Bedroom furniture

 Bedroom furniture

Although not very large amount of furniture is necessary for the decoration of the bedroom interior, it is necessary to approach this matter with great responsibility. This is one of the most important rooms in the house, because it is there that a person rests and gains strength for future accomplishments. The space should be cozy, beautiful, multifunctional, and, most importantly, comfortable.


With the right approach to the choice of interior items and decor, the situation in the room will be pleasant and relaxing.

The main types of furniture for the bedroom are cabinet, built-in and modular furniture.


A distinctive feature is that it is an individual section, which together form a spacious dressing room, wardrobes for clothes and other small things.All elements have the same design, which gives the whole atmosphere. This view is perfect for decorating a room of a non-standard size or shape - the modular system allows arranging cabinets and bedside tables in a convenient format.

With the help of corner furniture, you can functionally use the space, while adding the number of cabinets and mezzanines that are necessary.


If there is a bigger room available, you can choose cabinet furniture or, as it is otherwise called, headsets. The advantage is that with the purchase of cabinet furniture everything you need is immediately acquired - a bed, wardrobes, bedside tables, a dressing table and shelves. Compared with modular furniture, cabinet is much heavier and more massive and, as a rule, made in cream, beige and pastel colors.

It can be created from solid oak that will help to make the interior elite and memorable.

Cabinet furniture takes up more space, it also has corner walls. If desired, you can buy a slide, which is composed of elements of different heights, forming a multifunctional and elegant interior.Many furniture companies rely precisely on the cabinet system, since, by acquiring typical blocks created by designers, it is possible to embody a solid interior with the necessary number of pieces of furniture and their sizes.


If there is a need for modern design of the room, you can choose built-in or radius furniture. It is used to create hi-tech, modern or loft style. To create such an interior you do not need a lot of furniture, just a bed with drawers or a podium with a place to store things in it, as well as a dressing room with sliding doors. With this approach to design it will be impossible to recognize the location of the storage system. It can be behind the glossy doors or “hide” in niches.

Mezzanines and shelves must be arranged in the same color scheme as the whole room. This will help the interior to "hide" all the excess and achieve minimalism in design.


The combined furniture for a bedroom are actual when it is necessary to give a maximum of functional to subjects of a situation. This is ideal for a small room, because it uses sliding mechanisms, various layout systems, and shelving and shelves complement the overall system. When making a non-standard or small in size room, you can successfully use a combination of furniture. At night, the lifting bed folds back, and in the morning the design comes back, significantly saving space.

Headset elements

If ready-made solutions from the manufacturer are not satisfied, then you can make a choice in favor of individual interior items, but this is a very long process.

When choosing, it is necessary to build on a variety of parameters: the size and shape of the room, as well as the budget and your own ideas and desires.


The very first piece of furniture that you need to choose in the bedroom is, of course, the bed. It will be from her all the interior decoration of the room. A person spends a third of his life in a dream, so the importance of choosing the right bed cannot be overestimated. The design should be safe, comfortable and ergonomic.

An excellent option to save space can be a bed with legs or with the possibility of arranging cabinets for storage under it. Now in furniture stores presented a great variety of designs, the choice can be a real dilemma. In order not to be completely confused, it is worth remembering about the main parameters that you must make a start from when choosing:

  • the look or design of the bed;
  • its dimensions;
  • cost;
  • color scheme in the design.

One of the most important moments when choosing a place for a comfortable sleep is a focus on the height of a person who will rest in this bed, he should not feel discomfort. The width of the bed can be chosen at the discretion of the future owners, but it is worth remembering about the size of the room. The frame also should not be smaller than the mattress, otherwise the latter will bristle and crawl.

Production materials are also of great importance, now manufacturers prefer bed frames made of fiberboard and MDF, however, they do not differ in durability or strength. If the choice fell on a metal frame or a frame from solid wood of dense rock, then it should be remembered that it will last much longer. In any case, remember that the furniture must be natural and environmentally friendly. You should also remember about the jumpers, the standard number of them, as a rule, is 30 pieces. The overlaps are installed on the frame structure and affect its reliability and stability.It must be remembered that you need to respect the width between the jumpers, it should not exceed their own.

