We think over the design of a small bedroom

In some cases it is quite difficult to design the interior of a small room, since it is necessary not only to take into account all the necessary functional details, but also to preserve free space as much as possible. It is even more difficult to think over the design of a small bedroom, because in a small room you have to solve a lot of questions - for example, concerning beds and storage. It is necessary to understand how to most successfully think over the details of the interior, while leaving the room as spacious as possible.

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Special features

The bedroom should be multifunctional, therefore it is impossible to place only one bed in the room, being content with only a sleeping place. Best of all, the room has a number of functional features.

Thanks to this, it will be as comfortable as possible for living:

  • Such a room is designed for sleep and rest, but it is very good if it is light and fresh enough. When placing the furniture, you should not clutter up the window spaces and put bulky products next to them that prevent the penetration of natural light into the room.
  • Considering the space of a small room, it is not recommended to choose bulky large-sized furniture. She visually "eats" all the free space, and the bedroom will lose the atmosphere of comfort.
  • If there is a controversial question regarding the acquisition of more massive cabinets and savings in bed, the purchase of a folding sofa - or the choice of a full bed and small storage systems, you should not save on sleep quality. Pay attention to a quality bed with orthopedic mattress.
  • For a small bedroom a very smart decision would be to purchase a bed with a lifting mechanism. The lower part of this piece of furniture is a spacious box that will serve as an additional (and quite roomy) place to store things.
  • A small bedroom will always need a visual correction of the space.Best of all in this business will help the mirror surface. This can be, for example, wall decorative panels, glossy doors of cabinets and the surface of the shelves, curtain or stretch ceiling with a glossy effect.
  • The peculiarity of the small bedroom lies in the fact that you can fill the interior with unusual products. An excellent solution would be a loft bed with a workplace, a hidden bed that when folded turns into the surface of a modular wardrobe, as well as a model with built-in drawers.
  • A small bedroom will look much more comfortable if you add it with various stylish accessories. Pillows with knitted pillowcases and matching blankets in the set, light curtains with not very fancy night curtains and small vases with dried Provencal herbs are an excellent decor for such a room.

Consider the shape of the room

Of course, when planning the design of a small bedroom, you must take into account the shape of the room. Sometimes it depends on it how functional the room will be, how harmonious the placement of furniture will turn out, how cozy the atmosphere will reign in the interior.

A rectangular room may not always be functional, since with small sizes the possibility of accommodating a high-quality double bed and a spacious storage space is reduced.

Let us consider in more detail the planning options for a small rectangular room:

  • A good option would be to place in the room a modular set of furniture with a built-in hidden bed that unfolds when lifting and lowering its frame. The bed is equipped with an ordinary orthopedic mattress, so it will be quite comfortable to sleep on it. The advantage of this kit lies in the fact that it takes up very little space, being at the same time very functional.
  • For a small rectangular room fit bed with built-in drawers. This product solves some of the issues relating to storage, so the room can be placed only a small locker and a neat coffee table.
  • A loft bed, located in the side of the window, would be an ideal option for sleeping in such a room. If there is no need for a working area, then a small chair and a low bookshelf can be placed at the bottom of such furniture.Such a cozy corner will be an excellent option for evening leisure, and the location near the window gives an advantage in the form of observing the lights of the evening city.

The square room has its own characteristics, so the process of its arrangement will be easier, and in some cases even more enjoyable.

Let's take a closer look at some options for the design and placement of furniture in a small square bedroom:

  • The square bedroom has the advantage that the bed in such a room can be positioned by the window, by placing the headboard against the wall where the window is located. On the sides of the bed will look good small, but high cabinets. Typically, these models are roomy, so the issue associated with the storage of various things will be resolved. A small dressing table or a small cozy chair can be placed against the wall opposite the bed.
  • If there is a need to place the bed against the wall, you should use one of the side walls for this. So the bed will be turned sideways to the window, but sunlight will still fall on it at certain hours - depending on the time of day.
  • If you need to change the bed to the sofa, if the room should be not only a bedroom, but also a room for personal home entertainment. In this case, you should not choose too bulky model of the product, because it only spoils the interior. It is better to pay attention to the small sofas, which are perfectly located in front of the closet and desk, TV.

