Making a niche in the bedroom

Every day begins in the bedroom and ends there. This place in the house is intended for privacy and recreation. Therefore, there should be cozy and comfortable. A minimum of furniture and conciseness is welcomed. But in modern bedrooms it can’t do without original design solutions. An excellent design idea is a niche in the bedroom.

If it is already provided for by the plan in the apartment, it remains only to think about the restoration of the niche. Otherwise, it is easy to build a secluded alcove with your own hands. Thus, you will not just bring a touch of novelty into the interior, but also acquire a practical element of decor.

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Features and benefits

Installation of a niche in your bedroom can be entrusted to professionals, but it is not difficult to cope with it without help. Several sheets of plasterboard, profiles and a good project - and now you can already plan what to put on the shelves at the head of the bed.A niche will easily accommodate an entire library or an exhibition of family photos in its depths. It will also take over the functions of a rack for souvenirs, replace the bedside cabinet and become the best place for the location of the TV. The advantages of drywall construction are as follows:

  • reasonable price for materials;
  • quick installation;
  • safety and environmental friendliness;
  • the ability to create original forms;
  • lightweight construction.

The niche is made according to the general concept of the bedroom interior. Particularly interesting are the niches made in the Oriental style, when a spacious bed with small decorative pillows languidly lies in them.

By adding appropriate lighting, you can get the real atmosphere of an oriental tale.

Varieties and main types of designs

Niches can be of a wide variety of forms and vary not only in depth, area and design, but also in functionality. In each bedroom, using drywall, you can create a unique color and comfort. Thanks to the niche you want to spend days in bed. And your interior will be envied by anyone who will be allowed to look into your bedroom:

  • Roomy niche in the wall above the headboard. This design effectively emphasizes the headboard. In addition to beauty, it is also very practical. If you cut small shelves in it, the issue of storing remotes, mobile phones and a night light will be solved once and for all. And you no longer need to think about where to put the jewelry box or your favorite aroma lamp. Enough space for them.
  • There are no rules on the device shelves in the niche. They can be located above the sleeping place and sides of it, securely blocking from prying eyes all those things that you want to always have on hand in your bedroom. Convenience is the basic rule that you need to be guided in the matter of arranging a cozy alcove for a rest from day cares and night sleep.
  • A small decorative niche. Basically it serves as an accent in a stylish design, therefore, as a rule, it is complemented by a muted backlight. Plasterboard construction of this type is generously decorated with glass and mirror inserts, drape fabrics. Textured plaster, imitation of brick, photo wallpaper are used as finishing. Niche design with voluminous photo wallpapers - a bold decision, the choice of those who want to make a niche the main part of the interior.

An appropriate option for spacious bedrooms and small rooms that do not have enough volume. And the shelves at the edges of the design will serve for the placement of small accents - decorative figures, miniature bouquets, cute knick-knacks.

  • Niche division into segments implies the use of spotlights. Each compartment with the help of soft light can easily and stylishly stand out the objects of your pride - sports cups, honorary prizes, competitive trophies, antique gizmos. Enough space for everything that you want to contemplate every day.
  • Niche under the TV. Always located at the head of the head and copes with two tasks at once: it provides functionality and aesthetics. You can frame a niche only the panel, imitating the frame for the picture. And you can create a plasterboard similar to a pedestal with lighting and design in the same style as the bedroom. The internal space of this design will allow you to hide from view all the cables and wires.
  • Wardrobe-niche in the bedroom. The dream of a wardrobe in the bedroom is also easy to implement, if there is a deep niche and a place in the room where to put a wide bed.Otherwise, it is better not to overload the room with furniture, but leave the bed in a cozy dimple. In a shallow niche, you can also build something like a wardrobe. Several rows of shelves - and a practical chest of drawers ready for use as intended. It remains to consider the facade so that things are not kept in plain sight.

Designer Design and Design Tips

Making a niche in the "Khrushchev", you can change the room beyond recognition, as if this is the design of a modern town house. In the decoration of the popular liquid or fabric wallpaper, textured plaster, paint, craquelure, playing with color and light. A niche can be separated from the rest of the walls in a lighter or darker tone or arranged in shades of contrasting color.

It is important not to make it too dark against the background of the adjacent light walls. In order not to get, instead of the original solution, the feeling of a gaping hole in the wall. Above the bed, such a visual emptiness will look depressing. And in the bedroom it will not only not let you relax, but will also put pressure on the psyche.

On the dark walls, on the contrary, bright contrasting grooves look spectacular and concise. This decision will draw attention to the inner filling,therefore, it is necessary to arrange only beautiful, stylish things in open sections. Do not overload the compartments with souvenirs and figurines. Single songs - the best option. Here are the basic rules of professional and competent design:

  • the smaller the indentation, the smaller the decor items in it;
  • a small niche is made in the same color as the entire wall;
  • it is better to frame a decorative niche from a multitude of shallow shelves;
  • use the recess to create a decor for the Middle Ages, cave grotto;
  • Lighting is an important element for a spectacular design.

Lighting nuances

In order not to burden the complex design of the bedroom with a gypsum plasterboard, it is necessary to decorate it with a backlight. In addition to the decorative function, the light in a niche can carry a functional load. For example, you are a lover of reading before bedtime, but you can interfere with the rest of your second half. Then unobtrusive side lighting in a niche will replace your night light.

An interesting solution in niche lighting is the use of LED strip. The game of color will create a special intimate atmosphere in the bedroom. And here it is appropriate like nowhere else. But do not overdo it by arranging the backlight.Too bright spectra of neon light will make the bedroom look like a disco. This zone should cause peace and harmony, so the warm light is optimal.

The bedroom is designed for privacy, love, relaxed rest. Therefore, its interior is thought out to the smallest detail and created with the soul!

How to make a niche with your own hands, see below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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