Bedside tables for the bedroom

 Bedside tables for the bedroom

The main task of each designer is to create not only a stylish and beautiful room, but also a multi-functional one. Easy operation of the bedroom is impossible without a bedside table. Thanks to him, the interior becomes more comfortable., and the owner of the room always has at hand all the things he needs.

The modern variety of models and design of cabinet furniture provides a wide range of bedside tables for the bedroom. Without this element, the interior of the bedroom will seem unfinished.

Special features

Bedside table designers are often called laconic word "bedside".It is practically useful furniture, which combines the functions of a stand, a drawer for storing small things, and in some cases also additional seating.

This product has the following features:

  • Compactness and mobility. Bedside table (as opposed to a full-fledged desk) has small dimensions, so it takes up little space and also often has a small weight, which makes it possible, if necessary, to easily rearrange it and adapt it to your needs.
  • Functionality combined with stylish design. Modern materials and bold decisions of furniture company designers contribute to the annual appearance on the international market of new models of interesting bedside tables that are comfortable to use and very beautiful in appearance.
  • Purpose For women, such a product can become part-time vanity, and for men - an additional workplace. In addition, a wide range allows you to choose a table as a stand for plants and even TV. Often these products are also used as independent accessories that complement and adorn the interior.
For a long time, the bedside table is popular and is a very important part of any bedroom. This is a very useful addition that can make waking up (or preparing for sleep) even more enjoyable.


Currently, there are many types of bedside tables, ranging from the most simple and ending with modern, equipped with additional mechanisms and accessories.

The choice of a particular model usually falls depending on the needs of the owner of the bedroom, its capabilities, as well as the style of the interior of the room. There are several criteria on which to choose a bedside table.

Depending on the form

Here are the following options:

  • Smooth lines. Professionals advise women or children’s rooms to be equipped with bedside tables that have a smooth, round shape. Because of this, the product will more organically fit into the overall design of the room, and also eliminate the risk of getting any injuries (for example, by children). Such models look very impressive and interesting.
  • Sharp lines. Curbstones, made in the form of geometric shapes with strict angles, are suitable for decorating a man’s bedroom or just a conservative personality.They look the most stylish and elegant, and are usually more convenient to use.

Depending on the mounting method

Today, the following options are available to consumers:

  • Outdoor. This type of bedside table is the most popular. It is suitable for non-permanent individuals or for those for whom the ability to mobility is important. Such models do not require much attention to themselves after purchase, you only need to install the product in the right part of the bedroom.
  • Suspended. Such bedside tables are attached to the wall at some distance from the floor - with the help of special fixing or glue. These nightstands are very spectacular and have an extremely impressive appearance. The main advantage of the model is the extra space that appears between the floor and it, which will allow you to store various things there. In addition, the height of this table can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Depending on the material

To date, in the manufacture of bedside tables, the most popular materials are:

  • steel;
  • glass;
  • tree;
  • plastic;
  • Chipboard;
  • MDF and others.

Depending on the manufacturer

You can not get a bedside table in a furniture store, and make it yourself, which is very suitable for creative people.They find for this very original ways, ranging from the conversion of an old suitcase to the possibility of making a table from an old bed.

You can not get a bedside table in a furniture store, and make it yourself, which is very suitable for creative people. They find for this very original ways, ranging from the conversion of an old suitcase to the possibility of making a table from an old bed.

If the owner of the room wants something original and unusual, but he does not have time to develop talent, he can easily get a designer bedside table via the Internet.

Style directions of the interior

Usually the purchase of furniture occurs after finishing the room, but it is difficult to find bedside tables that come complete with basic bedroom furniture for the bedroom.

Professionals recommend the following when choosing a suitable bedside table:

  • Exquisite bedroom design Provence style should be decorated with neat wooden tables, which are made using smooth lines and seasoned symmetry. The presence of glass inserts is not excluded.Simple elegant models, complemented by interesting and beautiful details in the form of carved legs, will also suit you.
  • Baroque style gives preference to more massive bedside tables made of expensive and natural materials. In this case, the surface should be lacquered, and the furniture itself - to accommodate a few drawers. The shape of the legs of the floor model can be very unusual, such products will attract attention from a distance.
  • For the interior in gothic style Forged steel tables are best. Such options look extremely interesting, but at the same time reserved. Interesting designer models made of a combination of several materials (especially using leather), variants on thin legs will also fit in well here.
  • Modern styles (hi-tech, minimalism) will not do without at least one bedside table made of glass. Such a stylish addition fits very well into the design of the room, but at the same time it looks “boring” and original. Modern ways of processing this material can create a very spectacular and beautiful furniture, and most importantly - reliable. Most often, such products are made with metal elements.In addition, for convenience, you can purchase the product on wheels.
  • Country Style - it's comfort. In this case, you can give preference to hard ottomans, which may be additional seating, and perform the functions of bedside tables.

Bedside small table - the same important element of the bedroom as the bed itself. Without it, the interior of the room seems “empty” and less interesting. This product is a great opportunity to diversify the design, it will be its main highlight. The following video shows how to create a Provence style bedside table with your own hands.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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