Popular styles

Of course, a lot depends on the style in which the room is decorated. Sometimes, some features of a particular style are quite strongly reflected in the visual perception of a room and change it drastically.

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Consider the most popular styles and their main features:

High tech

This style is characterized by the predominance of a large amount of free space, but not everyone knows how to arrange this in a very small sleeping area. The task seems to be intractable, but it is not, since it is quite simple to implement the idea.

The main instrument of visual adjustment of space in this case will be a game of contrasts, as well as the selection of suitable lighting. This style is characterized by the use of mainly light shades in design, which are only slightly diluted with dark details.All these tricks will help make the room more spacious.


It will be very difficult to arrange an oriental-style bedroom in a small room, since its concept involves the use of, albeit, “airy”, but at the same time rather massive decorative elements. They will not decorate the room, but only “eat” the free space, making it uncomfortable.

It is quite easy to get out of the situation using only a small part of the decorative elements. Wallpaper with an ornament in the oriental style can be placed on one of the walls, forming them into a kind of decorative panels. Also suitable textile items - blankets and pillows, as well as the corresponding decoration of lamps.

Country music

This style is something special, unusual - and at the same time cozy. Among the characteristic features of this style it is possible to note one of the most striking features - classic wall-paper is very rarely used for wall decor, usually the surface is covered with thin wood or decorated with small wooden details.

As for furniture - country accepts the most comfortable models. Perfectly fit into the interior are sleeping items made of solid wood, as well as various decorative wicker elements.


A bedroom in the Arabian style (even the smallest) can become a real fabulous place for the rest of the royals. Even with the use of inexpensive materials (in minimal quantities) the room still looks fascinatingly luxurious.

If you decide to arrange a small bedroom in this style, you should follow some recommendations. If possible, use arched elements, Persian floor carpets, elegant canopies, decorative pillows in large quantities, as well as various decorative elements such as stained glass, geometric and floral prints.

Color solutions

An important role in the design of a small bedroom is also played by the color scheme.

It’s not a secret to anyone that a room seems to be more spacious if light shades. However, not everyone will be pleased with this decision.

Let us consider in more detail how to choose the right color combinations so that the design does not affect the internal space detrimental, and also get acquainted with the most popular design ideas for bedroom design.

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It's amazing how quickly fashion trends change.More recently, gloomy tones did not seem so attractive, but this season the design of the bedroom in gray tones is at the peak of popularity. Particularly elegant and sophisticated looks design in the style of "gradient", in which the walls are decorated in the form of a smooth transition from light to darker shades.

Dark blue bedroom It will not look very attractive, because the abundance of this color in the interior can cause discomfort. Designers advise to combine it with lighter, warm colors: with white, light yellow, soft lilac, pale blue.

Monophonic turquoise bedroom rarely who have to taste. This shade is able to visually make the room even less, so experts in the field of interior design are advised to dilute it with white or light blue.

Room decoration in white colorOf course, it will have a beneficial effect on space, but it can get boring. If the walls and ceiling of your bedroom are decorated with white color, it is worth choosing furniture and floor covering of darker shades that are combined with each other.

Black and white bedroom It will look very nice - especially if the predominant shade is white. Black color is ideal for highlighting details and emphasizing the advantages of the room.

The small sleeping rooms, in the interior of which green, red, lilac, beige and violet shades are used look beautiful too. However, you should be careful not to overdo it with bright colors. It is recommended to combine them with paler tones - to create a harmonious picture.

