Short curtains to the window sill in the interior of the bedroom

 Short curtains to the window sill in the interior of the bedroom

Textiles can make the interior more comfortable, beautiful and warm at home. Especially when it comes to the design of the bedroom, where the decor should contribute to relaxation. Of course, there can not do without curtains.

The modern selection of curtains is almost endless. For your home you can buy models of different density, length, color, design. Traditionally long curtains were chosen for the bedroom, but in recent years, short curtains have come to the fore. The advantages of such curtains, their varieties and fashion trends relating to this type of decor, and will be discussed in our article.

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Advantages and disadvantages

If we compare the curtains of different lengths, then the short ones have certain advantages over long models:

  1. Easier access to the window. The window opening is only partially closed, it facilitates access to the colors located on the windowsill. Short curtains make it easier and faster to open the window, if necessary. In addition, warm air from the heaters quickly enters the room.
  2. Ease of care. Short curtains wash and iron much faster and easier than long ones.
  3. Ideal for window opening with a balcony door.
  4. A wide range of models, materials, colors and prints.
  5. Short curtains look very harmoniously in a small room. They do not "hide" the height and do not reduce the area of ​​the room.
  6. The length of the curtains allows you to place a bed, a sofa, armchairs, a table and other furniture near the window. Curtains will not interfere and confused.
  7. Curtains do not interfere with natural light, but allow you to hide the space of the room from prying eyes.

Along with the advantages, short curtains have their drawbacks as compared with analogues. Among them:

  1. Narrow window openings are not suitable for such curtains.
  2. Short curtains do not hide old radiators, peeling windowsills, cracks or other deformations of the wall under the window.
  3. Some design options for short curtains are very expensive.


Among the modern variety of design options for window openings can be identified several of the most popular and sought after:

  • London curtains due to their design features can easily change the length. That is, they can be lowered over the entire window or raised almost to the curtains with the help of special tapes. When lifting, the curtains gather in large, soft folds, which gives additional charm and charm to these curtains.
  • French curtains. This elegant, stylish and very beautiful design for windows originates from the Middle Ages, when palaces and chambers of nobility were decorated with such richly draped curtains. Today, such curtains are increasingly found in modern interiors. For their tailoring, beautiful, expensive, light and shiny materials (organza, taffeta, silk) are used.
  • Austrian curtains visually look like a canvas with horizontal folds at the bottom.They have an average length and used to be called festoon. The main purpose of such curtains is not only decorative appeal, but also in their functionality. They protect the room from the penetration of cold air from the window. For their manufacture used cotton, wool and other materials.
  • Roman curtains considered as one of the most practical and inexpensive options for modern design of window space. They do not contain a large number of folds or complex draperies. Visually, they are a smooth, smooth canvas that can partially or completely cover the window. They are very compact, perfectly combined with different styles of interior and in harmony with any furniture, accessories and decor items.
  • Roller blinds - a modern, stylish design window. Ideal for minimalist trends (hi-tech, loft). The canvas is often complemented by a three-dimensional image that allows you to very effectively decorate and complement the interior of the bedroom. For their manufacture are used dense durable materials that perfectly cover the room from the bright sunlight and summer heat.
  • Japanese curtains differ from conventional models in their design. It is rather a sliding panel for window space. Most often they are used in spacious rooms with panoramic windows.
  • Swedish curtains rarely found in the interior of the bedroom. They are made in a very simple and concise design and externally look like a short rolled canvas with a weighting rail at the bottom.
  • "Stagecoach" - graceful cute curtains, which in ancient times were used to decorate the windows of the carriage. The curtain is lifted by hand, and fixed in the desired position with a belt, tape, braid.
  • "Cafe". This type of curtain looks especially cute and original. The eaves are not placed under the ceiling, but approximately in the middle of the window space. On it are hung small, lightweight curtains, which allow you to hide or open the window if necessary. To close the upper part of the window, lambrequin is often used, made in the same style as the main curtain. These curtains got their name from their destination. In the XIX century, many European cafes used such curtains as part of the interior decoration.
  • "Color Block". One of the novelties of recent years. A feature of this model is the combination of two bright contrasting pieces of color in color. The color scheme is chosen under the furniture, wall or floor covering of the room.
  • Bamboo curtains. A great option for those who prefer the traditional classic curtains light, stylish curtains. Bamboo is practical to use, does not cause allergic reactions, does not attract dust. This option is perfect for the interior, designed in the style of minimalism, Provence, Oriental or Ecostyle.
  • Rustic blinds most often used in interiors in the style of Provence or Country. Light natural materials are used for tailoring: chintz, flax, cotton in small florets. Decorated with lace, braid, embroidery.
  • Pleated Blinds superficially resemble office blinds, but made of dense material. Perfect for decorating small interiors. They are very compact, they perfectly shade a room on a hot day, they can be fixed at different heights. Often have a special antibacterial coating.
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Colors and design

Choosing curtains for the bedroom, it is necessary to make a start not only from their design and size, but also from the color scale. Improper design for the window can ruin the overall impression of a stylish interior.

Basic rules for the selection of curtains:

  1. All items of textiles should be designed in a single color scheme. This applies not only to curtains, but also bedspreads, rugs, decorative pillows.
  2. Curtains should be in harmony with the color of the wall covering of the room. Not necessarily color in color, but better if it will be similar tones. For example, beige + chocolate, blue + blue. Another option is a bright contrast to the main background. In this case, the remaining decorative elements or accessories should be kept in the same shade.
  3. Color seriously affects the psycho-emotional state of a person. Bright colors (orange, red, yellow) excite a person, brown causes depression, and blue and green tones contribute to quick calm and relaxation.
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Modern design solutions

The choice of a suitable design for the bedroom window depends not only on its own taste, but also on the fashion trends of this season.

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Short curtains made of textured materials with an unusual interlacing of threads are especially popular now. A rich decor (sequins, glass beads, gold threads, lace, embroidery) is welcomed. It is interesting to look at products from iridescent fabrics, which change their color depending on the intensity of solar radiation. Everything that can attract attention is in fashion - bright colors, unusual prints, original form, rich decor.

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The color scheme, popular today, includes all the natural shades that are found in the natural environment. It is white, black, brown, green, blue color. No less popular today is the deep purple color, which looks perfect in the interior of light colors.

As for the length, ideally, the curtains should not touch the sill about 1 cm. This length is optimal.

Connoisseurs of more restrained and concise options should consider practical fabric roller blinds or short Roman blinds. They are perfect for a bedroom without a balcony or a small room.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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