Bedroom furniture from solid wood

Bedroom furniture made of solid wood is very popular because it gives the interior beauty, luxury, and homely warmth. The main advantage of wooden furniture is durability and environmental friendliness.

Special features

A set of wood can consist of various products, but a must for a bedroom is a spacious and attractive bed. It can be made in different styles, since designers embody the most daring ideas into reality. The wooden bed can be decorated with figured balusters, carved inserts or other original design details.

To make the bed expressive and spectacular, often used lights, which is located on a wooden frame.At decoration of a headboard metal, shod details, mirrors or products from genuine leather can be used. Making the bed will allow you to use it as the main element when decorating a bedroom in a classic style (or in one of the modern directions).

The bedroom set of wood also includes a wardrobe, stool, dressing table, bedside tables and other furniture items. With the help of the proposed range, you can make elegant touches to the interior design or fully equip the bedroom using a wooden set.


Conventional bedroom sets are based on a frame-modular design, which is made of chipboard, which is amenable to lamination. It is made of chips, shavings, sawdust, which are attached to each other through the use of formaldehyde resins. Raw materials are natural, but the use of such furniture can produce harmful vapors of formaldehyde..

Natural wood is an environmentally friendly product.

Main advantages:

  • Solid wood - natural raw materialswhich during processing is not amenable to exposure to harmful substances.
  • Durability and reliability - wood is much better in these parameters than wood-shaving materials.
  • Tree differs in good heat conductivitytherefore it is warm and pleasant.
  • Natural wood amenable to special treatmentthat improves water resistance.
  • Luxurious appearance and large selection of colors.

Wood properties

In the manufacture of cabinet and upholstered furniture, coniferous and noble trees are used. A bedroom set made of pine is great for decorating a room, since such wood emits refreshing aromatic substances. The furniture from a pine belongs to inexpensive models therefore it is available to everyone.

A lot of furniture for decorating the bedroom are made of beech wood This material is characterized by durability and durability. Such wood attracts attention with the ability to deform, therefore it is often used in the production of bent elements, chairs or cabinets. If we compare prices with the cost of other wood species, it can be noted that beech costs more than pine because of its excellent performance properties. However, it is not as expensive as oak.

Hardwood trees, which include maple, as well as cherry, ash and linden, are very rarely seen in the manufacture of wooden furniture. Many buyers choose fruit trees to create a beautiful indoor smell. Popular bedroom furniture made of pear or walnut.

Italian bedrooms, which have gained great popularity all over the world, are made of exotic tree species - this is rosewood, mahogany, ebony.


Wooden bed - the central element in the design of the bedroom. To create light models, beech is often used, as well as Karelian birch or pine. To create models of dark colors ideal array of hornbeam or oak.

The wardrobe also belongs to the main elements of the bedroom. Models attract the attention of large sizes, since they are designed for convenient placement of a large number of things. To create an atmosphere of comfort and warmth, a wardrobe made of natural wood is perfect.

If there is no financial opportunity to decorate the bedroom with furniture from expensive woods, then you can pay attention to the bedroom set of solid wood and veneer.The design of the cabinet is made of cheap wood, and then glued with veneer, made from an expensive array. If you have some skills in woodworking, this furniture can be made independently.

Tips for choosing

When choosing wooden furniture for the bedroom, you need to consider some important points:

  • Dimensions of the bedroom. For a small room is ideal double bed, a great option - a few cabinets. You should not use a lot of furniture so that the room does not look even smaller than it actually is. For a spacious bedroom, you can use any ideas. Tall cabinets with narrow facades fit perfectly into the design of the room.
  • Style direction. To embody the classic style, you can use furniture with a luxurious decor. Modern styles require sticking to concise and simple forms.

And to learn more about the difference between solid wood furniture and just wooden furniture, you can watch the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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