Interior decoration and decor

It is sometimes quite difficult to design the interior yourself, because in the process there are many nuances and issues that only experts can solve. To facilitate the independent decision of a question concerning the design of a small bedroom, it is worth exploring the list of the most popular finishing materials used to create a stylish interior.


Classical decoration of the walls with wallpaper can be a bit boring, but it is not always easy to find a replacement that is just as attractive at the price, but much more spectacular and unusual. This problem can be solved faster than it seems by choosing wallpaper or textured canvas for painting. So you can give the walls the desired shade and apply any print.

In some cases, ceiling moldings are great for designing bedroom walls. The decor of a round form with deepening will help to visually smooth the sharp corners of the room and make it more spacious. In addition, this decor on the walls looks very unusual and stylish.

Eco-style wall decoration has become an incredibly popular new trend. It is noteworthy that for the design of such a bedroom cork panels are used, which not only look beautiful, but also are very functional, protecting the surface of the walls from high humidity and mechanical damage.

A very unusual design solution is to finish the bedroom with the help of ordinary newspapers. Since they are very thin and become translucent when wet, the wall should be pre-painted white, and after gluing newspapers, the surface should be covered with several layers of protective varnish.

Very often for the decoration of walls used wood panels, the surface of which is an imitation of timber. This decor looks very interesting, it is ideal for the design of bedrooms in rustic and country styles.

In some interiors, the walls are decorated with large and small stones. This design solution looks incredibly stylish, but it will not be appropriate in every room. Stone decoration is not suitable for a small bedroom, as the space is somewhat “eaten up”.

In order to visually enlarge the space, mirror and glass elements are used for wall decor. The walls, the various elements of the interior are reflected in the glossy surface, which creates the impression of a much larger space than it actually is.

Plasterboard constructions, various three-dimensional panels and numerous picture frames and photos can be called very beautiful and interesting. However, be careful, because the abundance of such a large decor can adversely affect the space of an already small bedroom.

Floor and ceiling

Of course, the decor of the walls in the interior of the bedroom is important, but it doesn’t represent anything without an appropriate floor and ceiling decoration. Consider the most popular, profitable and practical options for finishing ceilings and floors, as well as the most interesting design solutions.

Many materials are used to finish the ceiling surface., each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. Suspended ceilings look pretty impressive, but negatively affect the space of a small room, but the small ceiling niche of plasterboard will be just right.

A great option would be stretched glossy canvas, but you should take into account their features. One of such features is the fact that the glossy ceiling of a dark color is distinguished by an excessively strong glossy effect, therefore the environment will be reflected in it particularly well.

It is better to opt for white products - rather restrained and subtle.

Ceilings are often painted and whitened, many use decorative plaster for their decor. Since these materials may not be durable enough, you should follow certain rules while working, using special solutions, primer, tools and following a certain sequence of actions.

Finishing of floors should be given special attention, since it is not only a decorative component of the entire interior, but also part of the room that is most susceptible to stress. It is on the floor that people move every day.All pieces of furniture are also placed exactly on it, being at the same time not the easiest.

Sturdy and reliable flooring can be called floorboard, which fits perfectly into any design. Parquet is a natural material, hypoallergenic and completely safe for health. The varnished surface of the floorboard will last for many years.

Coatings such as linoleum and laminate have many advantages. Among the advantages can be noted advantageous cost and ease of installation, but a rather serious drawback may be that these coatings are not so durable, since traces often appear from heavy furniture.

In addition, for the bedroom it is quite advisable to use ceramic tiles or porcelain tiles. The advantage of the material is that it is incredibly strong, durable and durable. The disadvantages include the fact that the surface is cold and does not heat up well from the warm room air, therefore it may be necessary to lay heating mats under the floor itself.


Lighting the bedroom is a very important detail, since it must be not only as functional as possible, but also intelligently thought out - in terms of visual expansion of the space.Let us consider in more detail how best to place light sources in a small dormitory.

