Italian bedrooms

Increasingly in urban apartments can be found Italian bedrooms. Consider the reasons for this addiction.

Features, Pros and Cons

Today in Italy they produce not only classic, but also modern furniture, so before buying an Italian bedroom, you need to decide on the concept of the interior. Italian furniture is perfect not only for “palace styles” (rococo, empire, baroque), but also for modern design trends like art deco, country, modern and even high-tech.

Italian furniture has the following advantages:

  • High-quality components. Fittings and fasteners are reliable and durable; for varnishing and painting use resistant and also harmless to health compounds.
  • Diverse design. Each furniture manufacturer in Italy has its own style and traditions, but at the same time it follows innovations in the furniture industry.Harmonious shapes and carefully thought-out color combinations are characteristic of Italian furniture, regardless of style.
  • Multifunctional. The model range implies the presence of different sizes of the proposed furniture. Due to this, small rooms in city apartments can be decorated with Italian furniture.
  • Exclusivity and prestige. Italian furniture will satisfy the most demanding customers - a combination of good taste, good quality and luxury.
  • Comfort. When creating a bed, manufacturers are guided not only by beauty and elegance, but also by orthopedic requirements and European standards.

The disadvantages are:

  • The high cost of foreign products compared to domestic. However, the quality of Italian furniture is inferior not only domestic, but also European counterparts.
  • The presence of a large number of fakes.
  • Natural materials. Wood does not tolerate high temperatures and high humidity and, as you know, it is a good combustible material. Manufacturers are trying to reduce these disadvantages to a minimum using modern technologies in production.
  • Heaviness Wood furniture has a fairly large weight, it becomes noticeable during transportation and installation, but it is stable. In the presence of small children who like to climb on the shelves, open drawers, or doors, this moment is especially relevant.

A special feature of Italian furniture is a warm color scheme. Traditionally, these are beige shades that perfectly complement the basic brown tones. However, there are exceptions. Headsets made in white color are gaining more and more popularity. The base color is the color of wood, additional shades are added with decorative elements: with the help of gilding and inlay.


For the production of Italian bedrooms are used such types of wood as walnut, cherry, oak, beech, alder and others. Products from a natural tree are demanded thanks to the natural invoice and environmental friendliness. Most of the models presented on the Internet are made of solid wood. As the base of the frame can act as a wood board, glued solid, composed of small pieces of wood, and MDF.

Industrial technologies are not standing still and in the production of furniture more and more materials appear that are not inferior in quality to natural ones.

The list of materials used for decoration and decoration of furniture by Italian designers is very diverse: genuine leather, silk, linen, fur and others. In the case of elite bedrooms, precious metals, crocodile skin and ivory are used. Italian furniture is always generously decorated with carvings, inlays and wrought iron elements.


Italian bedroom implies a complete and harmonious image, which can be achieved with the help of accessories. The bed is the face of the whole bedroom, so you need to seriously consider the choice of bedspreads.

Curtains with an unusual ornament and decorative pillows, in harmony with the veil, will add grace and integrity to the entire interior.

When choosing a floor decoration, you can give your preference not only to stone, but also to wood. More advantageous in the Italian style will look raw wood.

An interesting option for the walls will be painting, in the modern version - photo-paintings, reflecting rural landscapes or still lifes.

Lighting in the bedroom should be comfortable and sufficient, but at the same time dim to create an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation. It is worth thinking about two types of lighting: basic and additional. Choosing it, try to pick up chandeliers and lamps in the same style decision.

Popular models of furniture sets

The model range of Italian bedrooms is presented by a set of options among which it is possible to find the complete set executed in any style. Traditional Italian bedroom suites usually consist of bedside tables, a wardrobe, a dresser, a mirror and a bed. The main element of the interior is a bed, the headboard of which becomes the main highlight of the room.

Manufacturers often offer non-standard kits, as well as various finishes for the same models.

The most popular and interesting models of furniture:

  • Palazzo Ducale is a simple and comfortable bedroom. Made of solid wood with veneered ash, but there is also cherry finish. Through-carving and gilding is used as an exquisite decor.
  • The classic Siena Avorio is made of linden, with dark fibers, giving liveliness and warmth to white color. Distinguish the entire Siena program inlays, rounded corners, wrought iron elements and carved solid wood details.
  • Elegant bedroom Venezia Bianco - a sample of Italian classics. The color of ivory in combination with gold patina gives the furniture a sophisticated, sensual and elegant look.
  • Classic Bedroom Epoca It has proven itself and is in great demand in the market.
  • Nontrivial bedroom San Remo - style and elegance. Its exclusivity is a combination of classic black and white colors. Here, there are inserts of black glass. Faux leather decorates the headboard.

The main material for the manufacture of the body parts of the set is laminated chipboard.

Tips for choosing

What furniture to give preference - not an easy question. However, the following points should be considered:

  1. The size of the room. The bed should occupy no more than 40% of the room.
  2. The combination of colors sleeping designs and decor of the ceiling, walls and accessories.
  3. The style of furniture. It should also fit the overall design of the room.
  4. The color of the furniture. The presence of children or pets is the reason to refuse white furniture. Excessive washing with household chemicals or mechanical damage with claws and teeth will negatively affect the appearance of your furniture.
  5. Growth. The size of the bed and bed - not the same thing. The decor often "eats" sleeping space and the bed, which looks spacious, can be standard in size.

When choosing furniture, the price-quality ratio is always taken into account. Italian furniture does not always mean high cost, so there are several ways to buy it at a lower price:

  1. Virtual marketplaces offer Italian furniture at a lower price than traditional furniture centers.
  2. Online stores do not pay for the rental of trading places and this affects the price. Sometimes the difference in cost for the same model can be up to 15%. However, there is a risk to encounter pseudo-Italian furniture.
  3. It makes sense to find the factory site abroad and carefully examine the selected model, and then find the official representation of this company in your locality.

It is better to give preference to long-standing and well-known companies. The salon, which really cooperates with the company, will offer the potential buyer to choose furniture according to the catalog posted on the company's website.


The vast majority of buyers are quite Italian bedrooms.Consumers celebrate the comfort, quality and great aesthetic appearance of the bedroom. Users write that the furniture set looks live even better than in the online store and fits perfectly into their interior.

However, there are also negative reviews associated with the incompetence of sellers: long delivery times, incomplete complete set of accessories. We must take seriously the choice of an intermediary when buying furniture from the factory.

A full review of Italian bedroom furniture can be viewed in the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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