depicting grass, flowers and other vegetation will do. Such images are in perfect harmony with the wallpaper beige, light green, pale blue, milky shades.

If there is not enough light in the room, the use of photo wallpapers with a macro image of flowers against the background of the main wallpaper of warm orange and yellow tones would be an excellent way out of the situation.

If the wallpaper is used as a bright contrast to the existing finish, it is necessary to take into account the color compatibility. For example, red looks great with black, blue with orange, green with purple. This bright option is more suitable for energetic and active people who prefer flashy spectacular interiors.

For a calming bedroom setting more suitable less bright and sharp borders of colors. It is better if the combination of shades is softer, for example, white and cream, sandy and yellow, brown and beige.

The most harmonious option looks like a combination of photo wallpaper and wall decoration, designed in the same color, but in different shades.

Style decisions

One of the main advantages of photo wallpapers is their excellent adaptation to all sorts of stylistic directions in which bedroom interiors are made.

Baroque style suggests a luxurious and luxurious decor. In this bedroom perfectly fit the picture of paintings by ancient artists,biblical scenes, angels, palace interiors.

Provence - simple laconic style of a provincial town. Photowall-paper for a bedroom in this style can represent beautiful compositions from wild flowers, and also ancient small towns, villages or narrow city streets.

The interior, designed in the Japanese style, is characterized by the presence of traditional oriental ornaments (sakura branch, crane, hieroglyphics). Examples of motifs for modern styles, for example, Loft - an imitation of a brick wall, decorated with graffiti, abstraction, silhouettes of human figures.

For a bright and joyful Hawaiian-style wallpaper with the image of lush tropical vegetation, the sea, white sand, and a surfer conquering a wave will do.

In the nursery

Wall mural in the children's bedroom can play not only aesthetic, but also an educational role, if you use geographic maps, reproductions of famous paintings, a multiplication table and other informative plots as images.

In addition, photoshoots selected personally by the child will help to express his bright personality and creative nature.

Before choosing a wallpaper you need to decide on their placement (wall, entrance door,closet door, headboard). The color scheme of the selected canvas must be combined with the general background of the room.

The choice of plot is directly related to the preferences of the owner of the room. For girls, they are fabulous fairies, princesses, toys, cartoon characters, funny animals, flowers, butterflies, birds.

For a teenage boy, it is better to choose a wallpaper with the image of a night city, car route, sea frigates, characters of your favorite game, famous athletes, musical performers.

There are universal options that are great for both boys and girls. These are natural landscapes, still lifes, images of animals, photographs of famous people, inscriptions, the starry sky, abstraction and fantasy drawings.

Feng Shui selection

Connoisseurs and followers of this ancient teaching should take into account its basic principles when choosing photo wallpapers for their bedroom:

  1. Color effect. White color is associated with virtue and purity, blue gives peace of mind, promotes relaxation, red is suitable for romantic, passionate natures, yellow will relieve from depression, green is the color of harmony, purple contributes to financial well-being.Black color symbolizes emptiness, so it should be used only in combination with other colors.
  2. Plot. Almost any scenes are acceptable, except for images of open water. It is believed that with the water from the house leaks and family well-being. For the bedroom, beautiful landscapes are recommended, expanding the space and any vegetation.
  3. Wall mural should not contain aggressive scenes, images of dead people, unknown signs or characters.
  4. The photo image should cause only positive emotions and give a feeling of comfort.

How to care?

Photowall-paper - rather practical type of finishing, especially if business concerns a bedroom. Care of the coating depends on the materials from which the upper and lower wallpaper layers are made.

Polymer coating has a high wear resistance. It perfectly withstands prolonged exposure to ultraviolet radiation, as well as a small mechanical load. All care for such wallpaper is to periodically clean the coating from dust and dirt with a damp cloth.

Paper wallpaper is afraid of water, so the use of a damp cloth is excluded.Periodic dusting with a dry sponge or with a vacuum cleaner is recommended.

Typical mistakes when decorating

In order for the selected wallpaper to look harmoniously in the interior, it is necessary to remember and avoid some common mistakes:

  1. Wall mural can not overlap the furniture (bed, sofa, wardrobe). The picture will look cropped, and the overall impression of the picture will be ruined.
  2. Wall mural glued to a flat surface (wall, door). It is impossible to glue the fabric on two adjacent walls - the image will turn out to be deformed, broken around the corner. It is not recommended to use several identical or different photocloths in the interior of the same room. They will lose their aesthetic appeal.
  3. It is better not to place the photograph of the balcony behind the bed, but to allocate for this a separate free wall.
  4. Wall mural with a bright or complex pattern can not be combined with variegated wallpaper. It is best to choose a plain low-key option.
  5. In the interior of one room should not be too many bright and saturated colors. The bedroom should have to sleep and rest.

Beautiful ideas of interior design in the apartment

A discreet white interior, designed in a classic style, literally explodes with bright sunny colors of green foliage. Life-affirming photo wallpapers give the interior a feeling of freshness, cleanliness and summer heat.

Incredibly beautiful interior created with the help of 3d photo wallpaper depicting the night sky. The use of spotlights and desktop nightlights make the effect of the design as realistic as possible. Ceiling murals depicting the starry sky creates a complete illusion of open space.

The room of a little princess requires a real fairytale design. Wallpapers, furniture, decorative elements, decorated in soft pink color and gorgeous wallpapers with the image of your favorite fairies are perfect for this purpose.

You can see a lot of ideas of photo wallpapers in the bedroom in the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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