Bedroom furniture from Ikea

A bedroom is a place where a person rests from day cares. Full rest is impossible without beautiful and comfortable furniture for the bedroom. Each person has their own ideas about what this furniture should be and how to place it in the available space. Everyone has an opportunity to feel the creator of his bedroom, thanks to a very well-known company IKEA, producing good-quality bedroom furniture.

Features and benefits

The furniture produced by Ikea has a number of features due to which it compares favorably with similar interior items produced by other companies. The simplicity and severity of the forms, the clarity of the lines and the absence of unnecessary details characterize furniture produced under the Ikea brand. Swedish style, striving for minimalism and some asceticism, is characterized by the absence of pomp, pretentiousness and excessive decorativeness.

The main advantage of this company is the ability to purchase all the items of furniture necessary for the arrangement of the bedroom, in one place.

Separate series, produced by the company, allow each client to choose not only furniture for the bedroom, but also related accessories. Mattresses, pillows, blankets, bed linen and other textiles for the bedroom can be selected in a single color scheme and texture.

An important advantage of this company is the right of each client to combine pieces of furniture at will. The material, size, color and number of future items of furniture for the bedroom can be selected based on their own needs and interests. Such a wonderful feature inherent in the company Ikea, gives everyone the opportunity to feel like a designer of his own bedroom.

Thanks to the concept of the company, bedroom furniture can be purchased at reasonable prices. After all, self-assembly according to well-written instructions not only gives everyone the opportunity to feel like a design engineer, but also provides an opportunity to buy quality furniture at not inflated prices.

Popular series: ready-made solutions for the bedroom

For a comfortable arrangement of the bedroom requires a certain set of furniture. Ikea cares about its customers and constantly develops and manufactures series of furniture designed for installation in the bedroom.

Each series consists of the necessary items used for the interior design of the bedroom. Bed, dresser, bedside table and dressing table are included in the basic set of any series. Due to the variety of sizes, colors and shapes, you can choose the most interesting option for your bedroom.

The most popular series offer ready-made solutions for the bedroom. Each series has its own characteristics, expressed not only in the difference in sizes and shapes, but also in the presence of additional details for each item included in the series. The most significant object in any bedroom set is the bed. Ikea company produces double beds with a width of 140, 160 and 180 cm, and single options are available in sizes 120 and 90 cm.

In the series "Malm", featuring simple and clear forms, double beds are available in several versions.All copies have a high frame and a back at the head, and they are also equipped with one, two or four boxes for linen. Models with one big box are equipped with a lifting mechanism, thanks to which you can easily place a large number of things in a spacious and practical compartment. Boxes in other models for ease of retracting equipped with wheels.

Dressers from the Malm series have a rectangular shape and are equipped with a choice of 2, 3, 4 or even six drawers. Dressing table in the shape of the letter P is equipped with a spacious drawer with a soft lining, in which you can store not only cosmetics, but also decorations. A bedroom is unthinkable without a bedside table. In this series, this piece of furniture has two drawers and is equipped with wheels.

Classic series "Hemnes" no less popular. Double beds are made of solid wood. All specimens have adjustable sidewalls, thanks to which mattresses of any height can be used. In addition to the bed, the wardrobe with two sliding doors and convenient compartments for storing clothes is part of the Hemnes series. Dressers of this series are simple, laconic and functional.The rectangular shape and the presence of many drawers make this piece of furniture indispensable in the bedroom. High bedside cabinet in this series can be used not only for its intended purpose, but also as a coffee table.


A new online planner program developed by Ikea employees helps every customer design the interior of any room, including the bedroom. This program helps in details to consider the arrangement of furniture, to choose the appropriate color, size and even textile accessories. To do this, simply select the appropriate parameters for you and the program will produce the desired result.

It is very easy and convenient to use. To do this, go to the site and begin to design a future bedroom. You can experiment with different styles, creating exactly your interior. Thanks to the program, you can not only see how the bedroom will look from selected interior items, but also calculate the cost of all purchases.