An important parameter for choosing a place to sleep is its width., there are certain rules that help adjust the bed to the size of the room. 160 - 180 cm is the generally accepted size of the bed, but there are also constructions 2 m wide. The following advice can help choose the right size - there should be a minimum distance of 70 cm between the wall and the bed.

When installing the bed, it should be remembered that it is also not critical to position it close to the side wall, but only if there is not too much space and there is no other option for the location.


When choosing the next piece of interior should also pay attention to the size of the room. Bedside cabinets - a kind of common name for the different designs and interior elements used to store things and various trifles. Very often, manufacturers use the option in which the thumbs are located on the sides of the bed. The appearance of the room depends on the material from which the cabinets are made and what size and type they are.

If the bedside tables are chosen disproportionately with the rest of the interior, then all the works on the improvement of the room will come to naught. As a rule, cabinets create an opportunity to add a lamp or a sconce to the design of the room, which can be a great accent in the design of the bedroom. An alternative option for bedside tables became steel shelving - a set of medium-sized shelves, also suitable for storing things.

Not so long ago, bedside tables made of glass were used. The obvious advantage of this design is that it will organically fit into almost any interior without spoiling it. Reflective surfaces of products help cabinets visually increase the space, at the same time merging with the environment.

However, the glass bedside tables should be under the close attention of the owner, they should not be fingerprints or stains, because due to the mirror surface all the rubbish is doubly noticeable.

Another interesting and original find designers are hanging bedside tables. They look as if they hover above the floor, while saving space in the bedroom.They are located on the sides of the bed, quite roomy and designed for a decent size cargo.


In order to store more dimensional things in the room cabinets and wardrobes are installed. Here comes the very modular furniture - a ready-made solution for the design of storage systems that fit perfectly into the interior, thanks to a single color scheme. An excellent idea for designers is to cover furniture with furniture that can be used as zoning of space. It is also a great accent in the room: drawing on textiles can repeat elements in the design of the room.

It is not always possible to arrange symmetrically for storage space relative to the bed, which is the central element in the room. In spite of this, it would be appropriate to place wardrobes or small wardrobes in the room. Do not forget about the general tone of the bedroom, it largely depends on how the facades of storage systems look. For the modern interior, which is to the minimalist style, smooth doors on the closers are perfect. Carved, richly decorated facades with an abundance of decorative elements will be harmonious in a classic style or in the style of Provence.

Existing unpacked cabinets, which are more likely to play the role of a spacious dresser than a high-grade wardrobe, are now very popular with manufacturers. This piece of furniture will fit wonderfully into the interior in the rococo or baroque style, as it is typical for them that there is an abundance of furniture in the room. Usually, if the room is a closet-wardrobe, the owner has a full-fledged dressing room, and the wardrobe only serves as an additional place to store oversized things that need to be in the near availability.

In order to decorate and add some variety to the usual interior, small handmade dressers, miniature cabinets or shelving decorated with carvings will work well. A chest of drawers is a very multifunctional piece of furniture, it can easily replace a dressing room or wardrobe in a small room, and it also takes up very little space, it is convenient and easy to store small things and things that the owner needs often. If there is a need to change a simple room with something original or unconventional, then you can add a small size and height of a wardrobe-wardrobe in several sections.

An interesting design of the facade of this piece of furniture will help to bring a unique into the decor of the space.

In a situation where the room cannot boast of large size, but it is necessary to place a storage system somewhere, small hanging cabinets can help you, located close to each other. They can be placed right under the ceiling, which will significantly save space for a dresser, which in any case will be needed to store daily trifles and other things. If there is a fireplace in the bedroom, then it will be able to perfectly fit into any interior, while it would be appropriate to place the space around it under the shelves.

Dressing table

With sufficient dimensions of the room, you can afford a dressing table, a light chair, a chair with armrests or a comfortable pouf come with it. When you include these items in the interior must be aware of the correct lighting and a mirror. It can be miniature and desktop, or it can hang on the wall.

Lighting can vary from bright (for applying and removing makeup) to muffled, which will help in the evening to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Design: starting from the style of the room

When making the space should be remembered that everything should be done in the same style to give the room elegance.

