Feng Shui Bedroom

The inhabitants of ancient China knew that each room has its own energy and is able to influence people. Particular attention is paid to the room for sleeping and relaxation.

It was noticed that even in a beautiful and pleasant looking room with a comfortable bed, a person still cannot get a high-quality rest and gain strength. In order for the bedroom to be pleasing and filled with positive energy, people followed and continue to follow the teachings of feng shui.

What is feng shui?

Feng Shui (from the Chinese "water" and "wind") is an ancient Taoist theory of the movement of streams of correct Qi energy in space and its use for the benefit of people. The apologists of this teaching say that all objects and things have their own energy, which, interacting with a person, influences his fate and emotional state.With this knowledge, you can properly distribute energy so that it helps people create a harmonious atmosphere around them. Knowledge of feng shui will help bring into balance all aspects of a person's life: health, family, career, children, etc.

Room layout

Before you determine where the bedroom should be in the house, first you should use a compass and determine the directions of the world, since this is one of the key points for the correct arrangement of things. From the location of the premises depends on the influence of favorable energy Qi on the living people.

  • The location of the room in the north, based on the general direction of the house, contributes to the rapid immersion in sleep, and it will be more calm. And for people practicing yoga, this bedroom is the perfect place for meditation. This direction helps to relax, which is exactly what is needed in the bedroom. However, it is worth knowing the fact that lonely people should not choose the northern sector, since it can increase the sense of abandonment.
  • The northeast direction is not too good for a bedroom. The energy of this sector is very intensive in its structure and will deprive a person of sleep in it. Also this direction will adversely affect health.
  • Eastern direction in itself is filled with highly active Qi energy.. A bedroom in the eastern part of the house will help the newly married, or just young people who have begun an independent life, to discover new horizons for themselves, to master new professions, build a career.
  • As a rule, the bedroom is designed not only for sleep and rest, but also for love, so the southern location will only benefit the lovers. But it is necessary to understand that in such an arrangement, this room will not favor quiet and deep sleep, but vice versa. In the south, the energy of passion and warm relationships is concentrated.
  • The rest room in the south-eastern part of the house is suitable for creative and inspiring people. Businessmen are also recommended this direction, as it will help in the search for new contacts and useful acquaintances, and also contributes to the disclosure of internal potential.
  • The southwestern direction in itself is unstable and unlikely to contribute to a peaceful and healthy sleep. Avoid this bedroom layout.
  • The West is a destination for dreamers and high men. The bedroom in the western sector will bring the spirit of romance and kindness.
  • Bedroom in the north-west side of its energy suitable for older people. This is a sector of stability and a calm flow of energy. But this direction should be avoided when choosing a nursery, as this energy will make the child more aggressive and unbalanced.

If we are talking about choosing a room for sleeping in an apartment, then it must be divided mentally into 2 zones. According to their energy characteristics, they are very different. The first is the entrance area, namely, that part of the apartment where the entrance door is located, and the second is the back side. It is filled with active and energizing action. She is called Yanskaya. The other part of the apartment is filled with Yin energy. It is in it that the bedroom should be, as the calm Yin energies favor relaxation, sound sleep and recovery.

When choosing a place for a bedroom in a private house, you should know the following rule: the first floor is filled with Yang energy, the second floor is Yin. From here follows a simple solution: it is better to be on the second floor for a rest room.

Children, like anyone else, feel the energy flow, so the children's bedroom should not be located in the back of the house.There is a risk that the child will control the emotions and feelings of the parents, as he wishes.

Variants of perfect planning

The layout of housing, in terms of the teachings of Feng Shui, affects all aspects of human life. It happens that when acquiring apartments or renting an apartment, you encounter such a problem as a wrong layout. But all this can be fixed.

Today, many people live in the "Khrushchev". The peculiarity of these apartments is that the living room and the bedroom are connected into one room. From the point of view of feng shui, this is bad, since Yin and Yang are mixing energy. Zoning with the help of screens or partitions from furniture will help in this situation.

In the conditions of a narrow and small room, you should choose the furniture in size, as well as to leave as much space as possible in the bedroom. Best of all, if the rest room will be only a bed with bedside tables and everything.

