Classic curtains in the bedroom

 Classic curtains in the bedroom

The classics of the interior is a design that does not go out of fashion, which presupposes a traditional combination of elegance and luxury, symmetry, and a calm color range. Smooth lines and soft deep tones give the interior comfort and peace. That is why for the bedroom most often choose the classic style, because this place should be particularly comfortable, conducive to a good rest. Classic curtains in the bedroom are designed to protect the room from sunlight and prying eyes, and they also set the tone for the whole environment. Usually the curtains are selected in the same style with a veil, such an ensemble gives completeness to the design of the bedroom.

Selection features

Choosing the curtains most suitable for the interior, it is necessary to take into account other nuances,which will affect the appearance of the room - the illumination of the room, its size, the density of the furniture, the height of the ceilings, the proportions of the walls. In accordance with these parameters, you can beat the space, visually expand it, or, conversely, “clutter up”.

It is very important to remember that the curtains from the photograph in the catalog may look very different in your bedroom. Each situation is individual, be sure to consider this.

Spacious rooms give more maneuver to select curtains. It will look great and dark heavy curtains in a classic style, and their lighter and airy "fellow" pastel colors. But for a small room it is best to choose light fabrics in a light palette to visually expand the room. However, it should be borne in mind that the fabric in any case should be dense and not transmit sunlight or night lighting of the city.

In the classic versions use two rows of curtains, so as not to overload the space of a small bedroom. These are simple curtains, not burdened with fancy decorations, and light tulle, which will let in light and air during the daytime.

Color solutions

The main task of curtains for the bedroom - to create a relaxing environment for rest and sleep, so you should avoid bright shades of fabric. Calm, deep tones will provide a psychological atmosphere of warmth and comfort.

The color of the curtains should emphasize the overall design of the interior, echo the other elements and the main "heroes" of the space.: wallpaper, upholstery and bedspread. The color scheme of the curtains (as one of the brightest spots of the bedroom) can emphasize the finish and hide flaws, place accents and visually resize the room.

A good technique that allows you to visually expand the space is the use of fabrics with a tint in the texture itself - this is satin, silk.

Their subdued shine will look great in the interior of the bedroom, making the decor luxurious. However, it should be remembered that such dark-colored fabrics can give a small room a look of congestion and carelessness. For miniature rooms with low ceilings, it is better to choose light shades that match the tone of the wallpaper.

Texture and designs

The double combination of light flying fabric (tulle, organza) and dense light absorbing curtains is especially popular at all times.

This combination is standard, but the texture and design may be different options: from light in the execution of curtains on the loops to massive classic curtains with drapery. The latter look luxurious in spacious rooms, especially if the colors of the materials are in harmony with the decoration of the walls. But in a small room they will be unnecessarily bulky, even executed in pastel colors.

Curtains for the bedroom also differ in the method of fastening the curtains to the brackets. These can be loops, clips, braid or eyelets. Usually the design of fasteners depends on the type and weight of the fabric.

Decoration for curtains

Even the severity of classic curtains, if they are made to order, will make the interior original and unique. Designers will show creativity and talent, while modern sewing technologies and accessories will leave a huge scope for imagination.

Curtains and harnesses made in the form of bows or embroidery, supplemented with beads or glass beads are very common decorations for curtains. With the right approach in this way you can "revive" even the most strict and simple curtain fabric. But it is very important to have a delicate taste and sense of proportion.Without expert advice from a designer, you can easily slip into vulgarity and tastelessness.

An extravagant decoration is asymmetrical tulle curtains. However, this method is better to use only in extreme cases when you need to beat some not very beautiful features of the interior.

So, the choice of curtains for the bedroom in a classic style opens up a lot of options and possibilities. If you dream of luxury and lulling atmosphere, and the size of the bedroom allows, choose muted tones of chocolate and burgundy shades. In this case, white and white curtains are exquisitely accentuated by the depth of color of the curtains. If the size of the bedroom is small, then the light shades of the curtains to the finish of the walls visually expand the space and fill it with additional light.

You can learn more about classic and other types of curtains by watching the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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