Wallpaper for the bedroom in the style of "Provence"

Wallpaper in the style of Provence will create an interior atmosphere of lightness and tenderness. They will perfectly cope with the transformation of the usual city apartment in a corner of a French village. After all, this wonderful place is located in the south-east of France. The pleasant aroma of alpine meadows, caressing rays of the sun and plain flowers - all this is in the image of the interior. Provence is perfect for the kitchen, living room, and for the bedroom, bathroom. The rooms in which the French style is located are distinguished by comfort and warmth.

Special features

Provence is easy to recognize because of its chic simplicity. It is well combined with almost any decor, decorated in a "non-urban" style. Wall-paper is perfectly combined by such different home decoration, as:

  • cabinets and dressers with straight or carved facades;
  • beds without frilly lines;
  • simple hangers;
  • sink, bathroom.

The features of Provence are:

  • Floral and floral ornaments.
  • Natural shades - pastel palette. Primary colors are green, white, pink, lilac, yellow and blue. Bright colors for provenance are not used.
  • Natural materials - most often this tree in its different variations.
  • The unity of all interior items, which give the room integrity and completeness.

What to choose?

The choice of wallpaper is not as complicated as it may seem at first glance. It is enough to determine the main characteristics.

Color is very important. These are natural tones, reflecting the nature of the French hinterland. As a rule, these are light shades that add extra light. The palette of one pattern can combine the cold and warm shades, which is an undoubted highlight in the interior.

You can choose only warm colors:

  • Terracotta. Brick tones attract attention, and they do not put pressure on the space at all.
  • Beige. An ideal base color that blends absolutely with any gamut. Can be used as a background. In some cases, it is the color of the ornament.
  • Pink. Color symbolizing lightness and tenderness. Making this color will create a romantic mood.
  • Wine. Luxurious and noble, gives the interior refinement.

You can choose only cool shades:

  • Lilac or lavender. Colors of poets and dreamers. Fairy color envelops its mystery and freshness. A room in the "lavender" will look sophisticated and simply magical.
  • Blue or sky blue - carelessness and calm.
  • White - from boiling to grayish. A rich variety of shades is used as a base, diluted with different tones.
  • Green. The freshness of the alpine meadows, which provides a wonderful mood.
  • Yellow. The morning dawn and the sun, gently warming on summer days, will create warmth and coziness in the house.

Aging, which is characteristic of Provence, will emphasize the depth of the interior. Irregularities will create dynamics and reveal the “authenticity” of the style.

The main drawings are:

  • Floral and floral motifs. Such prints are used very often. It can be either a specific image or an abstract pattern.
  • Stripes. Vertical direction - the most common and familiar performance.
  • People and animals.
  • Still life. Fruits, vegetables, household utensils.

Types of wallpaper:

  • Paper. There are single-layer, two-layer and even three-layer options. Pros: the ability to use them for coloring, low cost, ease of use. Service life - up to 12 years.
  • Flizelinovye. Contains non-woven fibers and cellulosic material. These materials can also be painted, and they also have good sound insulation properties and retain heat.
  • Vinyl. Leader in durability and moisture resistance.
  • Textile. The most unusual and luxurious look. These materials are available in cotton, velor, linen, velvet or silk.

Wallpapers may vary:

  • By invoice. There are absolutely smooth, glossy, ribbed, rough options, with a relief pattern.
  • According to the density of the material. You can select thin, dense, medium density and heavy options.
  • By the presence of the figure. There are single-colored, multi-colored materials, versions with drawings (small, medium, large), with a geometric print (stripes, shapes).
  • By moisture resistance. There are products that are resistant to moisture (vinyl), moderately resistant (washable), not characterized by moisture resistance (regular paper).

How to make a bedroom?

The bedroom should be designed in such a way that the stay in it was as pleasant as possible and disposed to rest. To overload the bed with excessive motley patterns is quite simple, if you put on your favorite print on all the walls. Awakening in such a room will be a real test. To avoid mistakes, you need to remember a few rules:

  • Refuse bright pictures, even if the composition seemed attractive. It is better to use muted colors, they will not be intrusive.
  • Avoid "overloading" the design of the bedroom. It is possible to envisage the design of one wall by a prominent pattern, and the rest to be done in a monophonic manner. So the room will acquire a peculiar image and will not remain boring.

Adhering to simple tips, you with ease and pleasure will not only choose the best wallpaper, but also create a unique comfort with “simple” French charm. Of course, you should take into account every little thing - in this case, the interior will be perfect, and your mood at home will be at its best. If you do not know where to stop the choice, contact the specialists. So you get useful recommendations.

Even more wallpaper options can be viewed in the video below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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