There are such layouts of rooms when a corridor starts from the bedroom, and the entrance door to the room is directly opposite the toilet. In such a situation, in the first place, you can not put a bed in front of this door, but if this is not avoided, then you can place a screen or a partition made of furniture with decorative metal elements.

From all this we can conclude that it is best when a separate room is allocated for the bedroom. The furniture in it should be as small as possible so that energy flows are not met with barriers.

Rules for the walls, floor, ceiling

The walls are the basis of the room, so they must be smooth, free of defects. (unstuck wallpaper, stains, gouges, holes). Walls can be painted or covered with wallpaper. Choosing the latter, you should give preference to a non-aggressive palette, strive for softer and warmer tones, as the bedroom should relax in color. According to its texture wallpaper must be breathable, without strong luster. Wall mural does not fit at all.

If the choice fell on the coloring, it is better to give preference to green shades, helping to make the atmosphere more comfortable, light gray, pastel colors (contributes to a quick sleep).

Using a brush, you can draw an ornament over the head of the bed, for example, bamboo sticks or hang a real large bamboo mat. - It is a source of healing and invigorating energy, which is so necessary in the morning.

The floor should not be tiled, even if there is a heating element under it. Preference should be given to natural materials such as cork or wood.The space next to the bed is better to cover with a neutral color carpet.

The ceiling in the bedroom must be smooth, without beams sticking out of it. Do not do synthetic stretch ceilings in the bedroom. They create a reflective surface that is not acceptable above bed. The basic rule of design - the ceiling should be clean, without flowing plaster, etc. The preferred color is light.

Placement of a berth

The bed is the holy of holies in the bedroom, and sleep and rest in general depend on where it stands and what surrounds it. To feel comfortable while sleeping, the following bedding guidelines should be followed.

  • Headboard should be at the wall. Thus, the back side is formed, which forms in the consciousness a sense of security and comfort. If for some reason the bed can not stand head to the wall, then you should create some kind of support for it. It can be a regular screen, a wardrobe or a chest of drawers. Also, do not put the "head" of the bed to the window.
  • Above a berth there should not be massively overhanging beams, chandeliers or decorative elements. The airspace above the resting person must be “clean” so that the air flows freely around the room.
  • Do not put a bed on the passage of Qi energy. If the room is in the form of an elongated rectangle, and the bed is in the middle, then it turns out to be located, as it were, among the flow of energy and air masses. This layout is quite common. A multifaceted crystal ball suspended by a window or a flower on a windowsill (with lush greens) can help in this situation. You can also put a folding screen.
  • The bed should not be reflected in the mirrors. It is believed that the mirror symbolizes the element of water, and the human heart - the fire, resulting in a conflict.
  • You can not put a bed in such a way that the legs of a sleeping person look in the direction of the door or restroom. Such an arrangement can adversely affect health. If this can not be avoided, then you can always block the space with a screen.
  • In the direction of the bed should not be directed the sharp corners of the surrounding furniture.
  • There should be free space under the sofa or bed., in no case can it be littered - it will contribute to the accumulation of negative energy.
  • There should not be sockets or electrical appliances near the bed.at least 1.5 meters away from a sleeping person.

Favorable colors

Before choosing a color palette for the bedroom, the feng shui masters recommend calculating a personal Ba Zi card - it is individual for each person. It will show which colors are the most suitable.

In ancient teachings, each color corresponds to one of five elements: fire, water, metal, wood, and earth. You can not allow a combination of conflicting elements, such as fire and water. The best combinations are wood and water (green and blue), wood and fire (red with green), metal and earth (yellow and shades of gray), etc.

But if you don’t want to go so deeply, it’s best to rely on your inner voice - intuition. Since the bedroom is a place to relax, the Yin passive shades should prevail in the color palette, but bed linen can be chocolate, red, lilac, or a soft orange color.

Shades can be selected depending on the location of the room. Green color and its shades are best suited for southern or eastern bedrooms. This color calms and causes a sense of security.Also this color symbolizes the element tree.

