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The world of interior design is truly limitless; a great variety of style trends coexist in it peacefully: modern, historical and ethnic, which closely interact with each other, often complementing each other. Each style is unique in its own way and is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for both professional designers and those who have just begun to get acquainted with the art of decorating living spaces.. We hope that among the presented popular destinations, you will find exactly “your own” in order to realize your plan 100%.

Modern directions of the XXI century

These styles are united by the relative simplicity of performance, functionality and convenience - all that is so appreciated by the citizens who are accustomed to a certain level of comfort and the achievements of technical progress. Modern design is thoughtful lighting, maximum free space, clear and simple layout.. Regardless of whether you lead a solitary lifestyle or are accustomed to frequent visits of guests, a variety of design ideas allows you to choose the original interior design, taking into account your own aesthetic preferences and budget possibilities.


The formation of eco-interior - a new design trend had at the end of the last century and arose as a result of the development of "green" fashion. A person is fed up with images of living space in the spirit of industrial romance, realizing that it is nature that is the true source of warmth, happiness and harmony, and not the same type of structures made of faceless concrete.

Choosing an eco-style, you not only become the owner of a modern, beautiful and comfortable interior, but also get the opportunity to demonstrate your attitude to unreasonable pollution of the natural environment.

Ecodesign is not a cheap pleasure, although the expenses are fully compensated by the relaxing atmosphere and amazing microclimate in the house.


Not everyone is able to appreciate the design, strongly resembling a country interior, which contains a lot of cute and unnecessary things that were taken out of the city apartment year after year. Multifaceted boho design denies clear rules regarding the layout of the elements of the situation, the use of decor and combinatorics of colors. If you value freedom of expression, a creative approach and do not suffer from prejudice, then feel free to choose the style of boho. Moreover, there are several subspecies of this trend: hippie, boho-shic, glamor, classic, eco, which expands the possibilities of drawing up the interior.


Cozy and comfortable traditional design, diluted with innovative solutions and modern materials. A simple, functional and discreet style is a mixture of minimalism and classic, but it does not restrict the freedom to choose furnishings, decor, textiles and color palette from contrasting combinations and neutral combinations to bright hues as accents. For contemporary, the active use of space zoning techniques with the help of light curtains, transformable and stationary partitions, and furniture is characteristic.


The United States is considered the birthplace of a movement reflecting the philosophy and traditions of completely different cultures. Fusion does not accept boredom and monotony, there is no place for pastel palette and inconspicuous colors. In order for the color temperature to remain consistently high, warm, bright and rich colors should prevail in the design. If a cold scale is used, the intensity of the shades is important.

Such a bold direction, as fusion strongly encourages experiments with color solutions, which should reflect your inner state and create a festive mood. A similar principle is observed in the decoration of rooms, so it is allowed to mix different materials and textures, necessarily dividing the space into zones.

Fusion design involves the use of complex lighting, bright textiles from both high-quality synthetics and natural materials and a large number of decorative elements.


Grunge philosophy implies a democratic view of the colors and layout of the environment. Interiors in grunge style demonstrate the utmost simplicity without a hint of pathos.while managing to remain respectable. Finishing is the simplest using available materials. Volumetric panels, stucco, gilding are unacceptable, but stone, brick, wood, tile, forging is welcome. Furniture ensembles are elegant, universal classical forms.

An excellent solution is the models of upholstered furniture Chippendale (Chippendale) and Biedermeier (Biedermeier), the attributes of the situation in retro style and cabinet furniture in ecostyle.


The interiors are imbued with the spirit of antiquity, romance and nostalgia for the past. At the same time, such a design acts soothingly, helping to put thoughts in order. Vintage design allows for a close neighborhood of antiques and modern things., setting its main task to create a pleasant, relaxing and comfortable environment. The necessary atmosphere is created by the furniture in different styles, the main thing is that it looks worn out, and the use of various antique items, vintage watches, figurines, antique music boxes.

Pop Art

For this expressive style characteristic bold colors and a large number of attributes of the situation in a bright design.Very often the first association that comes to mind at the mention of pop art is the image of Monroe, created by Andy Warhol. What is quite expected, because it is the use of elements of pop culture in the interior, including popular advertising images, that makes the situation in the style of pop art so bright and recognizable.


Eclectic design is usually a mixture of several styles, reflecting a creative approach to the design of living space. Eclecticism requires good taste, the availability of which directly determines the result of mixing objects from different periods of history. The formation of style was largely influenced by the architectural direction of the same name.

