Bedroom in the attic

 Bedroom in the attic

Very often, the owners of country houses think how best to equip the attic-mansard. Many use it to store various things that they no longer use, but this room can change dramatically if it is arranged under the bedroom.

Features and benefits

Attic - a spacious room under the roof, which can be used to create a comfortable and attractive bedroom. Most owners of country houses try to use each square meter of housing as efficiently as possible, so the attic will allow you to conveniently use the entire area of ​​the house.

The attic of a wooden house is distinguished by maximum environmental friendliness, therefore it is ideal for a bedroom. The main advantages of a bedroom in the attic:

  • The “under roof” space usually has large dimensions.that will allow, in addition to the bedroom, to additionally equip the study, dressing room, bathroom and toilet.
  • Thanks to the broken roof shape, You can easily divide the space into visual zones.
  • Designers offer ready-made design projects. in a variety of styles.
  • Finishing the attic floor can be carried out using materials, regardless of their value.
  • The whole floor can be provided with daylight., if you use special inserts to create attic windows. This approach will allow to arrange daylight even in the toilet and bathroom.

The bedroom in the attic has some drawbacks:

  • The roof should be further warmed. to create comfort and warmth, as well as to equip a good waterproofing. For these actions will require considerable financial investments.
  • Division into functional zones happens depending on the shape of the roof - it is impossible to change them to your taste.
  • The choice of furniture should be made, adhering to sketches of designers, as the determining factor is the roof. Objects must stand in certain places, and it is forbidden to move the table from one place to another.

Planning and zoning

The layout of the bedroom should be carried out, taking into account the type of roof. The shape of the roof is decisive in locating the furniture. Very seldom the attic has a straight and level ceiling. In some houses, the ceiling on the roof and not at all.

The walls can be located at different angles, which should also be taken into account when planning and zoning a room. All the "uncomfortable" places under the roof can be used for arranging storage systems.

As already mentioned, the choice of room design depends on the type of roofing.

Single bar

The best option in the arrangement of the bedroom in the attic is a shed roof, because it allows you to use a variety of room arrangement options. The design with a window located in the roof perfectly complements the interior of the room. The bed is better to put near the wall at an angle. Cabinets can be placed along a straight wall.

A bed can be located near a straight wall. It can be surrounded by shelves with closed or open shelves. Under the dressing room you can take a small part of the attic. Such a solution is often chosen in the event that there is a balcony in the attic and the exit to it should be left free.


Attic with a gable roof can be used to design the bedroom, but its shape does not allow to put a large, spacious closet under the clothes. You can create storage systems along the walls, but this option is only suitable for spacious rooms.

If each ramp has a window, then it is very convenient to zoning the room. One part of the attic can be used under the bedroom, and the second - under the study.

The roof of the double-slope form is perfect for creating a children's room, designed for two children. This option allows each child to equip a separate zone. Usually the beds are under the low part of the roof, and the center of the attic is free and suitable for games.

If desired, the space can be divided with a screen or curtains. Spacious rooms allow division into zones using a rack.


This version of the roof creates some difficulties in the design of the room, but provides an opportunity to prove himself as a decorator. If you correctly beat all the drops and kinks, then as a result you will get the original interior.

A roof with beams or with racks can be a highlight of the interior, if you choose the right style. Arrangement of furniture can cause some difficulties, but if desired, they can be solved.

Spacious attic can be supplemented with plasterboard walls. In small rooms it is better not to buy large furniture. An excellent choice would be shelves, dressers, chests and other storage systems. If the chosen style allows, baskets can be used to store clothes. They will help decorate the interior of the bedroom.


This type of roof is ideal for dividing the space into two equal parts, in which you can equip a bedroom and a study or dressing room. Many prefer the creation of two bedrooms - for parents and children. Near the high wall you can put a large, roomy closet.

The bedroom can be made without windows in the attic in the house, but then you should intelligently think about the lighting that will replace daylight.It is better to use several options to create both bright and dimmed lighting.

Rooms 4 by 3 meters are small enough for a bedroom, but if you choose the right furniture, you can create comfortable conditions for rest. An excellent choice is a small sofa with a convenient transformation mechanism. For storage it is worth using small shelves or a compact rack.

Styles and color palette

If you decide to arrange a bedroom in the attic, then you should start with the choice of stylistic direction, since it will depend on it the choice of materials, colors, furniture and decor. When choosing a style it is necessary to take into account personal wishes, but it is worth remembering also about the dimensions of the attic space, design features and lighting.

Minimalism is often chosen when designing the bedroom, because it attracts attention with simplicity and brevity. The interior should be dominated by clear lines, the minimum amount of furniture and decorative elements. Do not use more than three colors.

Today, very often, when decorating attics, marine style is used.It requires the use of blue, green, beige or turquoise in the ensemble with white. Such combinations create a feeling of free space, lightness and airiness. In order to visually correct the deficiencies of the room, you can apply a marine pattern - striped.

The Scandinavian style is ideal for the embodiment of a calm and cozy place to relax and rest. When making the ceiling, walls and floors, you can use white brick laying, natural wood or plaster. This will give the interior a natural and comfort. The use of light colors is suitable for a small room, because it will visually increase its dimensions.

