Combined wallpaper in the bedroom: design ideas

 Combined wallpaper in the bedroom: design ideas

Express your bright personality with the unusual design of your own home today is quite simple. Include your imagination, get acquainted with the advice of experienced designers and those for whom repair is a thing already passed, and go! And it does not matter whether you are the owner of a small apartment or the owner of a mansion with three-meter ceilings. The main thing is to creatively approach any undertakings and not be afraid of novelty. Combined wallpaper in the bedroom is a great option. This article discusses interesting design ideas.

Layout Benefits

Many of you probably noticed that in some rooms (even not very large ones) you feel comfortable and cozy, while in others you don’t want to stay for a long time - so much so that they feel oppressive. It is all about the details and color of the surrounding interior, lighting and accessories.

The bedroom area is a sacred place for the owners. This is where the morning of each person begins and the day ends. This is a zone of comfort and privacy, so it is very important how the owner feels in the bedroom, which is usually hidden from prying eyes. Therefore, all the little things play an important role, and especially - the layout of the wallpaper of different colors, which will allow your bedroom to become a place where both body and soul rest.

In order to successfully select different color gamuts of wallpaper, it is necessary to follow certain rules for optimal selection of colors. Such combinations can be:

  • simple - when used wallpaper in two colors, harmoniously complement each other;
  • complex - the colors of the wallpaper are noticeably different from each other;
  • extraordinary - This is not two, but as many as three or four scales.

To make it clearer, you can use the so-called color wheel, created by interior designers.

Combining warm and cool colors with the help of the wheel, you will make the layout of your wallpaper harmonious and immaculate.

If you prefer a calm interior, choose tones located in the radius of the neighborhood. If you like to experiment, feel free to “paint” your walls in colors opposite each other: blue and yellow, green and red. True, to combine colors of dark shades is much more difficult than light ones. However, if you are able to correctly place accents, but also successfully use the black color, you will achieve a unique effect.

Black and white gamma is very well suited for a bedroom in high-tech style, but it is desirable that in this case there should be a lot of square meters.

So, a few rules from designers:

  • pink color Looks good with brown or milky;
  • Orange with caramel make your bedroom warm and cozy;
  • burgundy color successfully "lays down" with brown or pink;
  • Red color "Gets on" with warm shades;
  • Do not use only cold colors in one room - blue or green (they can make the interior gloomy);
  • Striped wallpaper is recommended to be combined with one-color, repeating the shade of the main background.

Remember that the design with the combined wallpaper looks much richer and more interesting.

The main thing is to make the bedroom comfortable and relaxing.. No need to combine with her office or game room. Even if all other rooms are decorated in the same style, you can arrange the bedroom exactly as you like.

Rules for combining different wallpapers

Options with a combined wallpaper will help you create a fresh and original design of the bedroom, but also save money and materials. For example, the walls in the bedroom will practically not get dirty - as in the kitchen, where the type of suitable wallpaper depends on the temperature and humidity.

However, the bedroom is the place where we sleep, so you need to take care of environmental friendliness of materials. You can use paper, fabric and non-woven wallpaper. Liquid and glass wall paper are perfect for a children's bedroom, they are quite wear-resistant.

The combination of two types and colors, as well as different textures of wallpaper looks great in a modern design. In order not to be mistaken in the choice, experiment with the probes (you need to take into account the thickness of the wallpaper), and also consider how you can mask the joints if necessary.Remember that the wallpaper is very difficult to combine with others, although in themselves they look very elegant.

Based on the opinion of experts on the choice of colors, once again pay attention to the following nuances:

  • If you and your spouse need a bit of passion in the surrounding design, use red, orange and pink shades.. However, do not overdo it. Make them an additional, non-primary color.
  • If you need a "pacifying" atmosphere, you should choose warm colors. - beige, ivory, golden or light brown.
  • If, nevertheless, your bedroom combines elements of a working corner, stop your choice on light green or blue tones.
  • If you are a fan of evening twilight, then give preference to blue, dark green or lilac tones. If earlier morning is your favorite time for you, decorate your bedroom with pink or light green hues.
  • When you are not satisfied with the height of low ceilings, light cream tones of different shades in combination with a dazzling white ceiling will make your room brighter and more spacious.
  • Avoid colors of different styles. - for example, perfectly beige and neon yellow.

