Paintings for the bedroom

 Paintings for the bedroom

Decor plays one of the most important roles in home improvement. With the help of well-chosen parts, you can transform a room and give it a unique stylistic touch. One of the most popular and spectacular decorative elements are paintings. Today we will examine in detail the role of these items in the bedroom.


The bedroom is not just one of the living rooms, but a real cozy corner in which you can have a good rest, sleep and be distracted from everyday problems. Such a room should be as comfortable as possible to be comfortable in it.

To create a pleasant and beautiful environment, you need to choose the appropriate finishing materials, furniture and, of course, decor. With the help of the latest details, you can radically change the mood and atmosphere in the room.

You can transform the interior with the help of properly selected paintings. They can have different sizes, tonality and texture. The choice of suitable options depends on the basic style of the situation in the bedroom and the personal preferences of the owners.

There are several varieties of these decorative elements:

  • Embossed paintings have an original and attractive appearance. They attract attention, especially if you resort to a spectacular play of light. The relief in the image may be small or pronounced. The second option is more noticeable, and can play the role of a bright accent in a comfortable bedroom.
  • Fashionable today are paintings, sketches. Such options are notable for easy negligence and natural beauty, which can be present only in talented sketches. Sketch images look best on the background of light or pastel decoration and discreet furniture.
  • Textile paintings have an interesting appearance. Such details can make the interior of the bedroom more comfortable and soft. The most successful are the inconspicuous landscapes or floral arrangements on a canvas of light textiles with the addition of lace.
  • The trend of recent years is the realistic pattern of photo wallpapers. Today in the building materials stores you can meet a chic assortment of such options for the design of the bedroom. One of the most popular and sought after images of landscapes and urban panoramas.
  • Modular pictures will look fresh and attractive in the bedroom. Modern manufacturers delight customers with a wide variety of scenes, so it is possible to choose the appropriate option to the interior of any style.
  • Positive emotions will give realistic murals of beautiful photo wallpapers. They can be depicted harmonious landscape (urban or natural), flower arrangement or your favorite photo. The choice is huge.
  • Stylish and modern in the room will look one big picture, located above the headboard. Large canvases can have different tonality depending on the basic coloring of the room.


Today, the stores sell paintings depicting completely different subjects, from classic natural compositions to sophisticated surrealism or multi-faceted abstraction. Let us consider in more detail the most popular options suitable for the design of a bedroom.

Biblical themes

Many people choose biblical motifs to decorate their bedrooms. These can be paintings with angels or scenes of the origin of the world from the Bible. Such decor looks harmonious in the interior in classical, antique, baroque style, etc.

Against the background of such paintings you can place wooden furniture in a pompous and aristocratic performance.

Herbal theme

Images of flowers are very popular. Such decorations can transform the interior and illuminate it with rich colors. For example, a large and bright picture with a flower arrangement can decorate an empty wall in the bedroom. Similar images are recommended to hang in well-lit places of the room, as in a tandem with natural light, they look very nice and attractive.

It is worth noting the fact that these paintings are suitable for a variety of styles, from classic to modern. For example, a harmonious picture with pale pink roses or pastel peonies will find its place in a light and airy interior in a romantic way.

And on the background of a bright bed in a modern style, a modular picture depicting red poppies will look harmonious. Flowers are the best options for placement above the headboard.

These paintings can be hung in any room: whether it is a children's or family bedroom.

Another popular pictorial plant is sakura. A picture with this beautiful tree can be placed in the interiors of pink, purple, purple, white, gray and beige tones. It is recommended to give preference to large canvases and place them over the head of the bed.

Love theme

For the bedroom are ideal paintings depicting love. Variations of such decorative elements can be very much: from cartoon cartoons to full-fledged love scenes in the style of a classic novel.

Romantic paintings fit well in the delicate interiors, decorated in bright, calm and pastel colors. For example, a modular picture of a loving couple against the backdrop of raging sea waves and sunset will look spectacular against the background of soft peach or beige walls and a double bed with a headboard in the color of creme brulee.

Daring and contrasting images will find their place in brighter, bold and sensual environments. So, a black and white picture depicting a love scene from an old movie can be hung over a light bed with contrasting black pillows and black bedside tables.


Paintings with images of various animals are very popular today. However, experts do not recommend hanging in the bedroom linen with predators or unpleasant insects. If you still decide to decorate the room with carnivorous animals, then you should not choose aggressive compositions depicting evil grins and sharp claws.

An excellent alternative can be wolves on the background of a winter landscape. Such images will have a calming effect on the nervous system and just please the eye. With the help of such details you can revive even the most simple and boring interior.

In the bedroom you can hang a beautiful picture, which depicts a horse. These animals embody a natural beauty and grace. Such canvases can be placed in the interior of almost any style - from country country to aristocratic classics.

