Choosing shelves for the bedroom

 Choosing shelves for the bedroom

Shelves in the interior of the room (as opposed to cabinets) occupy a minimum of space, they are roomy, give the interior a personality. The designs of open shelves perfectly complement the interior and assume the function of guardians of “thousands of little things”. These products can be located in the bedside area, above the writing desk, above the dressing table, around the window. Shelves are an aesthetic element of design, they can also serve as a way of delimiting zones of space. Very often, a bedroom is not only a place to relax, but also an office. Suspended shelves for the bedroom can be there at an opportune time, accommodating a lot of necessary things, but not overloading the space with bedside tables or closets.

Hinged shelves

A simple traditional way of arranging the shelves is wall.This method of storage was used by our ancestors from time immemorial. After all, what could be simpler than nailing a board to a wall, immediately freeing the functional surfaces of the room! The right things are always at hand.

Even with the advent of diverse room furniture, shelves have not ceased to be popular. They are successfully used in modern homes and apartments to this day.

Shelves can be very diverse - depending on the interior. The choice of material, configuration and colors depends on taste, and the financial side of this acquisition is designed for any wallet.

A few simple rules will allow you to make the right choice:

  • The size of the shelf and its location in the room. The smaller the room, the more attention should be paid so that the shelves do not interfere with movement, do not clutter up the space.
  • The strength of the material will depend on the intended load on the shelf. It can be practical wooden shelves for heavy books and textbooks, another possible option is light plastic for statues and photographs in frames.
  • The strength of the mount. When buying, pay attention to this important detail.Fasteners must be of high quality and firmly fastened to the wall - to avoid injuries from falling the shelf, and damage to property on it. It is best to hang the shelves on a load-bearing wall or on a partition made of durable materials.
  • If the shelf is located above the bed or sofa, then you need to take into account the height of its location, so that it does not interfere with the person sitting.


This type of furniture is an easy and mobile version of a rack of several shelves connected by racks. This option differs from the rack reduced size, compactness and the ability at any time to change the place where the furniture is located. Shelves - a versatile type of furniture that fits into any interior. They do not take up much space, are roomy, easy to move and clean - that is why they are so in demand.

In the office space on them it is convenient to fold papers and small items that should be on hand, but not disappear in the drawers and not clutter up the table. In the home environment is a great choice for storing various small items that will please the eye in open space. Shelves are successfully used in the kitchen, in the bathroom, and in the bedroom.

They can be made of different materials. Wood or plastic, metal or braided - a beautiful shelf is not a very expensive item. With her performance she will successfully emphasize the style of the interior and will delight with its functionality.

According to the configuration of the shelves often have a rectangular or angular shape. They are perfectly located along the wall or in the corner of the room. For a spacious room fit and more extravagant round products, bookcase cascade.


Shelving is an enlarged and more massive shelf. Shelves usually take up space almost to the ceiling, they can be used to store more dimensional items - in contrast to whatnot. A rack of bookshelves in the entire wall will create the look of a cozy and large home library.

The rack is large enough, but very compact. The rack located along the wall is able to accommodate a variety of necessary items, without taking up much space. Hanging shelves in the bedside area is perfect for small bedrooms. The lower shelves can be used for magazines, alarm clocks, and the upper ones - for interior decoration.There you can put photos and statues.

The undoubted plus of a high double-sided shelving is the possibility of delimiting zones of space. In the spacious bedroom, the rack visually separates the room, separating the sleeping area from the dressing room (for example). Shelves on both sides can accommodate twice as many items.

In niches

Niches are becoming increasingly popular, they are often used in modern interior design. The place for a niche is determined in advance, when repairing the premises. The place is determined under the niches, the constructions are created, the finishing material is acquired (which is combined in tone with the shade of the walls).

This method is labor intensive, but there are a lot of options, so a niche can be a wonderful decoration of a bedroom - and at the same time a place for roomy shelves “recessed” into the wall. The most profitable area for niches from an aesthetic point of view is considered to be a bedside or window area.

Window area

The space around the windows or between them is a bright and functional area for shelving, which is often forgotten. And in vain. If the bedroom performs the function not only of a place for rest, but also of an office, then a desk and shelves located around the window will hold all the necessary items, books and magazines.In this case, the necessary things will be at hand, near the table, they will not have to get up and go somewhere every time.

Placing the shelves in the bedroom depends on your imagination, because the shelves are a universal part of the interior that fits any style. With their help, you can use every meter of floor space as economically as possible.

How and where to apply the shelves correctly, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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