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It is best to have a small bedroom equipped with several sources of light, each of which performs a specific function. Even ceiling lighting is not enough even for the smallest room, as this can cause some inconvenience.

For example, if there are two people in the bedroom, one of whom wants to sleep and another to read, the use of ceiling lighting may be impossible. In this case, to solve the problem will help bedside lamps, which can be placed on both sides on the wall or on two bedside tables.

Bedside lamps should be small. The light is not too bright, but it should be enough so that some space near the head of the bed is lit, and also so that the pages of the book are well lit - in the case of reading before bedtime.

Bedside lamps will be very convenient if the ceiling fixture switch is located at the door. To turn off the light, do not have to get out of a warm bed - it will be enough just to press the button on the lamp.

This item may be insignificant if the ceiling lamp is equipped with a control panel. In this case, it will be very easy to turn it on and off if necessary, while remaining in its place.

To make the room seem more spacious, you should not use the center point for ceiling lighting, since in this case some corners may not be covered - they will remain dark. It is better to place a spotlight around the perimeter of the entire ceiling. The light will be scattered, lighting and corners, and the central part of the room.

How to arrange the furniture?

To create a complete picture of the interior is not enough just to issue the walls, floor and ceiling. It is also necessary to choose the right furniture and arrange it correctly. This is especially difficult to do in a small room, as there is a rather serious risk of cluttering it up.

For example, for a small bedroom it would be inappropriate to buy an overly large wardrobe, because the space of the room does not allow it. A small compact model of a rectangular shape is suitable, or a larger product with an angular placement, which is the most practical.

Modular furniture, including a bed, candle-side cabinets or bedside tables located on the sides, will look quite harmonious. This option is most suitable because it allows you to place all the necessary items, but the space is not cluttered.

Very stylish and modern bed-podium, located on some elevation. But such a solution for a bed in a small room would not be very practical, unless the podium is a functional part and is not equipped with built-in drawers. In this case, the bed-podium becomes more and more storage space.

Bedside tables in the bedroom do not necessarily have to be located near the bed, so it is accepted only in the classic version of the interior. If there is a chair in the room, you can put a bedside table quite well near it.

If space allows, you can place a computer desk near the window in the bedroom. However, it is not recommended to leave it unseparated; it is better to divide the room into zones, using small racks for this. So the bed will be separated from the working area.


Of course, no interior will look cozy without the addition of appropriate accessories. It is the small details that bring the latest decorative touches into the decor, helping the room design to look more holistic and complete.

Let us consider in more detail which accessories will be most relevant for a small bedroom, and which ones should be discarded.

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The most obvious and common decor of any room (not only the bedroom) are curtains, but not every type is suitable for a small room. Designers advise to abandon too heavy night curtains from expensive canvases. Classic kits made of lightweight tulle and thick products that muffle the street light, but do not overload the interior.

Accessories for windows include such an element as a pelmet, which is often part of a curtain set. Often, this element is part of the classic interior, but because of the massive folds and flounces can overload a small bedroom quite a lot.

A fireplace can be a very interesting decorative element for the bedroom.It should be immediately noted that the classic model with brickwork will not be very appropriate, because it takes a lot of space and is not suitable for an apartment. However, it is possible to choose a decorative electric mini-fireplace.

The functional component of the room can also act as a decor - for example, lamps, chandeliers. Decorative lighting points selected in one style will not only attract attention, but also help to revive even the most boring interior.

It is worth experimenting, "play" with the mixing of parts, different styles.

Very stylish accessories that are in many homes are vases. Yes, vases can also be part of the interior of a small bedroom. It is not necessary to constantly fill the vase with live plants, it is enough to buy a stylish bouquet of dry or artificial flowers.

Among other accessories it is necessary to highlight various figurines, which are usually placed on desks or pedestals. Small decorative candles will help to make the interior more intimate, and large paintings placed above the head of the bed will make it possible to focus on the central part of the room.