If you decide to hang a picture in the bedroom depicting a beautiful lion with a lush mane, then it is recommended to choose the canvases on which this animal is in a royal pose, rather than hunting. Today, such images are very popular. With their help, you can transform the interior and bring unobtrusive sunny colors into it.


Dynamic abstraction is suitable for the bedroom, but such compositions should be placed in areas that are not visible when going to bed. It is necessary to take into account the fact that the paintings depicting abstraction are suitable only for ultramodern and futuristic environments.


Pictures with beautiful landscapes are ideal for creating a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. The best options are summer and spring compositions.You can hang such pictures not only over the head of the bed, but also in areas that are well viewed before going to bed, especially if the landscape is made in soothing and non-eloquent colors.

The trend of recent years is the cityscapes with the image of high skyscrapers and noisy evening streets with burning lanterns. Such options are suitable for the decoration of rooms in a modern style. Pictures can be bright and saturated or dull and low-key. Many interiors harmoniously look black and white city streets.

For classic furnishings, medium-sized and small-sized paintings with pastel and watercolor city streets of delicate tones are more suitable. For example, it may be the romantic streets of Paris or the enchanting canals of Venice.

Water theme

Suitable for the bedroom and a picture of the water surface. However, with such paintings should be careful. For such rooms, it is recommended to choose only such canvases, which depict crystal clear water of a pleasant shade. Overgrown ponds of greenish color for the bedroom is absolutely not suitable.

Acquiring such a picture, it should be borne in mind that, over time, it may become boring and bored. According to the teachings of Feng Shui, such decorations should be completely abandoned, since they can have an adverse effect on the emotional state and mood of a person. The following video will tell you more about this.

Tips for choosing

For the selection of paintings in the white bedroom should take into account the style of the interior and the color palette of furniture. So, against the background of white walls and light beds with similar bedding, linens with blue sea waves, a tropical beach or white birds in pastel colors will look harmonious.

Above the bed with a black headboard and dark bedside tables, you can hang pictures with a black and white composition, a fiery sunset or rich colors. The decor can be in harmony with the shade of upholstered furniture or effectively contrast with it and with the decoration of the walls.

On a white background will look spectacular pastel colors. With the help of paintings in such colors you can create a gentle and calm atmosphere, which is so important for the bedroom. In the conditions of a dark room, monochrome, light and pictures of neutral shades will look harmonious.

If you decide to hang on the dark wall the same dark canvas, then you should choose the options on which there are bright or white details, otherwise the decor will merge with the finish.

Before choosing a suitable decor, you should know which images should not be hung in the bedroom:

  1. You should not post images of destructive natural elements, catastrophes, accidents and other similar tragedies. Such compositions can lead to negative emotions and irritation.
  2. In the bedroom of spouses or a person looking for a soul mate, it is not recommended to hang pictures depicting a lonely figure or sad historical (religious, literary) scenes.
  3. It is not necessary to hang in the family bedroom and paintings with single images. For example, it can be a lonely tree, a flower, etc. If you like this plot of the picture, you can hang two canvases next to each other.
  4. Do not hang too bright and colorful paintings in front of the bed. Such compositions will be conspicuous and prevent from fast falling asleep.
  5. It is better to abandon the paintings depicting sad and gloomy scenes.Such images will negatively affect the mood of the owners and their emotional state.
  6. It is worth refusing to decorate the bedroom with paintings depicting rainy weather or sad autumn landscapes. Such design options can be incredibly beautiful and attractive, but they will evoke sad and depressive thoughts.

Variants of placement in the interior

Consider several options for placing paintings in the interior on the example of the teachings of Feng Shui:

  1. In accordance with this famous teaching, the space must be divided into zones.
  2. It is necessary to have pictures in a room only on one of the walls. There should be very few such decorative elements (no more than 3).
  3. On all canvases should be viewed one plot.
  4. It is better to refuse other decorations on the walls.

The teaching allows you to pick up several images with the same or similar motive. In this case, they will not emanate bad energy.

Pictures should be placed in the following areas:

  • The best and most common option for placing canvases is a wall above the bed. Such a decision will visually highlight the main element of the bedroom.But it is necessary to take into account the height of the headboard: it should not be too large.
  • Often people hang pictures over bedside tables. Such an arrangement is acceptable, but decorative additions should be located on both sides of the bed. It is necessary to choose paintings of small size and the same theme. The most successful will be the vertical canvases that can visually change the level of the ceiling.
  • Pictures can be hung on the wall opposite the bed. But in this case it is necessary to take into account the purpose of the decor. If you choose one or another image for a quick and easy falling asleep, then it is necessary to give preference to a calmer and more peaceful composition.

If the canvas you need for a vigorous and speedy awakening, then you should buy the option with dynamic scenes.

It is not recommended to hang pictures on other walls near high pieces of furniture, as their plot can simply get lost.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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