ABOUTThe shades of brown, gold, red symbolize fire. They are suitable for the southern, south-western sectors. With very bright shades of the above named colors, you need to be careful, as they can negatively affect sleep and rest, but a sheet, pillowcase or blanket may well be a bright element of the room.

Water colors, as a rule, blue, blue and their shades, it is better to choose for the northern bedrooms. But this palette should not be much, as there may be a feeling of anxiety or anxiety.

Lilac, purple or lavender colors, as well as pastel shades of yellow or orange will help to add tranquility. Small elements of decor in this range will help to relax and fully relax.

Black color is better not to use when making bedroom. This color pumps and creates a feeling of mourning. The Chinese are trying not to use it at all.

Pink, red, crimson or scarlet help in attracting love to single people; these colors are also necessary for newlyweds. It is enough to put red candles by the bed or buy scarlet pastel linen.

The golden rule in choosing a palette according to Feng Shui states that there should be 2 main and dominant colors, the rest of your favorite shades should be found only in small elements of the decor, and nothing more. Otherwise, there is a risk that the room will be like a clown's outfit, and this is unacceptable in the sleeping room.

What to put flowers?

Fresh and artificial flowers always delight the soul and create a sense of aesthetic comfort. Each plant and each flower is unique in its properties and aromas, so for the bedroom they should be chosen with care.

The most important rule of feng shui in the choice of colors: they must be alive, it is better not to use vases with artificial flowers that do not accumulate energy for decoration. Flowers are best placed in those sectors of the room that are most successful for the person living in it. To find out this direction, it is necessary, as already mentioned, to calculate a personal Feng Shui card.

As you know, all flowers can be divided into the following categories:

  1. Energy giving flowers - donors.
  2. Pick up - flowers energy vampires.
  3. Cleaners (clean space from negative energy).
  4. Guardians (keep peace and quiet).
  5. Poisonous (flowers emitting toxic substances that can cause allergies or headaches).

Also, indoor flowers can be divided into 2 groups according to the dominant energy in them Yang or Yin. Citrus fruits, various types of chlorophytum, asparagus and others can be attributed to the Yin plants. Flowers with dominant Jan energy are flowers from the violet family, begonia, zamiokulkas, and, as people say, a money tree.

For the bedroom, it is better to take plants from the category of charms and donors, with the dominant Yin energy. They should not be put too much in the rest room, as they also consume oxygen (especially dieffenbachia). Also in the bedroom should not be placed aggressive plants, such as cactus, monstera.

Based on all of the above, you should give a choice to the following indoor plants: Kalanchoe, aloe, begonia, golden mustache. These flowers produce the necessary energy, which contributes to quality sleep and deep relaxation.

As for exotic flowers, an example of an orchid, the masters of Feng Shui in one voice say that this plant is not for the bedroom. It has a negative effect on human energy.

If we talk about the beautiful flowers of sakura, they are simply created for a rest room, able to create an atmosphere of love, harmony and tranquility, which is so often necessary.

Fresh cut flowers - roses, asters, it is better to put on the cabinet, but not next to the bed. Strong aromas can interfere with sound sleep. Particular attention is paid to the pion, as it symbolizes the love and understanding of lovers. Delicate and delicate aroma of this flower will create a romantic atmosphere.

If a single unmarried girl is resting in the bedroom, then freshly cut peonies will help attract a soul mate. You can also hang a picture of these beautiful flowers.


Improvement of the room should be built on the principle that it was always clean and comfortable. Unnecessary and broken things must be promptly discarded or repaired.

Comfort and comfort lie in the details and details. Therefore, if the spouses sleep on a disassembling sofa, then every morning it should be collected in a stationary position. Bed should not be placed in front of the front door or to the window. Energy flows will flow too intensely and this can provoke frequent conflicts and misunderstandings between lovers.

The most important rule of feng shui in the bedroom is to adhere to the minimum set of necessary accessories. The less furniture the better. Flows of positive Qi energy will move freely in space.

The situation in the room should be unobtrusive and have to rest and, later, to sleep.

How to furnish furniture?