It is believed that the basic historical styles for eclecticism were the new Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance. As for the interior design, here eclecticism is expressed in the competent mixing of similar or completely different styles.

The style attracts those who find it difficult to dwell on a particular style decision and those who prioritize the creation of their own unique image of housing.


The group of historical styles for the design of living spaces includes ancient style trends that have long been formed as independent currents in the world of interior design.During its existence, each of them has not only proved its worth, but could also remain in demand in the modern world.

Art Deco

One of the brightest styles was born at the beginning of the 20th century. Compared with the restrained trends in the design of living space, extravagant, noble and frankly luxurious interiors of art deco made an indelible impression, leaving very few people indifferent. He became the embodiment of everything that was lacking in survivors of wartime - bright colors and expensive finishes combined with comfort and functionality. The main component of art deco is a modern classic, a welcoming sequence and symmetry in the construction of compositions, and this concerns not only the layout, but also the layout of furniture.


A strict, monumental, solemn style direction, imbued with the spirit of military romance, took shape as an independent trend even under Napoleon I Bonaparte. Despite the total urbanization of society, imperial luxury and the sublime beauty of the Empire style remains relevant even now, especially when demonstrating wealth and social status is important in the design of rooms. This style does not tolerate limited spaces.therefore, its successful implementation will be only in country residences, cottages and private houses.

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The homeland of a sophisticated and elegant destination is France. Compared with its predecessor, the Baroque, in the rococo much more tenderness and lightness. He to smooth, curved lines, pleasing the eye with a pleasant asymmetry of forms, an abundance of luxurious decor, exquisite textiles and delicious shades of pastel palette, which is the best suited for creating airy, romantic interiors of bedrooms. The main purpose of Rococo is to create a carefree and laid-back holiday atmosphere that never ends.


The most mysterious and mystical style direction. Gothic contributed its mite to architecture, thanks to which fantastic openwork structures appeared with huge towers and long windows decorated with multi-colored stained-glass windows. The beauty of individual parts in the Gothic design allows them to be used in the design of residential spaces. The interiors are distinguished by the game of wooden and stone textures in the surface finish,heraldic symbols and various techniques of frescoes.

Gothic with its gloomy atmosphere can hardly be called the most comfortable direction. In such houses, there is an involuntary feeling of the presence of otherworldly forces, although the true admirers of everything mystical will hardly see this as a problem.


This direction appeared relatively recently, but it has already become popular. American and European designers were the first to combine modern design trends with “rustic”. Under the English word "rustic" means rural life with its simple and even somewhere rough realities. In contrast to the country-style, it is the rustic that assumes a brutal uncaughtiness.

At the same time in rustic there is no need to withstand the interior completely in a rustic style. He just allows the use of modern materials, furnishings and household appliances. Here, rough rural textures work closely with modern details. - such a kind of cocktail stood out in a separate trend, called the rustic modern or modern rural style, whose main difference lies in eclecticism.

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Ethnic group

The definition of ethnostyle includes styles that reflect the trends in the design of living spaces, the culture and traditions of the peoples of other countries. The popularity of ethnics is due to the possibility of creating original and comfortable interiors with a special atmosphere of warmth and coziness.


For the Italian (Tuscan) or Mediterranean style, which absorbed the entire solar palette of shades, is characterized by restraint and tradition.

Design features:

  • Color solution - warm palette of shades of beige, yellow, orange, pastel pink.
  • Lighting - soft and scattered.
  • Welcome live plants in large quantities.
  • Textile: decorative pillows, bed linen and bedspreads are embroidered with sequins, beads and shiny threads.
  • Furniture ensembles are distinguished by the correct forms, non-fertile carving is allowed.. The head of the bed must be decorated with forging.


Relaxing atmosphere inherent in the Mediterranean siesta - the main feature of the interior in the Greek style. She does not accept pretentiousness, luxury and excess,but with its help you can create a very practical and truly comfortable living space.

Characteristic features:

  • High ceilings, large window openings.
  • Maximum of naturalness in everything.
  • The use of natural materials - wood, stone, metal and a neutral color palette. The basic colors are shades of white and sky blue. Auxiliary will be yellow and red, less often - gradations of green.
  • The abundance of living plants.
  • Natural handmade wooden furniture, soft sofas with a low seating position and light veneer. A bed with a carved headboard can be decorated with a canopy.
  • Textiles - windows are decorated with Roman curtains or with usual linen or cotton curtains.