Choose the two types of wallpaper should be after you decide on the style of the bedroom.

The classic version is a large-pattern silk-screen printing: lilies, rhombuses, plain wallpaper, which are lighter or darker in tone. If your wallpaper is plain, experiment with shades of the same color: dark green and light green, red and pale pink. If the "chip" in the print, then everything should be the same size. Thin stripes can be placed nearby, but in no case do not overload your interior with decoration: if the room is small, then such decoration will not look.

Very well combined wallpaper of different colors, some of which are used as panels and decorated with frames of polyurethane baguettes. On the main monochromatic background is placed a large insert of the second wallpaper and is made out of a narrow border. It is such a detail that can accent the part of the room where it is located: at the head of the bed or with a luxurious crystal sconce.

If you do decide on contrasting colors, then rely on the recommendations of famous designers. A cozy atmosphere in the bedroom can be achieved with the help of completely contrasting shades - red and white.Calm white and passionate red in combination will give an unsurpassed, royal result. If you are a fan of contrasts, you can “soften” the revolutionary color with a quieter, coral or cherry shade. If desired, you can dilute the third color - cream or sand.

A special conversation - about floral wallpaper. Flowers, as you know, the classic version of the design of the walls. The very first textile wallpaper was made with a pattern of flowers. The sizes of the depicted representatives of the flora can vary - from small to extremely large, simple, exotic, decorated with foliage, twigs, butterflies. They resemble the Garden of Eden.

Any size of flowers is suitable for a large bedroom, but for a small one it’s better to stick to small sizes. If you do not accept small sizes, then a large figure should be placed only on one wall - for example, above the headboard. Wrap the rest of the walls with suitable plain wallpaper. Avoid combining different “flower” patterns in the same room.

A small bedroom will be decorated with a combination of plain wallpaper without a pattern. Remember: ideally, all wall coverings should be the same thickness.If the wallpaper is different in this regard, consider masking the seams between them.

Wall sticking options

When working with wallpaper it is important to pay attention to the size of the room, its geometry. Dark shades are ideal for a large room, which visually reduces it a little. If dark is not your color, choose a wallpaper with a large pattern.

In order to “lighten” the room, light wallpaper is glued to the wall opposite the window. If the overall picture turned out to be monotonous and does not please the eye, dark materials should be placed opposite the window, and light materials should be placed on other walls. Then the general view will not cast a gloom.

The vertical stripes on the wallpaper visually increase the height of the ceiling, even if they are repeated irregularly. You can add a highlight to the design of your bedroom - one wall - striped, the rest - plain or with a not very catchy pattern.

If you have different colors of wallpaper, but all in a strip, then distribute them at different intervals on different walls. Great variety of options, it all depends on your imagination and style.

There is also the possibility of horizontal wallpaper sticking. This is a classic version, which is used in the design of bedrooms for a long time. An important condition is a high ceiling.

A good option is a horizontal strip that surrounds the entire territory of the bedroom. The height of its location also depends on what style you choose for your room. Most often it is located at eye level.

If your combined wallpaper of different textures, then at their junction, it will be appropriate to look at the so-called border - plinth of a suitable material.

Will look great in the bedroom and wallpaper - the fashion on them is stable and durable, every year designers and designers offer a lot of new options for their location and design. The main thing is that the main color of the photo wallpaper be in harmony with the main background. If the interior of your room is marine, then the photo wallpaper with the picture of the ocean should match the turquoise of the main tone of the wallpaper.

Today, many wallpapers replace objects of art in the room. They can absolutely transform your bedroom, and you will not spend much effort on it.

If the main color of your bedroom is dazzling white, “dilute” it with a Victorian floral storyline. This is a very good design option.

The choice of the plot of the photo wallpaper depends on your imagination, although experts are inclined to think that the image in the "intimate" room should be soothing. This can be achieved with the help of vegetable themes.Large flowers, raindrops, images of human eyes, waterfalls and the ocean - all of these images can make your bedroom an oasis of peace and comfort.