Interesting design ideas and new items

To create a stylish interior of a small bedroom, we’ll take a closer look at some design ideas that can be an inspiration or an example:

  • Incredibly sophisticated interior in a classic style. It is a small bedroom consisting of a set of modular furniture: two high cabinets located on the sides, wall cabinets with doors located between them, a bookshelf and a bed. The bedroom is decorated with light shades, so furniture in ivory has become the most successful choice.
  • Beautiful and quite simple bedroom in a small room. may be more stylish. The modular system of white furniture is complemented by a bed with a dark frame. It is also decorated with an unobtrusive picture located at the head of the bed. The highlight of the interior is a small wardrobe with mirror panels, built into the wall.
  • Cozy bedroom for two adultsLocated in a small rectangular room, decorated in light coffee shades. Bedside tables, located on two sides of the bed, are closely pressed to the walls, so there is no room for candle cabinets.Instead, there is a hanging cabinet with a decorative mirror surface above the bed.
  • A luxurious bedroom will appeal to lovers of comfort and beauty of the interiors. The room has a fairly bright finish - wallpaper in maroon and blue striped and dark brown floor. The abundance of snow-white furniture will look in this interior most successfully. Lamps with white shades and photographs within the same shade, located on one of the free walls, will help to complement the room.
  • The stylish attic bedroom is the real dream of every teenage girl. The abundance of bright colors in the design of the walls of the room is very well complemented by a bright element with a floral print, located on the wall behind the headboard. Under the large roof windows there is a neat bookshelf, and not far from the table there is a comfortable workplace - a small table and a chair.

Options may be very different. Choosing the most suitable of them, you should consider the characteristics of the room. If you are not sure that you can beautifully arrange the room, you need to familiarize yourself with the advice of experts.

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Useful tips on arranging

Arranging the bedroom yourself is not so difficult. To properly place the furniture in a small room and make it not only functional, but also stylish, It is necessary to adhere to some recommendations:

  • It should be borne in mind that in a small apartment it is important not only the design, but also the maximum preservation of free space. It is worth thinking about buying a compact modular system or built-in furniture.
  • In a small bedroom, it is important to preserve the natural feeling as much as possible, and not to overdo it with artificial lights. Most of the furniture is better placed away from the window, leaving space for the free operation of curtains.
  • To arrange a full-fledged sleeping place in a very small room, you should think about purchasing a bed-bedside table or a sliding sofa. So space will be saved, but the bedroom will still be functional.
  • Bedrooms in Khrushchev often have a narrow rectangular shape, so it is very difficult to arrange a bed near the window. There is a way out - the bed is located near the opposite wall and is complemented by narrow cabinets, hanging shelves and compact chests of drawers in which things can be stored.
  • When setting up a bedroom in the attic, you should ensure that there is no discomfort from the light that penetrates through the sloping windows during the night's sleep. Windows can be decorated with roman blinds. You can arrange the bed elsewhere.
  • In a bedroom with two windows it is better to have a bed opposite to them, then in the space between them a small computer desk can be quite harmoniously placed. If this furniture attribute is not provided in the interior, then the bed itself can be placed between the windows.
  • Planning a room with a balcony gives much less space for a successful decoration of the room, since the wall on one side will not be very functional because of the balcony door. In such a room the bed should be positioned in such a way as to avoid the ingress of drafts.
  • A bed in a small room will be very difficult to combine with the office. If there is such a need, you should think about purchasing a loft bed with a working area below. In addition, the working area can be arranged behind the cabinet doors, making it built-in, retractable.
  • When setting up a bedroom in a country house, in a private wooden house, you should take care of the heat in the room.If you have a classic brick stove, there will be no problems, and for other cases you can purchase electrical heaters.
  • If the space of the room is very small, and there is quite a lot of furniture that needs to be equipped with it, you should use the built-in and pull-out models, as well as use various life hacks to visually increase the space.

For more ideas on how to decorate a small bedroom, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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