Classic style bedroom furniture

In the bedroom we spend a very significant part of our life and constantly experimenting with the design of the room where we rest after a busy day is extremely inappropriate. Therefore, it is worth taking seriously the choice of a particular style, which, along with your preferences, will contribute to a full and harmonious rest for many nights. The time-tested classics will undoubtedly help you with this.

Features of design

For those who appreciate a good night’s sleep and prefer to spend the night in a relaxed, relaxed atmosphere, the right choice will be to design your bedroom in a strict classical style, which is inherent in the maximum harmony of all design elements.

It is not so much the selection of classical furniture that is important as the uniform style of the whole surrounding space,includes the choice of colors and textures of walls and floors, windows and ceilings, as well as textiles and all decorative elements that are present in the interior design.

The main advice, before going to the furniture salon, is determined by the style, preferably at the same time we carefully think over every detail of the design of your future bedroom.

Remember that the classic interior style involves refined simplicity, convenience and grace, and it has:

  • discreet color scheme;
  • smooth and smooth lines;
  • furniture made of wood;
  • lack of contrasts and artificial materials;
  • the use of paintings, sculptures and other objects of art.

Choice of furniture

In the bedroom, decorated in a classic style, it is better to purchase a complete set of furniture. When choosing furniture, you should pay attention to models with additional elements of decor, such as artistic carving or gilding, they give furniture a special elegance and grace.

The most winning option will be a combination of items made of light wood and dull, almost transparent, artificially aged decor, and the ornate patterns on the legs and backs of the chairs and table for your bedroom will give the room a touch of mystery and flirtation, without destroying the overall harmony of the classical style.

Standardly the set of classical furniture set includes:

  • double bed;
  • spacious linen closet;
  • dressing table or dressing table;
  • thumbs

It should be remembered that the classic style excludes the replacement of a bed with an ottoman that has recently become popular, or even the most elegant sofa. A spacious bed with a large massive headboard is the basis of classic apartments, it is the center of your bedroom, and according to its shapes and sizes you will organize the rest of your interior space.

Further, much attention should be paid to the closet in which you are going to store the bedclothes and your personal belongings. It should be comfortable and roomy, preferably with hinged doors. Depending on the size of your room, the closet can be single, double or triple.

If you want to give your room a special statism and grandeur, reminiscent of royal chambers, you can not do without such bright details as a chest of drawers. Often this particular piece of furniture takes the main visual load and becomes a special highlight of the whole interior.On the dresser you can place frames with your family photos, art objects or antiques - everything that will favorably emphasize the general atmosphere of your chosen style.

Selection of color solutions

The basic rule that should be followed when decorating an interior in a classic style is the use of warm and pastel colors, remember that the classic does not accept bright and extraordinary contrasts. A good solution would be to use in the design of colors, close to the natural colors. As a rule, in a classic bedroom, a combination of two primary colors is used, and their derived shades are allowed. Modern designers recommend warm beige, honey, olive, sand or chocolate shades.

It will be very good if you manage to create the effect of the flow of one color into another, it will give your interior a special harmony. Also, a smooth transition from one color to another will give the interior additional softness and restraint. When choosing textures, try to give preference only to soft and warm natural materials, this will help you to make your bedroom truly peaceful and, at the same time, stately and majestic.

If you want your luxurious bed to become the center of attention of the entire room, the walls of the room should be monotonous, it is not necessary to glue wallpapers with a blackened pattern that emphasizes attention. It is best to put traditional parquet on the floor, which should also be in harmony with the tone of your chosen furniture.

When decorating the ceiling in a classic style, the use of decorative moldings is welcomed, and fabric or rattan lampshades with natural materials are very well suited for ceiling lighting. It is very important that the lighting in the bedroom is muffled and slightly diffused. For additional consecration, you can use sconces correctly placed on the walls of the room, they will create additional comfort, advantageously emphasizing the decorative elements of furniture and focusing on them visual attention.

Use of accessories

Even if you are an adherent of the most correct classical style, you should not forget that the bedroom is a place of high-grade rest and harmonious relaxation, therefore the excessive severity and brevity inherent in, for example, a study, will simply not be appropriate here. Remember that classic style is, above all, elegant luxury. Therefore, it would be great if you decorate the interior with picturesque paintings in good-quality wooden frames.

Do not be discouraged if your financial situation does not yet allow you to purchase antiques, you can always hang on the walls paintings by artists acquired in modern art galleries. The main rule is to maintain the style and not disrupt the general harmony of the space you create.

In order for your apartment to become a truly comfortable and convenient place where you can enjoy a night's sleep, it is also very important to pay attention to the choice of curtains and curtains for your windows and doors. Undoubtedly, preference should be given to natural textiles that are warm and soft to the touch. Such fabric will favorably emphasize all advantages of your bedroom set, and will give additional comfort and restrained calm to the atmosphere of a room for rest. Curtains on the windows can be decorated with a fringe or tassels, as well as tied with cords. For complete harmony, the bedspread must also be matched to the color of window curtains and furniture.

Remember that in no case should you overload your rest room with pieces of furniture, since any bedroom requires free space, you must breathe freely and calmly in it.

In the next video you can see how to make your own bedroom in a classic style.

Information provided for reference purposes.For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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