The heart of the bedroom is the bed, so it should be the largest piece of furniture in the room. It is important to know that the bed of a husband and wife should not consist of 2 halves, this negatively affects the relationship.

Wardrobe for clothes is better to replace a small chest of drawers. Ideally, it will be built into the wall, thereby freeing up space. Near the bed should stand bedside tables, always on both sides. They should be below the level of the sofa, as they will delay the flow of positive energy. They can put a compact and neat, no frills, lamps.

Sharp corners at bedside tables, desks, chest of drawers and other furniture should not be aimed at the bed. If a bedroom needs a mirror, then it should, first of all, show a person to his full height, and secondly, sleeping people should not be reflected in it. Also in the rest room there is no place for large and massive wall clocks.

In the case when the room has large windows, it is best to hang them with thick, but breathing curtains. This will help not to be distracted by stray light from the street, and an atmosphere of security will be created.


Furnishing and decorating a room for rest should be guided by the word - do no harm. In the bedroom you can place murals with a beautiful and tranquil landscape, trees, flowers, but it is absolutely not recommended to hang paintings with water, drawings depicting emotional experiences, movement.

Water is a dangerous and unpredictable element. For the bedroom, it is contraindicated - sleep in such a room will be uncomfortable and restless.

Aquariums also can not be installed in the bedroom, the wizard warns that it will adversely affect the health of sleeping people. Avoid massive ceramic figures with wild animals,

In order to always have harmony in the life of a wife and husband, you can hang a picture with a couple in love above the bed or next to it. The frame for the image is better to choose a wooden one, where butterflies can be engraved. These insects are a symbol of love and joy. Also bedside lamps can have floor lamps with their image or ornament.

The mirror in the room should be large and not split up the image of the person looking at him. It is desirable if it is solid, rectangular with rounded ends, and cover the entire height of the host. And as mentioned above, it should not reflect the bed and people resting on it.

For decorating the bedroom, you can use a protective feng shui fan. According to legend, it is considered an amulet. A fan laid out and hung on a wall is capable of creating powerful protection against negative energy and attracting positive Qi energy.

In the bedrooms of private houses you can find a fireplace - a symbol of the element of fire, so it is best if it is in the southern part of the room. Living fire will give the necessary positive energy and comfort. In such an environment will be very comfortable to sleep.

As for the small elements of the decor, such as statues, souvenirs, etc., they will successfully fit into the interior on the bedside tables. They should not be much. For example, family people can put a figure of two pigeons. They can be from ceramics or from crystal. Beautifully ensemble rooms will complement the small red candles with candlesticks, they will bring the romance and the energy of love in the bedroom.


In the teaching of feng shui, there are a huge number of rules and nuances, fulfilling which the bedroom will become a truly pacifying and wonderful place to relax.

Flows of positive Qi energy should flow without obstacles, and negative energy should not accumulate. How to achieve this?

Ventilate the room every morning and before bedtime. The bedroom, first of all, will be enriched with oxygen, and secondly, the flows of Qi will be updated and constantly in motion. Do not forget about cleaning. After all, where there is a clean and good smell, the atmosphere of love, kindness and success will always reign.

When cleaning the bedroom, you should know a few rules:

  1. Sweeping, you should not move the garbage in the middle of the room from its corners - it is better to sweep them separately. With improper sweeping, negative energy can only increase its impact on a person and provoke a quarrel between the people sleeping here.
  2. Thoroughly flush the space under the bed, actually like, and the entire floor.. Dust and dirt, even if it is not visible, are sources of negativity and stagnation in all spheres.
  3. More often wipe dust from all surfaces.
  4. Bed linen should be changed every 2-3 days.
  5. Do not clean up the bedroom if a bad mood. Trying to do everything in a positive and joyful mood, thus, the room will be filled with joyful emotions and energy.
  6. Fill the bedroom with pleasant smells. To keep the morning fresh, use the aroma lamp with citrus oils. If you need to relax, then use the scents of jasmine, lavender.

The best interior design ideas

These examples will help determine the location of the bed in the room, as well as prompt the basic color scheme. You may notice that in all rooms there is not enough furniture and a lot of air space. The color palette is very gentle and "soft."

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