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Sleeping rooms can be decorated in a variety of colors, from neutral to bright. If you are a lover of bold design solutions, then you definitely will like the interior and decoration of the room in red. Such conditions look bold and original, but when you make a design, you must follow a number of rules. Making a red bedroom is not so easy as it may seem at first glance.

Color value

In the west, saturated red has several meanings. Someone perceives it as the color of love and desire, but for someone it is the embodiment of aggression and rage. In eastern countries, red color symbolizes well-being and success.

It fits not everyone. Living rooms in such shades will suit more open and liberated people.It is worth noting that the red color can have a direct effect on the body: to increase heart rate, increase blood pressure and adrenaline in the blood.

This color embodies the passion and excitement, so it is possible to turn to him for the design of the bedroom - despite its brightness.

Terms of use

The design of the bedroom in red should be approached as seriously as possible. To create a beautiful and not annoying interior in such a palette can only a person with excellent taste and sense of style.

It is worth noting the advantages of such color design. Red is not only sensual and sexy, but also very warm.

For the red bedroom you need to choose the appropriate decor items and accessories. With these details, many of the design flaws can be corrected - especially if they are bright and attract attention. If you correctly select the contrasting pieces of furniture and decorative elements, then as a result you will have a fashionable and original decor.

This interior design has its drawbacks. With red you have to be very careful.One wrong decision - and the interior will be hopelessly flawed. In such a bedroom, contrasting combinations of different colors will look perfect. Do not dwell only on the red tones.

If there is too much scarlet in the room, then over time it will cause irritation, fatigue and reduce performance.

Red visually reduces space, therefore, this design is not recommended for owners of small bedrooms.

It is not necessary to use only the red color for decoration It looks great in tandem with many contrasting tones, but you should be very careful when selecting them. Both light and dark shades can participate in the combination.

What styles are suitable?

Red color looks great in different styles of interior. Here are the most successful options:

  • Bright colors harmoniously look in oriental style. In such interiors there are intricate patterns, interesting embroidery, luxurious canopies, as well as carpets and wallpapers with appropriate prints. In scarlet color, these parts are able to transform the room and fill it with subtle notes of oriental flavor.
  • Today the loft style is very popular. It may also have a red color. The harmonious tandem is explained by the fact that the loft style is characterized by open brick walls that have a corresponding shade. These elements can be complemented with heavy black curtains and light-colored furniture. However, such an ensemble is not recommended to apply if the bedroom is small-sized.
  • Red is perfect for romantics. Such interiors are most often chosen by girls or young girls. In these interiors may be present cherry, raspberry, purple and pink shades.
  • Red harmoniously looks in rustic styles, made in the spirit of minimalism. As a rule, in such rooms there are quilts of red color, textile carpets, furniture made of natural wood and thick curtains.

What is the color combination?

Red color looks spectacular in various color combinations:

  • Contrasting room in red and black tones is most often chosen by courageous and confident people. The interior in such colors should be created carefully so that the room does not become too gloomy.This palette looks particularly impressive in the bedrooms, made in the Gothic style.
  • Black and white tandem can be diluted with a third color. The most successful options will be white, pastel and gray. However, it should be borne in mind that in such a spectacular trio one of the colors should be the main one and occupy most of the space.
  • Rooms in red and white are no less attractive and stylish. In such circumstances, the red color should not be too much.

This design is perfect for a bedroom, as it has a good rest (due to the presence of white tones, diluting energetic red hues).

  • You can liven up the room with the help of red and blue tones. They should not be addressed to people who have problems with sleep, as these colors "share" energy and increase human performance.


If you choose the red color for the walls in the bedroom, it should be diluted with neutral tones. This is necessary so that the interior of the room does not seem too aggressive.

A white double bed will harmoniously look on the background of red walls. A good option - light light curtains. With these details you dilute the audacious image of the room.

You can also turn to another interesting design solution: stick the light wallpaper on the walls and emphasize the bright style of the room with the help of red accessories and decorative elements.

Designers recommend choosing walls with darker shades of red. Rooms with such design will look fashionable and modern, without irritating the eyes.

Today in the trend interiors, made in burgundy tones. Burgundy can be not only the walls, but also such elements of the bedroom as bedding, lamps, decorative items.

With the help of red wallpaper or plaster of different colors you can divide the room into zones. For example, the space behind the bed can be trimmed with materials of a dark red color, and the rest of the space can be made beige.

In spacious rooms with high ceilings, red wallpapers decorated with various prints will look harmoniously.

The trend of the last seasons is scarlet wallpaper, complemented by golden patterns. They look really luxurious, especially in those cases, if you choose the appropriate furniture for them.


In the red bedroom harmoniously look a variety of pieces of furniture:

  • It is recommended to choose elements of white, black, beige, chocolate or brown.
  • The presence of furniture not only from natural, but also from artificial materials (plastic) is permissible.
  • If the room is made in a modern style, then metal or glass parts must be present.
  • On the background of red walls will look attractive pieces of furniture with light facades.
  • For a bright original room is to select options with glossy surfaces.
  • Furniture must have the correct form. It is better to refuse models with patterned and ornate weaves.
  • Today, in furniture stores you can meet a wide range of high-quality and beautiful bedroom sets. Such sets will look harmoniously against the background of red walls, especially if they are painted in contrasting colors.
  • The main part of the bedroom is the bed. The rest of the furniture must be selected in accordance with the tone of the walls and the style of the bed.

We place accents

You can create a beautiful and harmonious interior in the red bedroom with the help of attractive accents.To do this, you need to choose suitable curtains, bedding, frames of paintings and photographs, decor (vases, figurines), ottomans and banquettes, as well as lamps and flower vases.

Original and stylish in these rooms look canopies. They are located above the bed. The canopy should correspond to the general style of the room and its color.

Do not forget that all accessories must have one tone. If you do not adhere to this simple rule, the interior will seem unreasoned and disharmonious.

In the red bedroom color accents should be placed at different levels. Do not block up only one of the planes of the room.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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