Bedroom in high-tech style

Originality and dynamism - this is how you can describe the high-tech style. It is intended for creative people who are tired of the monotony and are trying to get away from stereotypes in design. Modern bedroom in high-tech style will look good in any apartment, will be an expression of the individuality of the owner.

Characteristic features of the style

The name of the style comes from the English phrase high technology.which translates as "high technology." It grew out of modernism and became a continuation of innovative trends in interior design.

The style is suitable for decoration of any room, in particular, the bedroom. Its main feature is a practical orientation: each element must perform a specific function and fit organically into the interior.

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What makes hi-tech style different:

  • Use clear, strong lines. In relation to the high-tech style, the phrase “complex simplicity” is used. The design does not tolerate useless decor, to the right angles and even surfaces. At the same time, there are built-in compartments and drawers in which they store small items and seasonal items.
  • The triumph of concrete, plastic, metal and glass. They are basic in the arrangement of premises in the high-tech style. The surfaces are left untreated, therefore concrete walls are specially left on the walls, and when choosing decorations, preference is given to elements made of industrial materials.
  • The abundance of partitions and sliding doors. They are also made of metal and plastic. Elements allow dividing a room into zones, hiding what is not intended for prying eyes.
  • Neutral, calm colors. The main shades are white, gray, black, which are easy to combine with each other. You can use both similar tones and contrasting. The last option looks more expressive, gives the room a concept.
  • Using the most modern technology. Style, confirming its name, involves the acquisition of the latest technology.They are not only a design element, but also simplify the life of the owner. Large plasma panels are almost mandatory element of the interior.

When making a bedroom should be remembered that at the head of everything is minimalism, traceable throughout. All unnecessary things are removed from the room, leaving only what will be regularly used: a bed, a wardrobe, a bedside table. Due to this, there is space, a lot of free space, which serve as the embodiment of calm, unhurriedness and concentration with your thoughts.

How to make a room?

Interior design includes not only the selection of furniture and accessories, but also the finishing of the room. The apartment is being renovated, during which modify the floor, walls, ceiling, doors and windows. All elements must be made in the same style, otherwise no built-in lamps and a minimalist bed will make the bedroom a high-tech style.

The use of smooth surfaces is a characteristic feature of the high-tech style, which should also correspond to the walls. They are painted, plastered or left untouched to give the room a resemblance to an industrial, industrial enterprise. In the color scheme, in addition to black and white, may be present beige, sand, light gray.

Ceramic tiles can be used as floor coverings. It is easy to install, it is durable, resistant to temperature extremes and high humidity.

Manufacturers offer materials in a wide range of colors; There is also a tile that imitates a stone or a tree. For finishing also take parquet and laminate with a glossy finish.

A practical option is the self-leveling floor. Its installation requires large investments, but the result is worth it: it turns out the most even surface, and the final coating retains aesthetic characteristics for a long time.

Stretch ceilings allow you to install built-in lamps, which makes this option one of the most popular finishes. In addition, the glossy coating contributes to the reflection and scattering of light. Double-glazed windows are installed on the windows, plain-colored doors are installed between the rooms to match the interior.


The rule “simplicity in everything” also applies to the colors in which the room is made in high-tech style. As the main one choose one or two shades, which can be complemented by similar tones.

However, the use of only one color is unacceptable: in this case, the interior elements will merge with each other. Snow-white upholstered furniture can be set off with light gray walls and small black elements.

The design should not be variegated and pretentious. It is possible to deviate from black and white: in this case, cold dark shades are used, which still complement monochrome colors. In this bright tone should be one. For example, you can combine blue panels on the walls, gray furniture and light blotches on the walls or furniture. An excellent option would be white cabinets or stands for lighting.

Separately, it is necessary to allocate a silver-gray shade, or metallic. It serves as the embodiment of futurism, industrialism, as it is associated with the color of technology, innovative inventions, and spacecraft. Interior items, mostly, are monophonic. Surfaces with drawings and ornaments are used to a minimum, preference is given to geometric patterns.

