What to hang in the bedroom above the bed?

 What to hang in the bedroom above the bed?

It would seem a very simple question that does not require much time to think. The first thing that comes to mind is a picture, wallpaper, a beautiful lamp. However, to date, designers offer hundreds of different options for decorating the head of the bed and the wall behind it.

Wall decoration options

The habit of decorating your home appeared in a person for a very long time. This brought additional comfort to the house, made the room stand out from the rest, and allowed to manifest one's own imagination. For this purpose, all sorts of available materials were used, for example, beautiful, shiny copper plates located behind the headboard or original inscriptions and drawings directly on the wall.

Modern fashion dictates its own conditions for the design of the bedroom interior and the use of decorative ornaments. They can be very different: from concise and barely noticeable, to luxurious and expensive.

  • Murals The old type of painting on wet plaster does not lose its relevance today. This type of decor will suit the interior, designed in the style of romanticism, modernism, classic, baroque. As a plot of the picture can be used biblical scenes, famous paintings and other ideas.
  • Gypsum. Stucco and plaster decoration is usually used for ceiling decoration. It can be a graceful rosette for a chandelier or a beautiful border. For the decoration of the wall can be selected geometric themes (columns, arches, arches over the headboard). Also fit elegant frames, flower baskets and other motifs.
  • Lovers of concise, simple designs will surely enjoy the stylish, elegant wall decoration with plastic or plaster molding. With it you can interestingly lined the wall, select individual sections, beautifully arrange the surface around the perimeter.
  • Decorating a wall with a drawing is the easiest and fastest way to add an original interior. Figure may be of different content.Someone prefers plant motifs (trees, a flower glade, a bouquet of flowers, a birch grove or a pine forest). Someone likes seascapes (sea, sand, sun, beach). Someone does not want to part with childhood (cartoon characters and fairy tale characters).

Other frequently used motifs include the starry sky, rainbows, birds, butterflies, animals, cityscapes. Images can be made in a variety of techniques and using different materials (paints, crayons, pencils).

  • Even more simple and concise version - the inscription on the wall. This option is often used in minimalist areas of interior design. To do this, rather painted walls and contrasting colors of the inscription. Most often, this is a famous quote in a native or foreign language, a line from a song or movie, a wise saying, a funny expression.
  • Lovers of more beautiful and spectacular design options, of course, they would prefer laconic inscriptions luxury wall-paper on the whole wall in order to draw attention to this wall and make it a bright accent of the whole interior. Usually, the remaining walls are made in a single-color version of restrained colors.Among the most popular images on the photo wallpaper are natural landscapes (mountains, waterfalls, thicket, exotic tropics), plants (trees, flowers, fruits), cityscapes (night cities, old streets), monuments of architecture, starry sky, space, animals , abstraction, fantasy drawings.
  • Connoisseurs of classic and traditional jewelry optionswho use wallpaper as a wall covering can decorate their bedroom equally interesting and modern. For this perfect combination of wallpaper, most often - one-colored and motley. Another interesting option is the use of wallpaper with a single pattern, but a different background. Wallpapers can be pasted with vertical or horizontal stripes, in the form of an arch or a complex geometric shape.
  • Smooth painted walls can be decorated with stencilled images. For a small-sized room, it is best to pick up a rather small, unobtrusive pattern (flowers, butterflies, leaves).

Among other, more original and unusual design options, it is possible to note the use of contrasting color tape to create a contour drawing on a plain wall, open books or magazine pages, knitted napkins or vinyl discs.

Unusual finish

As the finish is also used:

  • Tile. This material is not so often found in the interior of the bedroom. However, it can be used as an elegant laconic decor. Ceramic, plastic, glass tiles or mosaic can be used as a headboard edging or as a whole panel on the wall behind the bed.
  • Wooden paneling is a very interesting and original decor. Wood is a natural material with a special, unique texture, delicate aroma and healing properties. For decoration of the headboard can be used as a valuable wood, and panels of the more affordable types of wood. It looks very unusual decor using artificially aged wood.
  • Textile. This material gives a lot of different options for the design of the wall. It can be a cozy canopy, and original curtains, and a colorful panel-blanket, made in patchwork technology, and soft panels. Textiles can be used not only for decoration, but also for wall insulation and for giving additional sound insulation to a room.
  • Drywall - a very docile and malleable material from which you can create the most complex and original designs for the walls. From it you can cut the figures of man, animal, birds, flower arrangements, fantasy ornaments.

You can make and install a box over a bed of an original shape (semicircular, rectangular, square) from drywall. You can create a more complex structure with arches, decorate them with canopies, curtains, other decorative elements.

In order to stylishly and modernly decorate the interior of the bedroom, you can use a variety of materials: glass, paper, cork, paint, metal, stone, sand, shells and other natural and artificial materials.

What can you hang?

In addition to interesting facing materials, it is possible to decorate the wall in several other ways: by hanging a decorative ornament over the headboard, it is interesting to beat the sleeping area with the help of decorative sources of illumination, and also using shelves of various shapes and sizes.

Paintings - traditional and loved by many design options for the walls. Moreover, not only in the bedroom, but also in other rooms. Depending on the content, size, color range, the picture can greatly transform the space of the room: make it bigger, more spacious, lighter,create a fun or fairly strict atmosphere.

There are several different options for decorating a wall with paintings. It can be one big picture or several small ones, united by a common theme and placed randomly on the wall or in a certain order.

Poster. More economical version of the picture, which is also possible to change from time to time.

Carpet. Just a few years ago, the carpet on the wall could be found in almost every home. Today, many have abandoned this tradition, but some still use beautiful, colorful, thick or thin carpets to decorate the walls.

Shelves will help not only to solve the problem with the arrangement of souvenirs or beautiful trinkets in the bedroom, they can interestingly and unusually complement the interior. The simplest models are straight and one above the other. A more interesting option is to place shelves of different sizes in a checkerboard or other order. Shelves can be made in the form of complex geometric shapes, to form several tiers above the bed, located above the headboard, as well as to the left and to the right of it.

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A mirror is a mandatory attribute, without which practically no bedroom interior can do. This is, above all, a functional object, in addition a mirror allows you to visually expand a small room. A beautiful frame or an unusual mirror shape also serves as a stylish and elegant addition to and decoration of any decor.

Decorative lamps also perform several functions at once. The warm, muffled light allows you to read several pages of your favorite book before bedtime. A beautiful design of sconces is an additional element of the decor of the room.

Interior Design Ideas

The original version of the wall design with paintings. The combination of them in different shapes and sizes looks very harmonious, thanks to the close color scheme in which they are selected, and an interesting compositional solution.

A great design option for a small room. The bright monochrome walls are decorated with an elegant, contrasting color inscription with a concise decor. Simple and tasteful!

Bright interior in itself attracts enough attention. Especially if it is sustained in such a saturated sunny orange color.Slightly painting the white paint over the headboard helps to slightly subdue the deep color and to make the interior more subtle. Two asymmetrically located white shelves with a miniature statuette complement the decorative design of the wall.

Information provided for reference purposes.For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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