Window decoration in the bedroom

 Window decoration in the bedroom

The bedroom in your home is the most comfortable and relaxing place. And in order to give this place such a shade, you need to make some effort. One of these efforts will be the design of the window in the bedroom.

Design Principles

It should be said that the choice of window design, and in the bedroom, including this is the final stage of creating any interior. In this case, the window in your bedroom is the centerpiece, so its design should be given special emphasis. Indeed, depending on the filing, your window can either visually expand the room, or make it faded and dull.

In general, when choosing the design of the bedroom window, you will need to take into account the light level of the room, which depends on the location of the windows relative to the cardinal points and the overall style of the interior. It goes without saying that the style and design in the design of the window, and the whole room, depends on whose bedroom (men's, family or children), as well as the size of the room, the number of windows and doorways in it.

Also, much depends on the window design, color and frame material, the presence of a window sill and its dimensions. Although it should be said that most of the frames that are currently used are made of white plastic. This plastic is well combined with any shades of curtains. One of the important principles in the design of the window is the creation of lighting and soundproofing conditions for sleeping. Indeed, in a dream we spend about a third of our lives.

To control the illumination in the room during the day and at night will help us curtains. And of course, it is better that in the bedroom they were made of thick fabric, which can also absorb sounds and noises from the street. They are very well protect your room from prying eyes. It should be noted that the regulation of the amount of light is necessary not only for a restful sleep, but also for the preservation of your furniture from burnout.For example, window tinting may well help with this. It is also sometimes possible to use shutters, although this option is more suitable for a private house.

One of the types of window decoration is the use of transparent tulle and thick opaque curtains. Another important factor is the functionality of your window. For example, convenience when using blinds.

There are many design tricks and tricks. For example, in a room with low ceilings, you should use transparent curtains for windows. And if the window is small, then you should use the slopes of light color. For a small room, the style and design of the window should fit organically into the overall interior. It should be noted that when you make a window in the bedroom you can use a variety of style options, the most common of which are classic, high-tech and country. It should also be said that you can professionally arrange a sleeping window for you a designer if you yourself are at a loss with this issue.

Color solutions and curtain design

It should be noted that the color and design should be correctly combined with the overall style of your bedroom.For example, for a classic style, you can pick up curtains made of heavy fabric in pastel shades of gray and blue. But for the design of a children's bedroom they use bright colors. The same colors are used for dark bedrooms. Provence style involves the use of very delicate shades of color.

When choosing a design, you can stay on the curtain. After all, it helps to regulate well the illumination at different times of the day. If your room is spacious and has several windows, then in this case it is better to choose curtains darker than the walls. Accordingly, in the opposite case, you must choose them light.

There are other tips:

  • If your bedroom is designed at Japanese or Chinese style the curtains are then selected from paper or bamboo material. Their advantage is environmental friendliness. But for the style baroque silk curtains are good, but they are difficult to maintain.
  • For hi-tech well suited synthetic fabric. It is quite easy to clean.
  • And for design in eco-style Perfect fabric such as flax.
  • For minimalism English or classic curtains with a single-color pattern are perfect.
  • For style loft it is generally better to do without them or use horizontal blinds

The most common choice of fabric is a mixed type, in which artificial yarns are woven into cotton or linen. When choosing a color solution, they proceed from the palette of furniture and linen, as well as the overall design of the room. It should be said that the curtains of neutral tones fit any style. Interesting options when choosing a curtain design can be obtained by using curtains with different colors and patterns.

Pleated curtains and fusion, as well as double curtains are currently popular. For example, pleated curtains look good on the windows of custom designs.

Also, the curtains should be in harmony with the wallpaper in various combinations, depending on what visual effect should be achieved. For example, cold tones can visually increase the volume of a room.

Design options and decor

It is important to emphasize that the design of the window in the bedroom imposes some restrictions on the designer. The choice of design for the window is an important factor, one of the conditions of which is the selection of curtain material. It is possible to beat such ideas with the help of beautiful eaves, draperies and other various decorative elements. It is important when choosing a decor to exercise a convenient opportunity to control the curtains. For example, a roof window allows you to select different types and shapes of curtains. In general, the size of a sleeping window can be varied, and on the basis of this, the design style and overall decor are chosen.

Narrow window

For a small narrow window, complex and massive curtains will not work well, for example, in the Roman style. In this case, it is better to choose for them light colors.

Panoramic window

Transparent curtains will look great on a large panoramic window. And the overall style should be classic. You can also use triple curtains. For panoramic windows, Japanese-style curtains with fabric screens work well.

Bay window

Typically, bay windows have several frames. In general, the bay window is a ledge that increases the space of your apartment or house. These bedrooms are quite spacious. Roman window shades or combined draperies are suitable for bay windows. Bay window serves as an additional light source. In the bedroom with him you can arrange a luxurious seating area, which will be a tabletop or even a bar.

Bedroom with two windows

The design of such a bedroom is somewhat more complicated and differs from the design of a room with one window. If your bedroom has two or more side-by-side plastic windows, then the best design option may be to decorate the curtains of the entire wall. Well, the choice of tone and design depends, in turn, on the style of the whole room. In the case when the two windows are angled from each other, you need to use the decor to visually increase the space. The advantage of this bedroom is a greater amount of daylight.

It should be said that there are many options for window design. Currently, for this purpose they use types of decor from different countries:

  • One of them is the use of roman blinds. Their advantage is a good transmission of light, so the room in this style looks spacious. They are made from linen.
  • English curtains. These are straight canvases that can be raised and lowered using a special mechanism.
  • French or Austrian curtains are made from lightweight and airy fabrics. A feature of the French curtains are horizontal folds.
  • Also very common are curtains on the grommet - an element of fittings that is designed to reinforce the edges of the curtain holes.

It must be said that the successful design of your window in the bedroom will not only “cheer up” the interior, but will even be able to visually expand it.

Additional interior elements

One of such decorative elements is lambrequin. This is a horizontal drapery, located at the top of the curtains or window opening in the form of a small element in the entire width of the cornice. It is well-suited for classic interiors and spacious rooms. Curtains and drapes can also be used as decoration. The curtain is a heavy heavy curtain on a wall with a window that can control the illumination of a room well.

To create coziness and comfort, for example, in the evening reading, you can use table lamps or night lamps of various shapes, sizes and colors. And if in the bedroom, in addition to the window, there is also a balcony door, then you will have to take into account this peculiarity during registration. For such a case fit the classic choice of curtains. You can also make two identical curtains without breaks, so that the curtains can be moved apart from the balcony door in different directions.

To drape your curtain using pickup in the form of ribbons and cords. And to decorate the curtains used brushes. Such cute decorative trifles add extra warmth and comfort to the interior of the room. Also on the curtains can be applied drawings, for example, using a stencil.

An important factor is the choice of a suitable pattern for curtains.

Visually increase the bedroom will help you round bed. A sill-table in your bedroom will save space on the furniture and use the functionality of this element of the interior is most appropriate. The battery under this window sill will warm you in cold winter evenings. For a window with such a wide window sill, short curtains or Roman curtains are perfect.

For more on how to make a window in the bedroom, see below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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