Ideas for bedroom decoration

The bedroom is not only a private room, but also an intimate area where you can relax physically and mentally. Therefore, it is very important emotional mood, which creates an environment. The bedroom should not only be comfortable to use, but also bring peace of mind.

Bedroom furnishing

The apartment is one of the main rooms is the bedroom. It is necessary to pay a lot of attention to the arrangement of the interior in order to have a good time.

It all starts with the layout, which includes thinking through the basic style. Depending on it, all the details will be selected starting from the furniture, ending with the decor.

There are a large number of areas, but some of them are suitable for decorating the bedroom more than others:

  • Country style adheres to naturalness and is saturated with natural motifs, which affected the choice of finishes, furniture and even colors.The main material of the direction is a tree or everything that imitates its external data. The colors are natural, and you should choose muted shades.
  • Provence style - one of the most airy and simple elegant. The atmosphere in it is sustained in white and beige tones, and among the accents there is necessarily a bluish or lavender. As the furniture choose vintage cabinets or modern, but made under the old, large beds with wrought-iron backs. Chintz and satin are mainly used as textiles.
  • Baroque and classic - the most elegant and luxurious directions. They require massive furniture and decor, for example, columns, large wrought-iron four-poster beds, real statues, and intricate chandeliers. These features make these styles acceptable only for large bedrooms. The baroque is brighter because, in addition to light colors, there are red, purple accents. In the classics, the gamma is more saturated due to the maroon, dark blue and gold color.
  • Minimalism and hi-tech - modern styles, that look concise, but beautiful. The design is designed in a monochrome scale, which is occasionally diluted with yellow, red, blue.The bedroom in the high-tech style is more elegant, as it allows the use of lacquered, glossy, glass surfaces, as well as fancy decor and appliances. The room in the style of minimalism is as spacious as possible, and it is furnished only with the objects necessary for life.
  • Art Deco and ethnic styles require a large number of elements and decor. However, each item must be combined with another and constitute a single concept. The ethnic direction is most often bright, because it uses national traits both in the setting and in the color scheme. The most popular are Japanese, African, Egyptian, Arabic, Indian species. Art Deco is more sophisticated and a bit arrogant due to intricate patterns, expensive materials, textiles and decor.

Choosing a style, you should do furniture. A set of required items for the bedroom is small. The central place is occupied by the bed, the quality of which will determine how rested a person feels.

It is not recommended to push the bed into the corner, put it on the headboard against the window and near the battery, and also opposite the door.

If the bed is double, then it is better to leave free space on both sides, so as not to create inconvenience. Single can also be placed along the wall. In the large bedroom, the bed can be placed in the center or diagonally. If the bed is moved to the wall, then it is better if it has a high headboard so that you can fit half-sitting comfortably.

Beds are divided into high (up to 80 cm), medium (about 50 cm) and low, at the floor level. In addition to the usual options, in the bedroom, you can install something non-standard, for example, a hanging model or make a "attic", a hill, on which it is enough to put a mattress. In the bedroom for children and adolescents will be relevant two-tier or three-tier model. In a small room, it can be combined with a workplace.

For more convenience, it does not hurt to put a bedside cabinet or table. A wardrobe or chest of drawers is needed to store clothes, bed linen and things. Dressing table, desk, chairs or ottomans are completely optional, but can solve many problems in a small apartment. These items must be designed in the same style.

To save space, you can use multifunctional transforming furniture. For example, there are drawers for things in armchairs and poufs. The cabinet on wheels can be moved from corner to corner and used as a stand or table. Dressing table with reclining mirror can serve as a workplace.

Mood in the interior create colors and decor. Light and natural tones bring a feeling of freshness, yellow and orange warm, and red, on the contrary, is too invigorating. Cosiness is given to the room by flowers and plants, and not only living in vases. Drawings on the walls, furniture or textiles will help the room to play with colors. Textiles can complement the style or become an accent thing. In some areas, only cotton and linen are appropriate, while in others silk and velvet are appropriate. Curtains in the bedroom are necessary not only to create comfort, but also to hide from the sun in the morning.

Do not forget about other decor items, including vases, frames, paintings and posters, figurines, pillows. They should be harmoniously combined not only with each other, but also with style, furniture.

DIY decor

An interesting and significant addition to the interior can be a decoration made by yourself. Many ideas do not require special skills, just a little time:

  • In the room look always falls on the walls., that is why it is worth taking care of their decoration. The most popular way is pasting wallpaper. You can do it yourself, without hiring professionals. To make the bedroom more interesting, it is enough to use wallpaper with prints on one of the walls or a specific area, for example, by the bed. The picture must be in harmony with the color of the furniture or decor.
  • Another option is drawing. The idea can be done using stencils of tracing paper and self-adhesive paper. A suitable pattern and pattern can be taken literally from everywhere, for example, from a magazine or a book.
  • Accent wall can be decorated with soft panels. To make them you need plywood, foam rubber and leather or any other fabric for upholstery. The more foam, the softer the wall. You can glue the panels with liquid nails.
  • Another option for the wall is a series of small mirrors in the frame. You can choose different in shape and size, and to make them look harmonious, paint the frames with one color or paste over with wallpaper or paint. You can make and mirror wall, attaching the plate with liquid nails.However, this design is too aggressive and can spoil the proportions of the room.
  • In recent times, conventional photo frames on the wall are a popular solution. The main thing is to use only empty frames, without photos and drawings. Playing with sizes and colors, you can create an intriguing composition.
  • Furniture can also be decorated independently for example, using stencils to draw intricate patterns on the pedestal or to paste over the shelves with a special film of any color. You can even gild one or another object with the help of gold leaf, lacquer and soft brush. Craftsmen can try to make relief stucco on the walls or the headboard. This will require a plaster mortar and lime paste, a mixture of which is poured into stencils or forms.
  • Stitched chair covers can become a beautiful and functional decor. They can be used as a bedside table. Pockets on the covers allow you to store small, but necessary things, for example, a telephone, wires from chargers.
  • Problem with lack of storage space can be solved in another way - by making a niche in the wall of plasterboard.Books, frames, or even pillows and linens are stored in these recesses. You can hang lockers above the bed, the main thing is not to do it too low. To give the furniture a more pleasant appearance, it can be upholstered with a fabric to match the color of the bedspread.
  • You can even make a canopy canopy on your own. To do this, you must purchase and attach to the wall a wooden, plastic or metal frame. As a cape, tulle, organza, velvet, tapestry are suitable, and you can attach it using a curtain curtain. It is important to check the strength of the whole structure before going to bed under it.

Errors in the interior

Highlight the most common:

  • A large chandelier is often out of place, especially in an apartment of medium and small size. In the bedroom, the central lamp is not the main source of light, more important than sconces, floor lamps and table lamps, as they illuminate the required area.
  • Often the bedroom is combined with work area and library. Bookshelves should not be placed next to the bed, as dust is actively accumulated on them.
  • Cabinet with mirrored doors or a large floor mirror is an excellent option for a room, as they are able to visually increase the space and improve natural lighting. However, do not stand next to such an active object to have a bed, as the constant contemplation of the stirring reflection will begin to cause alarm.
  • Even minimalism presupposes diversity. Bare walls and asceticism do not create the desired comfortable atmosphere. But littering the room is completely optional. It is enough to place accents, for example, to make one wall textured or hang a picture / photos.
  • It is not recommended to make a completely dark environment. The lighter the bedroom, the more spacious and cozier it looks. Saturated shades should be added as accents or their more muted shades should be used.
  • Do not hang massive shelves directly above the bed, as this may be alarming. It is better to occupy the bedside space as much as possible, and above it restrict yourself to a neat shelf or niche.
  • In order not to overload the interior Do not use mirror finish in excessive amounts. Also, you should not be zealous with ruffles, openwork, frills in textiles.It is not necessary to saturate the design, but do not make it completely smooth and monotonous. Just add a few color accents and play with different textures.

Interesting design ideas

There are many styles, but even among them there are more modern and not boring ones. So, within the boundaries of the ethno-direction, you can realize a safari bedroom with wicker rattan furniture, artificial animal skins, colorful paintings and ornaments on textiles. Maritime design, which embodies the theme of water, beaches and romance of travel, allows you to make a room in the style of the cabin. To do this, choose a dark wooden finish, as well as use the decor in the form of an anchor, a globe, a steering wheel.

Many unusual options can come up with walls. A popular way is to make one of the walls accent. But you can select it not only with the help of contrast or painted wallpaper, but in several other ways. For example, to make a slate from one wall, to sheathe it with clapboard, to decorate it with a real brick or stone, a mirror panel and a mosaic.

Since in the bedroom one of the central places is occupied by the bed, then you can come up with something interesting.For example, from each corner to put on a column, the tops of which decorate with vases of flowers. At the head of the head can be made alcoves, and around the perimeter to arrange a wide shelf. Thus, the bed and table will be immediately attached to the bed at the same time.

In the large bedroom you can make not only a non-trivial design, but also a layout. In a fashion to combine a shower with a bedroom. One zone is separated from another by a transparent wall, and part of the room is finished with waterproof materials. This requires a lot of money, since it is necessary not only to take care of the demolition of part of the wall, but also to make sure that the plumber does not make loud extraneous sounds.

Often in the bedroom you want to put a fireplace to give the room even more comfort. Designers offer non-standard solutions - to make only the external basis of the fireplace, and inside place shelves for flowers, candles and any other decor. However, you can get this, for example, bio fireplace, which runs on fuel.

In small rooms, for example, in the bedroom of 6 square meters. m can also translate stylish ideas. For example, lay one wall with bricks and attach wooden beams to the ceiling.Textiles - bedspread, pillows, upholstery, curtains on the windows will help to make the room brighter Instead of the usual wardrobe, you can use a floor hanger. In general, in a small bedroom should experiment with textures and colors, which should have the advantage of bright colors.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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