For this purpose, there are various design solutions - the interior in the style of Provence, Baroque, hi-tech:

  • When choosing the style of Provence, which is otherwise referred to as French country music, all furniture is artificially “aged” to make the atmosphere authentic. As a rule, furnishings are made from natural materials, using light colors in the design - pale blue, light green, beige or white. Particular attention should be paid to the details, the height of the furniture is specially reduced, and the width, on the contrary, increased. Carving facades and forged legs of the bed are relevant for Provence style, the presence of a large number of decorative trinkets that will make the room more comfortable.
  • When choosing a high-tech style, you can include in the design of glossy surfaces and at the same time a minimum of furniture. Minimalism is generally traced in everything - there is practically no decor, the existing storage systems are performed as functionally as possible. This style is characterized by straight lines, dark, sometimes even black, tones,but bright patches of lighting give it a futuristic look.
  • Baroque suggests pomp and some airiness in the design of the room. Numerous patterns and draperies in the decor, wooden details and forged furniture legs allow to achieve this. Making baroque bedroom furniture will mean massive and reliable.
  • Also recently, art deco and modern styles have gained popularity. For modernism, round lines, smooth forms and a general minimalist approach to shaping the environment are typical. This style of wood is used as the main material for furnishings, which, in turn, have ornate decorations with elements of asymmetry. The art deco style has a relatively small number of elements of furnishings that combine elegance and severity. The furniture should look elegant and is designed to focus attention on the fact that the owner can afford it. The bedrooms, decorated in this style, are rich in decorative elements and details. They look luxurious and luxury, while you need to be prepared for the fact that the cost will be appropriate.


In the modern world there is a huge number of products from which you can produce bedroom interior items.

The main ones are:

  • Chipboard;
  • wood (solid wood);
  • forged metal;
  • veneer and LMDF.

The most budget option of the above is laminated chipboard. Furniture is made of residues obtained by longitudinal sawing of logs mainly from shavings, on top of this, with the help of paper, it is laminated.

Although the structure and surface can be very different, there are obvious disadvantages in the use of furniture made from such material:

  1. The structure of the material is very loose, after a small amount of operating time the screws loosen and the furniture becomes unusable.
  2. Although a large number of models are presented, manufacturers usually use the same ones, which makes this furniture easily recognizable and not too reliable.
  3. When pressing chips, an element is used that subsequently releases formaldehyde, which adversely affects health.

In the production of furniture from veneered and laminated MDF wood fibers are used., but they do not use any materials hazardous to health during pressing. Finished boards are stronger than from chipboard and can last much longer. Appearance, preservation and sustainability of furniture depends largely on the nature of the coating layer. Laminated flooring will cost less, however, and furniture made from it will look much simpler than veneered MDF. The surface of the latter looks very similar to laminated chipboard, which helps to distinguish it from laminated MDF.

The most prestigious and expensive material for making furniture is an array of wood. It has many positive points, among them:

  • ergonomics;
  • proven quality;
  • furniture with proper respect can be used for about 20 years.

The variety of wood used affects the price of furniture, the strongest species are beech, ash, oak, birch or walnut, and this list is not exhaustive.. Furniture from alder and pine will be cheaper, the texture is softer.

Forged furniture is practically not involved in the design now, but is quickly gaining popularity, because it is the most durable and reliable material. The production technology of such furniture is an aid for creating certain motifs, which gives a huge scope for creativity. Wrought-iron bedroom furniture is created personally for the customer, usually it consists of a standard set - a bed and a storage system. Naturally, you can increase the number of items, it all depends on financial possibilities.

Criterias of choice

When choosing a bedroom set, it is not at all necessary to have a complete set of objects, since the room will only be as complete as possible. Basically, when choosing a decor in a bedroom, one should pay attention to how high-quality material was used in its manufacture. Also, an important point is to maintain a single stylistic motive, unsuited furniture can destroy the interior.

It is necessary to pay attention to the convenience of the furniture, no matter how beautiful it is, the main thing is the comfort of the owner, because the bedroom is primarily intended for relaxation. In turn, for the dark room is very important lighting. When choosing table lamps, sconces or lamps you need to remember that the room should always be lit sufficiently.

And last but not least, the overall budget is the most important selection criterion. Even with minimal cost you can furnish a room with taste and comfort, while using the useful space functionally. Small elements of the decor will help make the room beautiful, give it a liveliness.

How to choose a bed in the bedroom, see the video below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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