Dresser with mirror in the bedroom

 Dresser with mirror in the bedroom

A set of furniture for bedrooms often includes a chest of drawers with a mirror - an interior item whose name, translated from French, means “comfortable”. The dresser quite justifies its name, as evidenced by the next peak of its popularity. Today, many choose a dresser with a mirror in the bedroom.

Furniture for those who appreciate beauty and comfort

It is believed that the ancestor of the dresser was a regular chest in which clothes were kept, as well as other necessary things. Gradually, the chest was changed, changing the size and enriching the legs, doors and other "chips."

The first commode, similar to the modern one, appeared somewhere in the 17th century. It was made by Italian furniture makers.Since then, this type of furniture accompanies a person, and the bedroom is the most popular “dwelling place”.

Such popularity this furniture owes its versatility. It can be used:

  • as a bedside or dressing table on which it is convenient to arrange cosmetics;
  • as a box for clothes or bedding;
  • additional room decoration.

In this case, the chest of drawers is very compact and will not take up much space in the room, it will not “overload” it with furniture. Modern manufacturers offer customers dressers with a mirror for every taste.

A mirror mounted on it will help make the room brighter and visually enlarge it.

Products may differ from each other by:

  • color;
  • size;
  • form;
  • installation method;
  • manufacturing material.

Wide and price range that allows everyone to choose exactly what is needed.

Color variety

The classic color of the dresser is brown (the color of natural wood), but now you can find both white and gray and black - a variety of options are now available. The most popular color is wenge.

Size range

By their dimensions, dressers can be narrow and wide, low and high, long and short. However, the following sizes are considered optimal for an average bedroom:

  • height - 120-130 cm;
  • depth - not more than half a meter;
  • length is about 180 cm.

Different sizes can be boxes.

Variety of shapes and designs

The following forms of dressers can be distinguished:

  • Classic rectangular.
  • Cornerwhich are subdivided into L-shaped, trapezoid and five-wall. The best option for small bedrooms is an angular dresser, as it allows you to use the indoor space most economically.
  • Radius - products with elliptical or semicircular shapes. Often they are equipped with sections rotating relative to each other.

One of the latest inventions of modern masters and designers is combined products or transformer chests equipped with a retractable top table top. This additional panel can be used both to place even more necessary things on the dresser, and as a workplace.

The dimensions of all the boxes may be the same. Products can also vary in size and location (vertically or horizontally). In the smallest drawers, as a rule, jewelry is stored, in high and deep - sleeping accessories, in long and deep - things, and in narrow - various accessories (scarves, ties and much more).

EAnother structural feature concerns the mirror. It can be stationary or folding.

Installation method

By the way of installation dressers with a mirror for a bedroom are:

  • Outdoor - installed on legs or have a special base. It is located most often near the wall.
  • Wall mounted - fixed on the wall. Convenience is that such products can be fixed at any convenient height. The inconvenience is stillness, impossibility to move.
  • Attached - are part of the furniture set.

The latter, as a rule, can be installed only in a strictly defined place - when moving, the overall design composition is disturbed.


As materials for the dresser are used:

  • Natural wood cherry, maple or oak. This option is considered a classic.Products from this material are environmentally friendly, beautiful and durable - they can serve for several decades without ceasing to be aesthetic and functional.
  • Fiber and chipboard (MDF, particleboard, fiberboard). The main material for the production of modern furniture. Quality slab products can be of different colors and textures.
  • Rattan. Wicker products look beautiful and elegant, but, as a rule, are used only as a decorative addition to the interior.
  • Fake diamond. Adds solidity, durable and durable.

Often, manufacturers combine different materials to improve the quality characteristics of furniture.

Accommodation Rules

It is possible to install a dresser with a mirror in any bedroom, the main thing is not opposite the bed. For small rooms, a product that fits into a corner and does not take up much space is more suitable, or a compact convertible chest with drawers of various sizes.

When placing the dresser will help the following recommendations:

  • It should stand next to the bed, but not clutter the entrance.
  • You can not put too close to other furniture, so as not to interfere with the opening of drawers.Otherwise, the dresser will lose most of its functionality.
  • The place for installation is determined in advance, and the dresser is chosen specifically for it (but not vice versa).

Accommodation options may depend on the layout of the room, as well as on the design features of the dresser. Narrow and long products, for example, will look best along the wall, and the corner ones - in the corner.

Selection rules

In order for the chest of drawers to live up to its name and served the owners for decades, it must be chosen correctly. To do this, experts recommend to pay attention to:

  • The absence of various defects on the product, scratches, chips, concave and uneven surfaces.
  • Smooth sliding of boxes and free opening of doors. At the same time inside the compartments should be enough space in order to put things there.
  • Availability and quality of accessories. All installed handles and decorative items should firmly hold on the designated places, choose quality materials.
  • Dimensions. They should fit the size of the bedroom.
  • The material of manufacture.

In addition, it is important that the product you select matches the overall design of the room. A large chest of drawers with carvings and gilt will perfectly fit into the Baroque style, and the product, made in pastel colors and with bronze fittings - in the style of Provence. For high-tech style furniture with elements made of plastic or metal will be an excellent solution, while products of various curvilinear shapes will be suitable for modern.

Ikea Furniture

In a large "furniture family" from Ikea, dressers with mirrors are by no means the last. Most often, they are included in bedroom sets, but there are separate options.

When making this item of bedroom furniture, designers tried to take everything into account - from the color preferences of the modern consumer to the quality and maximum functionality of the dresser. One of the most popular models of this company is a white convertible dresser, which fits well in almost any interior - from classic to minimalism.

At the same time, it harmoniously combines the functions of the dressing table and bedside table, and if necessary, its working surface can be increased due to the retractable panel.

Ikea offers several dozen variants of dressers with mirrors for the bedroom series "Malm", "Ras", "Hemnes" and others.The following video will tell you more about one of them.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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