Loft style is characterized by versatility, so it is suitable for decoration for both small and spacious attics. It is characterized by the use of metal, brickwork and ceiling beams. The disadvantages of the attic can be perfectly beaten in this style. Since the loft requires free space, the distinction between zones should not be done.

Attic can be arranged in the classics, if it has a large area and is equipped with large windows.This style requires bulky furniture, the presence of large chandeliers, maintaining strict forms and lines.

For lovers of English style it is not difficult to arrange a bedroom, because you can use furniture made of natural wood, bright textiles and a variety of accessories. The presence of all the details will give peace and comfort.

Country style today is found in many country houses. It has several varieties, among which the French Provence looks advantageous. The walls of wood, the presence of beams act as the main decoration of the attic. The interior can be filled with light colored furniture with elements of carving. The sofa with textile upholstery in a small flower will look elegantly.

Color selection to finish the attic requires to take into account the style direction of the room, as well as remember the specifics of the attic:

  • The presence of windows on the ceiling creates a kind of lighting, since the light flux passes at an angle.
  • For a spacious loft with large windows you can use a dark floor. The walls can also be decorated in dark shades. Gray walls are better to add light furniture.
  • If the small attic has windows small size, it is necessary to apply materials in pastel tones to decorate walls and floors. For the placement of bright accents, you can use decorative accessories or furniture of unusual design.
  • Having huge windows allows you to use the game of contrasts, but dark colors should not prodlabat. A good solution is the ensemble of white and black.
  • To embody serenity and comfort stands for the interior used in pink, olive or beige.
  • If you decide to glue wallpaper with a pattern on the walls, a fine pattern that makes the room visually spacious is perfect.
  • If you use rich shades for decoration, you should pick up textiles and furniture in bright colors.
  • Combined finish suitable for large attics with large windows.


Attic usually has a non-standard lighting, therefore, requires a non-standard approach to its organization. The choice of lighting depends on the number of windows, their size, on which side they go. Depending on the lighting, you can correctly plan the location of the furniture, as well as place the lighting devices.

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Usually, lofts are poorly lit because they have few small windows. An additional source of lighting will help make a difference. The eastern side assumes the best illumination.

Designers advise to adhere to several recommendations on the arrangement of lighting in the attic:

  • The presence of mirrors will make the room brighter. They should be placed in such a way that they reflect the windows and chandeliers. The room will visually look more spacious.
  • Every attic needs to be equipped central lamp, as well as to add table lamps, sconces and floor lamps.
  • Lighting is often used for the bedroom with point sources of illumination, which are installed on the strip-cornice, and easily change the angle of illumination. This option will visually make the space larger.
  • Additional window will help to radically change the situation with lighting. If this is not possible, you can use a fake window. A frame is hung on the wall, a tinted glass or a mirror is inserted into it, which is illuminated by LEDs. Additionally, the window should be decorated with curtains.
  • Great bed looks, decorated with spotlights at the head. This design solution looks spectacular and fresh.

Furniture placement

To create a cozy and attractive bedroom in the attic, you should carefully select furniture, textiles, as well as accessories. The roof creates certain difficulties in choosing furniture, as well as its location.

For attics with low ceilings low furniture is ideal. You can buy a bed-podium, but it is better to order it according to individual sizes, so that it fits perfectly in size. Attic with high ceilings expands the choice of furniture.

It is better to place a berth near the frontal wall or in the center of the room where the ceilings are at the maximum height. Although very often there are solutions when a bed or sofa is placed under the slopes of the roof. Designers advise that the distance from the ceiling to the mattress should be no less than 90 cm. When you get out of bed, you will not hit your head on hard objects.

Built-in wardrobes can be placed under the slopes, which will allow to correct the shape of the attic, as well as organize convenient places for storing things.You can use metal modules or attach shelves of boards, plywood or chipboard. Beautiful facades will help to decorate the interior space.

If the bedroom will also have a working area, then it’s better to equip it away from the bed. Dressing table and chair is better to put on the opposite side of the bed. It is also worth taking care of the good illumination of this area. It is better to give preference to a soft, diffusing light.


The decor plays a big role in the embodiment of style direction. For the bedroom, be sure to use curtains, as they allow you to relax at any time of the day. The area of ​​the attic, the shape of the windows, the chosen style and the height of the ceilings influence the look, size and design of the curtains.

Curtains should protect the room from the penetration of sunlight. An excellent choice would be the model "day-night", which is equipped with a special layer that does not let in daylight.

The interior in bright colors can be decorated with bright accessories - curtains, pillows, bedspread. Small soft mat can be placed in the center or near the bed.

To beautifully decorate the attic, you can use a variety of accessories that fit into the selected interior.


To create a comfortable bedroom in the attic, you should follow a few tips from professionals:

  • Attic Repair It is worth starting with the insulation of the roof, floor and walls, so that it is always warm and cozy here.
  • Should be avoided plenty of furniture so that the room does not look cluttered.
  • Attic windows must be opened for airing the room, moreover, it is easier to wash them.
  • For skylights can be used pleated curtains with fixation.
  • Spacious attic It should be divided into several zones to create a cozy atmosphere.
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Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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