Thanks to the new program-planner, you can significantly save time, effort, nerves and equip the bedroom at your discretion, choosing the option that suits all parameters.

Bedroom textiles

Coziness and comfort in the bedroom is created not only thanks to the comfortable and beautiful furniture, but also the accompanying textiles. Bedspreads, blankets, pillows, bedding, curtains and many other things allow you to complete the style of the room.

A sleeping set from Ikea will not only help create a bedroom style, but also contribute to a healthy and sound sleep. After all, all accessories for sleep are made of natural high-quality and eco-friendly materials. The fabric from which the duvet covers, sheets and pillowcases are removed, consists of cotton and lyocell fibers. Their presence gives bed linen softness, silkiness and shine. Due to the variety of sizes and colors, you can choose the option that suits the style in your bedroom.

Ikea company offers not only bedding, but also other textile accessories. An important role in the style of the bedroom is the bedspread. The various options offered by the company can be combined with curtains of light blocking carpets with different lengths of nap, blankets, pillows for a chair and other items that help in decorating the bedroom.

Additional Products

In addition to textiles, in the company Ikea you can pick up other interior items that not only fit well into the style of the room, but also help to place a lot of useful things.

For many and often working people, a comfortable workplace is of great importance. Tables of various sizes, shapes and colors can be found in almost any series of furniture produced by the company. All tables are very convenient, they have enough space not only for the placement of computer components, but also for documents:

  • In the series "Malm" You can choose the classic version of the table with a comfortable tabletop and a niche designed to accommodate wires and extension cords that are at hand, but not visible. In the same series there is a model with a sliding panel, providing an additional surface for work.
  • Neat corner version of the desk with a magnetic board can be found in the series "Micke".
  • An interesting folding table that adapts to any interior can be found. in the Callax series. This option can be installed near the wall vertically or horizontally. To store numerous items and things you can purchase a wall, which is a multifunctional system.

The Ikea walls are characterized by such characteristics as versatility, spaciousness and compactness, which allows you to install them in almost any room.

  • For small bedrooms, where there is no possibility to install a closet or wall, an open steel storage system would be an excellent option. Grundtal series. The floor coat hanger is also suitable for placing ties, belts, scarves and bags. In addition, in this design there is a special shelf in the form of a tray in which it is convenient to store watches, jewelry and other necessary trifles.

If the area of ​​the bedroom allows, the installation of at least one folding chair will give the bedroom even more comfort and convenience. The functionality of this piece of furniture does not even have to doubt.

  • Armchair series «Lycksele Hovet"Has a reliable frame and elastic two-layer polyurethane foam mattress, the presence of which provides a full sleep. In addition, the removable cover that comes in the kit is practical and easy to machine washable.

How to choose?

In order to choose the right bedroom you need to take into account all the nuances and details.Due to the fact that all the furniture in the company Ikea is produced in separate series, you can choose only those modules that are necessary for you. And the variety of sizes of the module you like will allow you to select an element that fits into the proposed space with precision.

The choice of furniture for the bedroom should start with a bed, because this item sets the style of the whole room. When choosing a bed you need to pay attention to the size, shape, as well as convenience and durability. The size is chosen based on who it is intended for. A large double bed with built-in shelves at the headboard, as in the Brimnes series, is suitable for a young couple. And for an adult daughter will be enough single or half-sleeping option. Form and placement depends on personal preference.

Other elements, such as a wardrobe, bedside tables, a chest of drawers must be selected based on the area of ​​the room, personal preferences and the overall style of the room.


Ikea bedroom furniture is in demand with most buyers. Most reviews are positive. People are attracted by modularity, combinability and fairly affordable prices.Many say that the beds purchased in Ikea are not only beautiful and comfortable, but also very functional. The presence of spacious boxes for linen helps in a small bedroom to place the necessary things.

See below for a few more Ikea bedroom design ideas.

Information provided for reference purposes.For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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