Now many argue that the blue color also has a beneficial effect on the spiritual peace of man. The blue color of the wallpaper is quite capable of lowering your pressure and slowing the heart rate.

Another trend of bedroom design is gray, neutral color. This color excludes irritation, which is important for a person preparing for bed. In this case, black-and-white (you can also personal) photos, geometric figures will be appropriate as the image. Another option is that bright motley drawings and graphics become a bright spot in the gray bedroom.

Features of the design of a small room

If your bedroom is small, you can also find a stylish solution for it. The main thing is to remember the rules of combining wallpaper in a small room.

In a small bedroom, the colors of the wallpaper should not be gloomy, they visually reduce the area by 40%, the design is not very large.

As for the geometry - narrow rooms need to be pasted over with two colors in the following sequence: light wallpaper on short walls.They must “go” around the corner. This is achieved by aligning the size of the walls. If your wallpaper is of different texture, then the glue is selected personally for each canvas. In extreme cases, choose a universal glue, if you do not want to bother.

If the walls in your small, but cozy bedroom are not very smooth, choose wallpaper with a different (bright) color on the opposite wall. So you divert attention from the problem wall.

Visually increase the space of your room will help and wallpaper with glitter. The combination of exquisite silk-screen printing and aged light wallpaper will make your bedroom mysterious and “big”. If the ceilings in your bedroom are not very high, use the horizontal pattern on the wallpaper.

If you plan to hang a considerable number of paintings or photographs, then choose a combination of light wallpaper without a picture.

When horizontally combining the wallpaper, glue the bottom of the wall with darker colors, but on top - always light colors.

If the bedroom is quite small, about 10 square meters, it is recommended to glue it on with even three types of wallpaper. The main thing is that they are identical in texture and color (preferably in a pattern).

It is necessary to glue them vertically, but the prerequisite is their alternation with a constant interval. Cream color perfectly harmonizes with alternating light green or lilac.

Bedroom / living room combination

If your living room also performs the function of a bedroom due to different circumstances, then combining the 2-color wallpaper will allow you to visually divide the room and avoid discomfort.

Ideal option - the choice of style loft for your combined room. Determine the central area, focus on the dining area, glue the wall around the table where guests will gather, wallpaper, imitating brickwork. These wallpapers will perfectly fit into any interior.

Using the “game” of textures and colors, shade the area where your sleeping bed (sofa or bed) is located in a softer color that sets off the main brick palette. Let the furniture in your living room-bedroom be white, because this color perfectly underlines the brutality of the brickwork. Complete all the accessories, and your room will “sound” in a new way, stylishly and elegantly.

Some designers recommend using minimalism when combining the living room and bedroom.In this case, it is better to choose wallpaper without pictures, plain. Selection of a particular zone occurs due to accessories (pillows, figurines, vases), a combination of wallpaper tones. An interesting option - beige for the bedroom area and soft brown for the living room. Lighting and furniture will complete the idea, and your bedroom-living room will be perfect.

You can delimit zones with the help of drywall, shelving, glass and arched passage. Build your interior in contrast, and you get a modern style. In the living-bedroom, the use of various contrasting colors in combination with vintage furniture will give an unrivaled effect. Do not be afraid to dream!

Beautiful interior design ideas

Even from a one-room apartment you can make a unique living room, which will accommodate a double bed, and your guests will feel very comfortable.

Wrap the area above the head of the bed with dark brown monochromatic wallpaper, in the corner of which a branch of sakura “blooms”. As furniture, install wardrobes to match the brown wallpaper. The white-carpeted floor will take you from the bed to the sofa in white with contrasting brown pillows.over which the wallpaper is located (almost white). You can add a little cream color, set the same light coffee tables. As accessories, add mirrors over the sofa to visually enlarge the room. Opposite the couch - dark brown stylish chest of drawers, where you can arrange the TV.

Two zones, light cream and dark brown, will make from your sixteen meters a refined room in which you can sit with the guests and relax on the bed after a busy day.

All your fantasies and creative impulses (as well as design tips) will be able to give a beautiful and comfortable home, allow you to find your own style and be proud of the result.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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