Choosing a bedroom set for a small bedroom

If in your house or apartment a small room is set aside for the bedroom, then choosing a furniture set will be a daunting task. After all, a bedroom is exactly the place where people rest their mind and body after difficult working days, and how comfortable and comfortable a person is during a night's rest depends on his mood and good spirits throughout the entire working day. Bedroom set for a small bedroom should be selected as carefully as possible.

Design of a small room

Even before you are ready to buy a bedroom set for your cozy “nest”, you need to think about the design of the room, which will allow at least visually expand the space of a small room. For this, it is better to paste the walls of the room with frosted wallpaper of light colors or plaster, also choosing neutral pastel colors.

This design will visually expand the boundaries of the room.

Visually increasing the space of small rooms is possible by observing the basic rules for the design of the window opening. It should be remembered that in such rooms it is unacceptable to hang on the windows thick night curtains of dark and too bright shades. The best option is to use Roman air curtains sewn from light translucent light-colored fabrics.

To protect your night's sleep from too bright street lights, you can also put shutters to be used only at night.

Another "trick" that allows you to visually increase the space - suitable for this lighting. It is extremely undesirable to use a large chandelier or lampshade located in the center of the ceiling in small rooms, since they visually make it lower, hopelessly concealing centimeters of precious space. The optimal solution for lighting a compact room are point sources of light embedded around the perimeter of the ceiling and walls.

Such multi-level lighting creates a feeling of spaciousness in the interior and makes it lighter and more comfortable.

In a small bedroom you need to carefully consider the elements of decor. Of course, you should not completely abandon the nice-looking accessories and wall decorations, but it is still better to restrict yourself to small objects. It can be watercolor landscapes or family photos in narrow wooden or metal frames.

You should not decorate the walls of a small room with stucco or cumbersome paintings.

Competently selected textiles (preferably monophonic, without bright colors and variegated patterns) will also slightly increase the space.

Choice of furniture

When choosing a bedroom suite, you need to focus on the pre-designed design of your room. It also can not do without little tricks. If you manage to pick up furniture two to three tones darker than the ceiling, and at the same time two to three tones brighter than the floor, your bedroom will seem more spacious.

Remember that the size of the bedroom is very important. Here you also have to focus on the square meters of the room. The main piece of furniture in any bedroom is, of course, the bed. If your bedroom is just tiny, then too big bed will look completely ridiculous in it.

If you just need a double bed in the bedroom, then it is better to put it on a small stage, under which you can arrange convenient boxes for storing bed linen.This will be the best option if you have little space to accommodate a large linen closet or chest of drawers.

For a small room, it's better to choose a classic bed model, without bulky headboard and frilly details, made of natural wood, natural color. Exotic and too bright items in the furniture set will attract attention and visually reduce the space of your small room.

If you choose a headset, which includes bedside tables, then pay attention to the fact that they always had legs. If necessary, you can easily move them around the room during cleaning. If the size of the room does not allow placing a cabinet or dressing table in it, you can give them the function of a long shelf, placing it at the head of the bed.

If the area of ​​the room allows, then you can place in it a high wardrobe with narrow mirror facades, it will also help to visually enlarge the space. You can choose to buy a headset with corner cabinets, which do not take up too much space - and at the same time have good capacity.

Main products

The most important rule - furniture sets for small bedrooms should be extremely simple, they should not be equipped with unnecessary or bulky items. Traditional furniture set, most likely, will not work in a small room. For this there are small simple sets of furniture for the bedroom, which consist of the following items:

  • beds;
  • bedside cabinets or dressing table;
  • linen closet or chest of drawers.

The bed is the main subject in the bedroom set, it should be as comfortable as possible and meet all the requirements. When choosing a model for your small bedroom, you should give preference to patterns that can be placed in a small space. It is worth paying attention to practical models with drawers for linen - so you can use the space under the bed and save space for other interior elements you need.

An alternative solution may be to replace a very large bed with a cheaper and more compact ottoman or a folding sofa.

Very well, if you can fit into the bedroom small bedside tables, equipped with drawers and shelves on which you can place additional accessories. It is very important that the cabinets are not out of the general style, matched in color and size.

A linen closet is also a very important part of any bedroom.. Very well, if you can arrange in the room wardrobe with sliding doors. Modern samples of such cabinets are very roomy - and at the same time significantly save space.

Instead of a cabinet, you can add a chest of drawers to your furniture set, it has excellent functionality and does not take up too much space.


It is impossible to install only one bed in the room for sleeping and rest, even in the smallest rooms you need to somehow fit the necessary products - for storing bedding and personal belongings. Therefore, the owners of small bedrooms is very important to pay special attention to the proper placement of furniture. After all, turning a small room into a cozy “nest” is much more difficult than a spacious, non-limiting room.

It should be remembered that the placement of a bedroom set in a small space has some peculiarities. To optimally arrange the elements of the interior, you must consider the following rules:

  • it is forbidden to block the passage;
  • the bed is best placed along the wall (opposite the front door);
  • along the wall, on the side opposite to the doorway, a minimum of furniture should be placed;
  • it is necessary to choose a furniture set of lighter colors;
  • do not place a linen closet opposite the front door;
  • provide good room lighting;
  • Do not use too much textile.

If space permits, you can add an interior with a small bookcase with a book, a floor lamp or a pier glass. However, remember that the main principle when making a small bedroom - the rejection of unnecessary items in favor of free space.

If your room is so small that it does not even allow you to arrange a full-fledged sleeping place, a folding bed option might be a good idea., which will be installed only at bedtime. This model is quite capable of making their own hands. How to do this, tell the following video.

In very small rooms you can try to put a bed on a diagonal near the that you can approach it from any side. Although with such an arrangement of the bed part of the free space will be hidden, such a non-standard solution can be a very convenient option to use a small room.

The most important thing is to remember the following: in order to make a small bedroom as comfortable as possible, it is necessary to put together pieces of furniture as efficiently as possible and to correctly select the accompanying accessories.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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