Unusually bright and colorful style direction. The Indian-style interiors fascinate with their luxurious design, rich color palette and the incredible beauty of the furniture ensembles. Despite the riot of colors, sensuality and richness of decorative elements, the situation remains very harmonious, creates an extremely positive mood and stabilizes the emotional background.


Energetic, impulsive and very sunny direction that is associated with hot countries. This style is distinguished by minimalism in design and a special exoticism. It is suitable for those who began to strain the industrial design and restraint of nano-style.


Beautiful and unusual tropical style - the perfect solution for the design of bedrooms.


  • Warm colors unobtrusive shades of blue, green, yellow, orange.
  • Wicker Furniture Ensembles rattan or bamboo, rough wooden furniture, upholstered - with leather or fabric lining in a monotonous, dull design. On a wide comfortable bed a transparent canopy is always provided.
  • Textile: windows are draped with Roman curtains, light tulle, blinds, and doorways with curtains of threads with beads.
  • A large number of indoor plants.


Luxurious, harmonious, refined Turkish interiors are associated with Arabian tales. The design will appeal to true connoisseurs of beauty and luxury of oriental decoration. The color range can be any, but the classic shades are the gradations of peach, burgundy, gold, purple, and red. Accent combinations include blue, purple, pale green tones. The abundance of large carved mirrors, exquisite crystal lamps, and intricate patterns and ornaments in the colors prevailing in the color palette of the interior are welcomed.

The eastern interior cannot be imagined without curtains and canopies that decorate beds or mark the boundaries of functional areas. Oriental curtains are necessarily decorated with lambrequins, fringe, original embroidery, draperies.


Harmoniously furnished environment in accordance with the teachings of Feng Shui. Each element of Chinese design is filled with a deep philosophical meaning, which is especially appreciated by people with a subtle perception of the surrounding world. The most important thing here is good natural lighting combined with unimpeded air circulation. Sharp angles and straight lines are feng shui denied, saying “yes” to smooth shapes and soft curves.

One of the leading roles in the design is given to the color palette, the right choice of colors contributes to harmony, well-being and financial prosperity, while an unsuccessful coloristic decision will have a negative impact on health and mental state.Chinese philosophy does not divide the colors into bad and good, considering the main thing is the balance of colors.

English (London)

Making a bedroom in the style of London is considered a rather bold decision. Although provided a skillful combination of patriotic elements inherent in the culture of the UK era of the 70s and classic details such interiors look fresh and original. It uses natural furniture in the classic version.. On the objects of the situation can be depicted the national flag. The bookcase is often styled as a telephone booth. Sometimes the British flag acts as a separate decorative element, and in this case the red-blue-white combination sets the tone for the whole decoration of the room.


The romance, tranquility and earthly charm of the Spanish style makes it look like a Mediterranean design. Special charm to such interiors is given by colorful, textural, unusually lively ornaments that delight the eye and set up a positive wave.


  • The color palette is predominantly light: muted greens, noble beige, warm ocher.
  • Massive natural furniture, decorated with art forging. The bed is surely decorated with a luxurious canopy.
  • Preference is given to natural materials.
  • Ornamental decorative items in large quantities.
  • Copper, tin, iron lamps, richly decorated with wrought iron elements and painting.
  • The use of authentic Spanish decor - ceramic floor vases, faience figurines, candlesticks with gilding.


This style of direction to the naturalness and simplicity, denying all sorts of decorative delights. Swedish design not only compensates for the lack of sunlight, but is also a clear demonstration of respectful, respectful attitude to the natural environment. It is obliged by its appearance to cold countries - Sweden, Finland, Norway, where the lack of light is a usual phenomenon, and to fill it in, the appropriate design of living space is used. Such a task can be solved by a white palette and related shades.

The predominance of light colors in the decoration and furniture is the main distinguishing feature of the laconic and discreet Swedish interior.


The impulsive exotic style direction absorbed all the richness of the colors of the African continent and the warmth of the bright sun. The versatility of the Moroccan style contributes to the creation of its own unique design. Its formation was influenced by three ethnic groups at once - Eastern, Mediterranean and African. There are two types of Moroccan decoration. In the first case, we are talking about a luxurious interior, which is played up with expensive accessories and fabrics, and in the second - the situation is more simple and even a little rough.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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