Men's bedroom design

For some reason in the philistine environment, it is considered that if a bedroom is designed in a masculine style, then it must necessarily bear the obvious features of brutality, minimalism and gray and black colors should prevail in it. In fact, modern men have a very capricious taste, they like to follow fashion and furnish the interiors of their homes in accordance with the latest design trends.

Design features for men's bedroom

At the same time, the men's bedroom will indeed differ significantly from the same women's bedroom by the peculiar character of the furnishings, the special atmosphere and the mood prevailing in this room.

How, then, will the modern men's bedroom stand out among other original interiors, and with all its appearance immediately mark the sex of its owner?

  1. A men's bedroom will always be decorated concisely, there will be no additional decoration in the form of laces and ruches, you will not see here also vases with flowers and porcelain knick-knacks.
  2. Every detail of such a bedroom will be as functional as possible. If in some interior object there is no special meaning in practical terms - you will not see it in such a room.
  3. The most preferred colors for men are: brown (all shades of chocolate or coffee with milk), active combinations of black and white, shades of silver and steel. Also popular are muted tones of red, flashy green, deep blue. They only seem a little gloomy at first, in fact, playing with these flowers, you can create very original and unique interiors.

Bedroom interior for men in various styles

For any man, his bedroom will be a place where he can immediately determine his character and lifestyle, guess whether the young man is sleeping or the man is aged. According to the chosen design, it will also be possible to understand whether an inveterate bachelor or student lives here without any particular taste preferences.

High tech

The design of this bedroom will be different cold motifs, due to its technological direction. In the center of such a room there will be a bed, all other elements of the decor will only complement it qualitatively.

  1. Black, graphite, brown, white, gray will be used as primary colors.
  2. Stone and cold concrete, chrome steel and glass, mirrored surfaces of various sizes will prevail among the basic materials.

The ceiling can be suspended and tensioned, mirrored and multi-level, and the walls can be decorated with wood panels, fabric or imitation of leather surfaces. The discreet decor will emphasize the owner’s desire to make a real men's “den” from his bedroom.


In the style of minimalism, a good half of modern men's bedrooms are made out. Convenience, the absence of non-functional details, accuracy, understandable forms and lines of design, discreet colors - all these are signs of this style. Here you can already notice additional lamps dividing the bedroom into zones, the presence of shelves, figurines, various men's accessories, paintings in inconspicuous frames and the simplest pieces of furniture.All this creates a single composition in the color plan - there is a predominance of gray and brown colors, neutral shades of cold and warm colors.


The design of such a bedroom always attracts attention, because this is the room of an adult man who has achieved a lot of success and wants to emphasize this even in the design of his own home. It will use expensive materials, only solid and good-quality furniture, a noble color range with a predominance of gold and silver. The materials of the surfaces in such a bedroom will be only natural - stone and precious wood, the wallpaper will be with a rich relief pattern, the curtains will be made of expensive rich fabrics. All objects of the decor will clearly emphasize the male character of the room: paintings, large candlesticks, solid solid vases, statuettes with a male theme.


A special word in the design of living rooms with a calm, relaxing bed is taken by the men's bedroom, decorated in the style of Provence. Such a bedroom will have a high-quality physical and spiritual relaxation. It should not be assumed that this room will be filled with ruffles and ruffles, which is completely incompatible with the masculine style.Often Provence style suggests airiness and a maritime theme, which is very typical for men with a strong-willed character.

Such a stylish theme is typical for small rooms - for example, if your bedroom is only 9 square meters. m, using a combination of blue and blue colors such a room will look more spacious.

Sea theme

Maritime theme is perfect for a young man who is not alien to the romantic mood and the spirit of wandering. It will use stylish furniture from light wood, wooden floor, lamps throughout the room, large windows with very light curtains and tulle. Decorative elements will emphasize the style of the room design: seashells and various landscapes, original figures and models of ships and rust-covered compasses - the real marine decor.


A loft-style bedroom is the perfect solution for men of various creative professions. Ideally, this could be a large spacious open-plan bedroom. A minimum of furniture, aged surfaces, slightly gloomy surroundings, the use of industrial decor, as the main materials of decoration are brick and metal, concrete and wood. Deliberate negligence in the design of such a bedroom is often misleading, in fact - all the signs of the interior are functional and perfectly zone the empty space of the loft.

Color solutions for the bedroom of a young and mature man

Most modern men need free space, no matter what room their house is talking about, which is why they sometimes choose the colors of the room “pushing” the walls. However, they still give the greatest preference to dark shades - gray, coffee, brown, black. And even if this color is the main color in the bedroom, you can only skillfully play on the resulting contrast, diluting it with a pair of bright decorative elements - purple frames, unusual yellow chair, carpets with bright prints.

In modern men's interior, you can safely enter virtually any dominant color detail. This kind of color choices are most often chosen by men of solid age.

Recently, however, there are also very interesting men's interiors in bright, neutral colors. They are simply added elements of male brutal decor, for example, imitation of wall coverings under the brick,Solid rough wood furniture, heavy heavy curtains, men's accessories like sports equipment. The bright accent of the male interior of the young student’s bed will be the presence of modern multifunctional furniture of light colors. For the basic design of a young man’s bedroom, colors such as green, bright blue, and rich burgundy will do.

Energetic and physically active young people often prefer impulsive red hues when finishing rooms. The active use of different tones of the same color when designing a men's room for sleeping will help to create a feeling of a single harmonious style.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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