Bedrooms "Lazurite"

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. This is the place where people relax and relax after working days. The factory and the network of shops "Lazurit" will help to make your bedroom cozy and beautiful.

Special features

Lazurit is one of the largest furniture factories and retail chains in Europe. Due to the high quality of its products, Lazurit has won more than 250 cities in Russia, Europe, the USA and the CIS countries. Due to the high requirements for production and constant quality checks, the company expands and increases the turnover and range. All furniture meets European standards and is created with the latest technologies.

Furniture network technological, aesthetic, functional, hygienic.

The main advantages of the company are:

  1. Materials The factory uses in production only environmentally friendly, durable and modern materials.For sleeping sets not only natural wood massifs are used, but also high-quality substitutes from artificial materials, glass and absolutely safe plastic.
  2. Range. "Lapis lazuli" is not limited to several trim levels or a certain color range. The model range is so rich that it takes more than one day to choose furniture.
  3. You can pick a headset that is not limited to one shade. In addition, the range is designed so that almost all furniture is modular. This is especially true for small apartments.
  4. Price. To equip a bedroom, it is not at all necessary to overpay. Furniture factory is designed for people with different income levels.
  5. Related products. By purchasing a new bedroom, you can buy blankets, pillows, blankets and other bedding in one place.
  6. Any buyer will not be able to choose the entire headset, but only parts of it. You can add them with other pieces of furniture. This allows you to order a special bedroom project, which is not the case with other large companies.

Another important advantage of Lazurit stores is that you can see the layout of your future bedroom right in the store.

Highly qualified sales consultants will model the interior in 3D-format.Designers of the company take into account all wishes of the client, beginning from accessories and finishing with functionality of furniture.

The service of preliminary modeling and selection of furniture is provided absolutely free of charge - in any store of the company.

The company's specialists study the market and the needs of customers, so the assortment in stores is always in demand. Most of the furniture is modular, its design is designed for various combinations and flawless combinations, regardless of choice.


The range of the factory "Lazurit" is very rich, it is presented in a wide price range. Everyone will be able to find furniture not only for the soul, but also for the wallet. The stores feature not only bedrooms, but also dressers, sofas, living rooms, hallways, kitchens, children's rooms, cabinets and much more.

As for the bedroom, the choice is not limited to a bedroom suite. In stores, you can literally “assemble” the entire room. At your disposal - blankets, pillows, beds, mattresses, blankets, bed linen, wardrobes and wardrobes, as well as cabinets, toilet and coffee tables. You can arrange a bedroom without any problems."Lazurite" is surprised by the quality of accessories, a variety of colors and materials.

The company has prepared for its customers an online catalog where you can find out about current promotions, discounts and great deals.

To make the search process as easy as possible, it’s enough for the buyer to choose his city, the nearest store - and find out about the availability of goods.

Tips for choosing

Properly chosen bedroom interior will help its owner to spend time with benefit or in maximum relaxation. Rejuvenate will only work in the place where we feel comfortable and cozy. In order for the bedroom to be a place where you want to return again and again, you need to take into account some of the nuances.


For children choose furniture from environmentally friendly and safe materials, the main feature of which is an easy transformation. For teenagers, it is important to take into account the color scheme and the feeling of safety and comfort. Young couples usually choose compromise options where there is furniture for everyone - for example, the presence of a dressing table or a large TV cabinet.


At the very first stage it is necessary to determine the overall style of the accordance with which will be selected furniture and accessories.

The most popular today is the classic. Most often, it is chosen by people who are calm, who value quality, consistency and harmony. To create a classic style, many designers mix several similar styles.

Classic interiors are distinguished by natural wood, carvings, mosaics, a streamlined shape.

The bedrooms in a classic style almost never go out of fashion, which indicates the practicality of this option.

Another close to the classical style - Baroque. This style is the embodiment of royal luxury and wealth. "Lazurit" offers in this style bedrooms "Shatura" and "Lagoon". However, there is one feature. To fit this style in the interior, you need a very large room, otherwise the bedroom in the Baroque style will look inappropriate.

However, there are so many options for small rooms in a modern style: high-tech, loft, minimalism, shebbi-chic.

Loft-style bedroom will suit creative people. This style can be easily decided if the room is open-plan and not limited by space.

The loft is characterized by minimalism, lack of walls and a small amount of furniture. As for furniture, it should be large and functional.

Hi-tech suitable for teenagers and single men. Almost always, this style contains a large number of metal parts, gloss and cool silver shades. All items of furniture and interior should be as functional as possible.

Another no less popular option is modern. For a modernist style that first appeared at the end of the 19th century, curved lines, natural ornaments and a combination of various elements of other styles are typical. "Lazurit" represents the bedroom "Shah" in the modern style.


The color scheme can be determined not only by style, but also by the person's age. For example, children choose bright, but at the same time not very aggressive color solutions. Furniture, floor, ceiling and walls should be contrasted. If the first is chosen bright colors, then everything else should be kept in a concise range - and vice versa. In the catalogs, this contrast can be seen in the examples of “Mahogany” and “Indigo” children's headsets.

For couples, it is better to choose furniture in blue or red colors - these colors do not let you forget about feelings and intimacy.The combination of neutral tones with a bright finish will not let the senses fade away, but at the same time will provide a good sleep.

The size

The most important point when choosing a bedroom set. Before buying, you need to make measurements of the room. This will allow you to correctly select and distribute furniture around the perimeter. Some experts also advise to contact the masters of Feng Shui - for even more efficient placement of furniture.

It is also important to consider the dimensions of the room itself. Most difficult to find furniture for small and non-standard rooms. To use the space as efficiently as possible, you can choose corner cabinets or wardrobes, modular furniture.


Many buyers leave positive feedback on the forums and the official website. Consumers mark not only high quality, but also reasonable prices. In the shops of the network "Lazurit" everyone can choose a bedroom for themselves, regardless of financial situation.

Another positive aspect is the service. Selection, assembly, delivery and service center deserve high marks.

Experienced sales consultants will pick up a bedroom set for any area,correctly calculate the size and offer a favorable location for your room.

The practicality and variety of models in different styles also do not go unnoticed. Any consumer will be able to find in the factory’s stores exactly what they need. You are unlikely to regret that you bought just such furniture.

Video review of the bedroom "Eleanor" from the company "Lazurit", see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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