Choosing and placing furniture

Pile of items is a taboo for high-tech style. Indoors have only the most necessary things.In the case of a bedroom there will be enough bed and a bedside table (the latter can be built into a sleeping place). If the area of ​​the room allows, it is combined with the office. In this case, the zone is separated, where there will be a table, a chair.

For the bedroom in the style of high-tech fit built-in furniture, matched to the color of the walls. This functional solution will save space, arrange shelves and shelves in a limited space. The ideal option would be when there are niches in the bedroom: there you can put a wardrobe, a bedside table and a computer desk for work.

A table top nailed to the wall will organically fit into a modern interior, eliminating the need to buy a cupboard and shelves. If you make it long enough, you can use it both for work and for storage. Below there may be shelves with sliding doors or glass panels. All of the above visually increases the space, creates a sense of freedom, space.

We select the decor

Since the style requires to avoid cluttering up decorations, special attention is paid to the selection of each of them. The walls are decorated with black and white photographs, graphics, replacing them with paintings. They are placed in monochrome frames or without them, arranged so that between them there is enough free space. All parts are made of traditional for hi-tech metals: in the course are plastic handles, glass transparent partitions, metal legs in furniture.

In the interior there are no flower pots, accessories made of clay and wood, statues, souvenirs from travel. Chrome, shiny items with a classic shape are welcome.

The bedroom will look good curtains of light translucent fabric. Here you can deviate from strict rules and make them brighter, separating them from the general color scheme. The combination of monophonic white walls and claret curtains will look unusual.

Blinds are a practical option for those who value innovation. They require less care, they do not need to be washed and ironed. The ability to regulate the amount of incoming light is also their advantage. In addition, blinds are perfectly correlated with the basic idea of ​​high-tech style, with the desire for new technologies that simplify the daily life of a person.

On the floor is acceptable placement of carpet with short fibers, devoid of brushes, fringes, ornate patterns. This piece of furniture should be a tone-two darker than the cover or go into contrast (however, an aggressive combination of colors is not acceptable). For a bedroom, a square or rectangular carpet of a smaller area is acquired than a room.


A characteristic feature of the style is the abundance of lamps and other lighting devices. A high-tech room is devoid of dark corners; there is no place for twilight and twilight in it. Preference is given to built-in luminaires: they are placed on the walls and ceiling, sometimes in the interiors there are avant-garde floor lamps having a minimum of decorative elements. The original solution will be the use of a cabinet or sofa with light, which can be made to match objects or walls.

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Features of bedroom lighting:

  • small lamps prevail over large ones;
  • light should be evenly distributed;
  • night light is made in neutral colors to match the entire interior;
  • a ban on massive volumetric lighting items;
  • The winning solution is the use of spotlights.

Lighting devices are made of metal, have a rounded shape, smooth lines, serve as an extension of the walls. Due to the mutual penetration of parts into each other, a feeling of harmony of the interior, its integrity is achieved. Lamps should not stand out from other objects or drag attention to themselves. In addition, they are as functional as possible.

Beautiful interior design ideas

A round chandelier, a dark bedspread or pillows, cubic nightstands — these details will add originality to the high-tech interior. These elements emphasize the simplicity and functionality of the design. The interior is based on rectangles and corners that emphasize the restraint of the external appearance of the room. A combination of light and dark details contributes to the division of the bedroom into zones.

The bed made in the shape of a trapeze will become an extraordinary component of the bedroom in the high-tech style. It can be placed directly on the floor or on a stand mounted on the floor. Rectangular lamps and lighting panels built into the ceiling will give the bedroom a resemblance to a spaceship or apartment of the future. Bare walls will act pacifyingly, soothe the nervous system.

Atypical for hi-tech style is the inclusion of scarlet and other rich colors in the interior. In these colors, perform wall panels, pillows, contrasting with other objects. The interior looks more expressive and fresh, combines the features of other styles, in particular, modern. In this case, it is permissible to use lamps of unusual shape and windows with a variety of partitions.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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