Wallpaper for a small bedroom

 Wallpaper for a small bedroom

The choice of wallpaper for the home is a very interesting activity, especially for those people who want to decorate every room of their home in a particularly original way, and for this it is necessary to carefully select floor and wall coverings. Not everyone knows how to choose the right wallpaper for a small bedroom to make it as attractive and comfortable as possible.


First you need to carefully familiarize yourself with the main types of modern wall coverings and their qualitative characteristics in order to choose the ones that most harmoniously fit into the interior of a small room in size. Options may be as follows:

  • Acrylic. Very spectacular, but too thin and short-lived.
  • Paper - today this type is the most popular, as these materials are the cheapest. Such wallpapers are usually embossed and smooth. They are very easy to use, but not very resistant to external influences - moisture, sunlight, temperature changes.
  • Flizelinovye. One of the most durable coatings, easily breathable, not afraid of moisture and sun, perfectly hides the defects of the walls of any room.
  • Textile. The most eco-friendly, different sound-proof properties, not defeated burnout, but they need to be glued with the help of a competent specialist.
  • Vinyl. Provide a beautiful appearance of the room, resistant to temperature effects, but such materials are breathable.
  • Natural. They perfectly retain heat, are not afraid of dust, but they are very difficult to glue and must be constantly protected from moisture and sunlight.
  • Glass fiber - they are characterized by durability (service life - up to 30 years), they are not afraid of any impacts.
  • Liquid wallpaper. Have a relief surface without joints, serve more than 5 years, are not afraid of dust and moisture.
  • Metallic. Possess increased wear resistance, while they are the most expensive.

What colors to choose?

For small rooms, it is very important to choose the right wallpaper, not only in appearance but also in color. One of the most important rules for the design of such a room says: wallpaper in a small room should be light (to visually expand a small space), without a picture (in the extreme case, it can be small). It should also take into account the colors of accessories and furniture that are in the room.

The basic shades for decorating small rooms are all blue, cream and light beige, light yellow and sand shades, as well as peach, gray-green and light green. It is better to refuse white color of wall-paper at once - it is too boring in modern interiors, although it is often used.

When choosing wall coverings for a small room, it is necessary to consider its lighting. If the room is full of light, it is best to use mostly cool tones of wallpaper. With poor lighting, warm colors work well.


If you want to make your room as interesting and original as possible, use prints actively.However, this should be done carefully, especially if such a room has a small size. When choosing wallpaper with prints, it is best to choose products with drawings that are located vertically. This will visually expand the space and visually increase the length of the wall of any living room.

If you like large patterns on the wallpaper, so as not to spoil the interior, it is best to choose such prints that will be combined with furniture and the general idea, the interior decoration of the room. Then they will look very harmonious.

What wallpapers do not fit?

It is necessary to know in advance what kind of wallpaper can in no case be used in a small room:

  • Dark color wallpaper, heavy and oppressive shades (like chocolate and black).
  • Best to avoid horizontal lines. on the selected wallpaper, too large prints and difficult to read patterns.
  • Pay attention to the furniturestanding in a small room for which you select wall coverings. In no case can not buy materials darker shade than this furniture. This will completely destroy the interior of the room.
  • It is necessary to abandon the purchase of wallpaper too bright and contrast-poisonous tones. They will reduce the size of the room to a minimum, and you will feel uncomfortable in it.

Combination Rules

If you want your small room to become a comfortable rest room without much difficulty, just familiarize yourself with the basic rules of combining wallpapers and put them into practice:

  • Reception of combining "different walls". Four walls are pasted over with plain wallpaper, but one of them (the main one) is covered with materials of a richer shade, with a large geometric pattern.
  • Reception of combining "diagonal wallpaper". Choose a wallpaper with a horizontal pattern or texture, but do not glue them horizontally, but diagonally.
  • Reception alternation. The colors and textures of the wallpapers are selected as close to each other as possible - the so-called wallpaper companions. You can alternate them on the wall through one or two rolls.

In the next video you can see how to competently combine wallpaper for a small bedroom.

We eliminate the disadvantages

The following recommendations should be considered:

  • A very important point may be the selection of wall coverings for the room on the south side. Choosing the perfect cover for a room that is always filled with sun is sometimes problematic.Especially it is worth paying attention to the muted and cold shades (green, blue, gray), which will give the feeling of necessary coolness and will not “steal” the size of a small room. The colors of the natural spectrum will relax your eyes, even in the very bright light of the sun, so your choice should fall on the wallpaper of sand and ocher colors.
  • In the dark room It is best to choose the most light shades of wallpaper and follow the rule "the darker the room, the brighter the coverage."
  • To visually enlarge a room with a low ceiling, a separation technique is applied. The lower part of the walls of the room is pasted over with darker wallpaper, the upper - with lighter ones. The border between them is chosen the thinnest. Visually, the ceiling in such a room will seem higher.

Designer Tricks

Many designers pay attention to the fact that in small rooms the main problem is always the lack of the necessary amount of light. That is why for the visual expansion of a small space, they often use the current lighting. Directional lights on bright wallpaper forms an additional beam, which favorably emphasizes the surface and gives more comfort.

In order for a small room to appear lighter and more spacious, it is necessary to minimize the amount of furniture in it. Light wallpaper compensates for the lack of space, and you will soon cease to perceive this room as small.

Well increase the coverage space with glitter and sparkles, but many people refuse to use them, considering such materials too decorative and unacceptable for ordinary residential premises. In fact, these wallpapers are great for dining rooms and living rooms, children's rooms and bedrooms, especially in those cases when you need to visually enlarge the space.

Another popular design trick is the use of mirrors in the interior of small rooms. Light wallpaper in this case is glued to the wall where you are going to hang a mirror. This option can be replaced with any other color of wallpaper - up to the darkest tones. Such a contrast is advantageous to play in favor of increasing the visual space in the room.

Ideas in the interior

If you choose bright wallpaper without a pattern for your small room, you can always “liven up” it with stylish decoretto, and it doesn’t even matter what size they will be. Decoretto will not just “revive” the interior of a small room, but also add spice to the whole exterior of the room.

If you like, when the walls are decorated with large elements, you can easily use them in the design of a small room. Get a roll of wallpaper with a large pattern and just cut a few pieces of the size you need. Place the pictures on the bright wallpaper. It is very good if all the drawings will be placed only on one wall - and in such a way that it contrasts with other surfaces in the room.

In order to “draw out” a room in height, it is necessary to use not only a certain color of wallpaper, but also pictures that are vertically extended to decorate the interior. By the way, even very large drawings on the walls will look very original in a small room, if they are vertical. This rule will help you to choose stylish wallpapers with cartoon characters for a small children's room without any problems.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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